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Costel Vasilescu “Manea”
from De Joc și voie bună (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —This is the successor to the Lăutăr style - Manea (or Maneauă). It is influenced by Roma styles from other Balkan countries and by Jazz


Dona Dumitru Siminica “Osoreia, orbaro (Pădure, pădure mare)”
from Comori ale muzicii lautaresti - Dona Dumitru Siminica (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 2009) —The man was famous for his slow songs, all sung in falsetto. He was highly respected, and was the only Roma singer to record songs in Romany (the "Gypsy language"), as you can here here.


Ion Petre Stoican “Briu Din Oltenįta”
from Sounds From A Bygone Age, Vol. 1 (Asphalt Tango www.asphalt-tango.de 2005) —to get whole bizarre story of this Romanian fiddle player, go to the Asphalt Tango website.


Fărămiță Lambru “Șapte Văi și-o Vale Adâncă”
from La Salul Cel Negru (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 1999) —"Seven valleys and a deep glen" - a famous Lăutăr song here given instrumental treatment by one of the best accordion players in the Lăutăr tradition.


Cornelia Catanga “Piatra Piatra”
from Lautari De Bucarest (Iris music 2007) —Both the song and the instrumental bridge are traditional, and have been done by many artists as an instrumental piece, including the panpipe player Gheorghe Zamfir.


Aurel și Victor Gore “Horă Lăutărescă”
from Taraful Fratilor Gore (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 2008) —The Gore brothers' orchestra was one of the best in Bucharest, and they accompanied all the great singers of the age.


Gabi Lunca “Azi e Nor, Mâine-i Senin”
from Sounds From A Bygone Age - vol 5 (Asphalt Tango www.asphalt-tango.de 2008)


Gabi Lunca “Rău e, Doamne, Bolnăvioră”
from Sounds From A Bygone Age - vol 5 (Asphalt Tango www.asphalt-tango.de 2008) —Gabi Luncă (born 1938) was Nicolae Ceaușescu's favorite singer.


Formația Ritmic - mouth organ “Hora Lăutarească”
from Sounds From A Bygone Age - vol 5 (Asphalt Tango www.asphalt-tango.de 2008) —a mouth organ/harmonica quartet!


Taraful George Udila “Hora de pe Ferentari”
from Inimioara Inimioara (Societana Română de Radiodifuziune 1999) —more of the same


Stefan Bucur Si Altii “Hora Lui Oneață”
from Muzica Lautareasca Veche II (Intercont Music 2001) —the insane eruptions of fast lines into the midst of this otherwise moderated speed hora is almost a parody of the style. They do it because the can


Panseluta Feraru “La Crasma De La Drum”
from Lautari De Bucarest (Iris music 2007)


Mioara Lincan “Of, inima cu durere”
from Mega Gypsy Music-CD 2 (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 2004)


Mioara Lincan “Norocu-i floare catata”
from Mega Gypsy Music-CD 2 (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 2004) —The perfect followup to the preceding. The cimbalom player is Ion Miu.


The Osborne Brothers “Ruby, Are You Mad At Your Man”
from Country Bluegrass (MCA Special Products 1996) —and again, a relatively slow vocal line accompanied at breakneck speed by the great Osborne brothers band


Romica Puceanu & Toni Iordache “Intr-o joi de dimineața”
from Sounds From A Bygone Age Vol.4 (Asphalt Tango www.asphalt-tango.de 2007) —my favorite piece of all time, when it comes to Lăutăr music. The best singer, with the greatest cimbalom player. How he keeps up this pace for 6 minutes is amazing.


Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper “The Orange Blossom Special”
from On Down The Line (Compass www.compassrecords.com 2014) —Bluegrass usually deals in strophic songs, but occasionally you get fast pieces that usually have only motifs against an almost drone- like chord base, with the instrumental background shooting along furiously. this is the classic of the genre. Michael


Taraful George Udila “Pe Drumul Mănăstiresc”
from Inimioara Inimioara (Societana Română de Radiodifuziune 1999) —"On the Monasery Road", an old slow Lăutăr song, here presented as an instrumental. Listen, however, to the lightning speed accompaniment, designed to heighten the emotional intensity of the song.


Lucian Stoica “Madalineasca”
from Mega Gypsy Music-CD 1 (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 2004) —from the same CD another musician takes a shot at the same themes.


Ionică Minune “Hora pentru Madalin”
from Mega Gypsy Music-CD 1 (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 2004) —A nice slow horă in "walking rhythm", played iin a highly ornamented manner.


George Udilă “Jocul iute”
from Mega Gypsy Music-CD 2 (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 2004) —Fast music is found in Romanian rural music, too, but this is all about speed and virtuosity, bending notes, and lots going on the the accompaniment.


Loredana Groza “Marioara De La Gorj (Mary From Gorj)”
from Agurida (Murfatlar Music 2001) —Most of the musicians on this show have passed away or are no long performing, but this singer shows that the style is not dead, and neither is she. She was born in 1970 and became a pop singer. At one point she got into Muzică Lăutărească and put out a


Maria Tănase și Fărămiță Lambru “Trei Focuri Arde Pe Lume”
from La Salul Cel Negru (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 1999) —"3 fires burn in the world". The great Maria Tănase


Romica Puceanu “Saraiman”
from Da-Mi, Boierule, Nevasta (Elecrecord 1999) —This is a show devoted to muzica lăutăreasca, The music of the urban Roma of Bucharest in Romania. It was all but suppressed during the Ceaușescu era, which regarded it as "non-Romanian" and "Gypsy Music", even though it could have occured nowhere else.

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