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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Oct 10th 2010

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Oct 10th 2010 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Bourdon “Kolomaïka”
from Karpatia (Gal) —played in Hutsul, Boiko, and Hungarian versions


Bozhichki “Oi, Hodit'”
from Pisni (Lavina 2005) —this group specializes in traditional renditions of traditional songs and dances


Bozhichi “Orlycia”
from Ukraïnski Tanci vol. 1 (Lavina 2008)


Bozhichi “Misiats”
from Ukraïnski Tantsi (Lavina 2008)


Werchowyna “Tomu Kosa”
from Składanska Łemkowska (Konador) —this disc is devoted to music of the Lemko dialect ukrainians. who live in present day Poland. Slovakia. and the transcarpathian Ukraine


Kapela Drewutnia “Ne budu tu - pidu dali”
from Składanka Łemkowska (Konador) —www.folk.pl


Orchiestra Sw. Mikolaja “Ej, Kroczkom koni, kroczkom”
from Muzyka Gór ((self) www.wearesharkdad.bandcamp.com 1992) —This is the group (Polish) that started the whole idea of "Carpathian music" rather than strictly defining musical styles by country. This is their first recording.


Nina Matvienko “Kolo Mlina - Kremenina”
from Ukraïnski Narodni Pisni (Astra Records) —here she sings with her group "Zoloti Klyuchi"


Orkiestra Sw. Mikolaja “O milosci pisanie przy grabieniu siana”
from O Miłośći przy grabieniu siana (af 2004) —Polish/Ukrainian song, but sung and accompanied in Romanian style. The CD was recorded in a Barn up in the mountains - you can here the door being opened at the beginning of the cut.


Orkiestra Sw. Mikolaja “Szedlem sobie”
from About Love at Hayraking ((self) www.wearesharkdad.bandcamp.com 2004) —again, Romanian sound, sung in Polish


Burdon “Ruzha”
from Karpatia (Gal 2006) —a Lemko Ukrainian song, done up in non-traditional style


Burdon “Gergélytanc/Sîrba”
from Karpatia (Gal 2006)


Burdon “Tropar/Po vsemu svitu”
from Vam Kolyadochka (Gal 2006)


Burdon “Mikolaï/Sam pan u zloti”
from Vam Koladochka (Gal 2006) —this and the previous tracks are Carols and seasonal songs


Burdon “Loboda”
from Taïstra Chugaïstra (Gal 2008) —Ukrainian song


Burdon “Ardeleana/Resheto”
from Taïstra Chugaïstra (Gal 2008) —the first tune is transylvanian, the second Ukrainian


Hudaki village band “Urvalasya Struna”
from Hudaki ne Ludy ((self) www.wearesharkdad.bandcamp.com) —Ukrainian song turned out as a Romanian Sîrba


Muzykanci “Z misteczka do mlina...”
from a na onej górze... Folk Songs from Poland (ZAiKS 2002)

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