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Efta Botoca “Doina De La Domasnea”
from La Doina Roumaine


Stana Izbașa “two songs from Banat”
from Stana Izbașa (Audio HM 1994) —a cassette bought at a roadside stand in Transylvania about 15 years ago. The J-card photo shows her in hot pants and boots, playing an alto sax while perched on the shoulders of a man playing a tenor sax. She moved to the US and lived in Chicago for a


Virgil Muzur “Doina "Gherghina, Gherghina"”
from Master Of The Romainian Fiddle (Auvidis/Ethnic 1996) —some of the musicians on the preceding CD here accompany this over the top Roma fiddle player who specializes on Serbian, Banat Romanian and Jazz


Nicolae Gutsa “Pale Amende si Abeau (there is a wedding at our place)”
from The Greatest Living Gypsy Voice - Nicolae Gutsa (Auvidis/Silex 1996) —The CD Jacket call him "the world's greatest living Gypsy voice", and who am I to argue?


Paul Stinga and his Orchestra “Suite De Banat (Primavara Mama Noastra, Brîul Banatean, Ardelana din Borlova, Joc de doi)”
from Charms of the Rumanian Music (Pierre Verany 1989)


Mariana Drăghicescu “Rămii Satule cu Bine”
from Ensemble folklorique "Banatul" (Electrecord (LP) 2000)


Mariana Drăghicescu “Cernă, cernă apă lină”
from Cernă, cernă, apă lină (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 2000) —The greatest of the Romanian Banat Doina singers, in my opinion. She passed away just a few years ago.


Orchestra „Banatul” “de Mîna din Sînnicolaul Mare”
from Ensemble folklorique "Banatul" (Electrecord (LP))


Costica Olan “Suite de brâu, ardelene et joc de doi”
from Costica Olan și Taraful Olanilor (Cinq Planetes) —This is fabulous "old style" taragot playing - very staccato and jazzy


Fanfara Din Lăpușnic “Trei melodii de joc: Brâuri de pe Valea Almăjului”
from Doine, Cântece și Jocuri Bănățene (ethnophonie 1997) —a brass "fanfare" - Brass took over from string bands after WWII; this is a field recording of a village brass band


Radu și Ilie Vincu “Mamă, Care Ne-ai Făcut”
from Three Virtuosos of the Violin (Electrecord (LP))


Ilie și Radu Vincu “Brîul lui Laie și brîu de la Marga”
from Ilie și Radu Vincu (Electrecord (LP)) —more Banat fiddle music - this time for fiddle duet - something popular in the 30s and 40s in neighboring Serbia as well.


Efta Botoca (with Ștefan Bucur, contra, and Marian Mirea, bass) “Jocul Miresii”
from Efta Botoca (Electrecord (LP) 1977) —"bride's dance" - this illustrates the remarkable sense of chording for these tunes - very original with this area.


Efta Botoca with Gheorghe Zamfir orchestra “Sus pe Culmea Dealului”
from Virtuozi ai instrumentelor populare Românești - Efta Botoca (Electrecord (LP) 1977) —This is the last of the great Banat fiddle players of the old style. Most of the rest were conservatory-trained up until recently when modern recording techiques brought popularity to old styles, the the Roma took up the instrument again. A slow song "u


Luca Novac, taragot, with Radu Simion & Orchestra “Joc de Doi "Spală Mîndro, la Cămeși"”
from În Memoria lui Luță Ioviță (Electrecord (LP) 1977)


Luca Novac, taragot, with Radu Simion & Orchestra “Zace Miera-n Cuib”
from În Memoria lui Luță Ioviță (Electrecord (LP) 1977) —We continue with music for the taragot, a sort of soprano sax made of pear wood. The instrument was introduced into the Banat in the late 19th century, and it slowly replaced the fiddle. This is a suite of 3 tunes - a slow song, a hora, and a fast de do


Dorin Cuibariu & Gheorghe Zamfir orch. “Suita Banateana”
from Gheorghe Zamfir și Virtuoșii săi (Electrecord (LP) 1971) —This will be show of music from the Romanian Banat region, the southwest corner of the country, and having borders with Serbia and Hungary. There is practically no influence in the music from Hungary, but a lot from Serbia, including a tendency for melod

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