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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jan 9th 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jan 9th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Petros Gaitanis “I' Kor Epien son Parhár'”
from Tragoudia tou Pontou (Mercury) —this is a dhipat omal (slow 9 divided 2+3+2+2)


Stathis Nikolaïdis & Giorgos Poulantzaklis “Ela-Ela Me temenan”
from Asin Poulantzaki so ata Pazar (Vasipap 1996) —Halay in the style heard in Ak Dağ Maden


Mihalis Kaliontzidis “Orhistriko (Tík, Tromahton, Kotsari)”
from Tragoudia Tou Pontou (Mercury 2006) —these are 3 of the most popular Pontic Greek dances


Kostikas Tsakalidis “Karsilidiko”
from Ta Agapimena Pontiaka Tragoudia (Panivar) —this is in very fast 9/8


Kostikas Tsakalidis “Hasaposerviko”
from Ta Agapimena Pontiaka Tragoudia (Panivar) —with synthesizer accompaniment - possibly Athan Tsoleridis


Theodoros Pavlidis “Tha Skotonomoumen”
from Ta Agapimena Pontiaka Tragoudia-2 (Panivar)


Giannis Triantafillidis (voice and lyra) “Ena kortsopon émorfon”
from Ta Agapimena Pontiaka Tragoudia-4 (Panivar) —a song in Tík rhythm, followed by a tromahton during which the band members are introduced


Stathis Nikolaïdis “Tha Htizo Enan Kivoto”
from Kivoto (Vasipap 2003) —this is a tík


Stathis Nikolaïdis “Omnisman Moskof”
from Kivoto (Vasipap 2003)


Babis Iordanidis “Atora Pou Etranines - Aki Peran Esteken”
from Pontiaki Nihta Stin Athina (Vasipap 2000)


Theodoros Pavlidis “O Sevdalis”
from Te Sevdalidika (Vasipap 1968)


Theodoros Pavlidis “Tromahton”
from Te Sevdalidika (Vasipap 1968) —a tromahton is a fast tík in 7/8. I wish I knew who the drummer was for this


Yiorgos Orfanidis “Si Teris' me ke Gelas - Tan - Tan Kilian”
from Pontiaka Live (Vasipap 1999) —a suite of songs in dhiplon omal rhythm = 9/8


Yiorgos Orfanidis “7-8”
from Pontiaka Live (Vasipap 1999)


Pella Nikolaïdou with Giorgos Poulantzaklis “Kori peei a'to ti mana”
from Giorgos Poulantzaklis (Vasipap) —this features the kemene, a vertical fiddle more commonly seen inland from the Black Sea coast, in Cappadocia and the mining communities of Ak Dag Maden and Gümüsmaden


Giorgos Poulantzaklis and Giorgos Ioannidis “Paei omalia”
from Asni Kepek-Klisa Kerasountas sa paaralia tis Krimaias (Vasipap) —this fast 9/8 dance is labelled as an Omal Kerasountas, but it is played in the style of an Omal from Gumusmaden


Hristos Panadopoulos “Opa, opa, kortsopa”
from Horeutika Pontiaka (Vasipap)


Leigh Cline and Nikolas Michaelidis “Tromahton Tonya”
from Al Asha bi Daha (Scimitar records) —www.scimitarmusic.com is where to get this and also hear many music examples of Pontic music, along with extensive descriptions of the history of the Pontos, the instruments, etc.


Kostikas Tsakalidis “Emen Saveli Legani”
from Ta Teleutaia mou Tragoudia (Vasipap) —this is in a slow 9/8 called dhipat omal


Stathis Nikolaïdis “(fast song in 9/8 - title incorrect on label)”
from Ta Dialegmena No. 11 (Panivar) —most of the CDs on this show are available from www.studio52.gr - a recording store in Thessaloniki with a phenomenal stock of Greek music - they take plastic and PayPal and are reliable. I have no personal connection with this business, and neither does

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