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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Mar 13th 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Mar 13th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Olimpia Zica “Marică, feată armână” (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro 2005) —This is an Arumân (Vlach ethnic group from northern Greece/southern Albania - the language is similar to Romanian) singer whose family moved to Romania from southern Albania


Ensemble Tirana “Mora Rrugën Për Janinë”
from Chants polyphoniques d'Albanie (Arco Iris 1998) —I took the road to Yanina (now in modern Greece) - our first selection in a program devoted to music from southern Albania


famille Lela de Permet “Kaba c'u keput Njekembemali”
from famille Lela de Permet (Indigo) —Permet (or Përmet) is one of the great centers of the south Albanian music style


Ensemble Tirana “Mo Marë Ciften”
from Chants polyphoniques d'Albanie (Arco Iris 1998)


Laver Bariu and group “Do Marr Çiften Do Dal Per Gjah”
from Songs from the City of Roses (Globe Style)


Hekuran Xhamballi “Qyqe behari”
from Kaba & Valle d'Albanie (Al Sur 2000) —a "Kaba" (slow lament, with much improvisation) The title here refers to the Cuckoo in Spring


Hekuran Xhamballi “Valle Pogonishtë from Myzeqe”
from Kaba & Valle d'Albanie (Al Sur 2000) —"Pogonishtë" (Pogonissios in Greek) refers to a 4-measure dance commonly done in the entire area, on both sides of the border. The name refers to the town of Pogoni, now in Greece


Bilbilet e Viorit “Xhixhile, moj Xhixile”
from Bilbilet e Viorit (Elrodi music) —a south Albanian semi-traditional version of this famous song. There is a YouTube of this performance.


Ilias Kranias and group “Gigile”
from Gipsy Songs of Albania (Fanirea) —here performed by Albanian Rom who left Albania for Greece in the 1980's


Hristos Raptis “Xhixhile”
from Kenget e Vendit Tim (HXO) —the night club version of this song..


Ardit Gjebrea “Xhixhile”
from Me yjet e ritit (self 2000) —and the hip hop version


Arben Topalli “Kaba”
from Valle dhe Kaba me Klarinetë vol. 2 (FM Studio Univers) —a slow tune, followed by a slow dance tune


Shaban Çela “Valle Bardasheshit”
from Valle dhe Kaba me Klarinetë vol.2 (FM Studio Univers) —the title is approximate, based on the rhythm. the actual titles are not given on the CD


Spartak Kurteshi “Valle dhe Gajdë”
from Valle dhe Kaba me klarinetë, vol. 1 (FM Studio Univers) —this dance piece ends with a bagpipe imitation tune


Eli Fara “Më e mira je”
from më thotë zemra ((private)) —an updating of the south Albanian polyphonic vocal style


Eli Fara “Ra Dëbora”
from më thotë zemra ((private)) —traditional instrumentation and vocal style, plus drum machine and electric guitar


irini Qirjako “Barbaro Vasiliko”
from Sorke Moj (Elrodi) —in Greece this would be called a sta tria, and, in fact the singer is of the Greek minority living in Albania. see YouTube for more of her vocals and "scenery"


irini Qirjako “Potpuri Gjirokastrite”
from Sorke Moj (Elrodi) —The "Gjirokastër" of the title refers the fabulous town of southern Albania that still has a store of astounding multi-storied stone merchant's houses. The name comes from the Greek "Argirokastron" - "silver fortress"


Nazif Çela “Mirëmëngjes o interes”
from Mirëmëngjes o interes! (FM Studio Univers) —this is an older, much respected, folk singer, here given the contemporary treatment


Grupi Tepelenes “Ali Pasha”
from Ali Pashai (Shqipja 2000) —the song is about a 19th century Albanian despot/freedom fighter


Grupi Tepelenes “Te kroi përtej në zalle”
from E bukur si hëna (FM Studio Univers)


Kurbeti “Alma”
from Kurbeti: Music Of Albania's Gypsies (FM Records 2005) —Albanian Roma music recorded in Greece

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