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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Mar 20th 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Mar 20th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Vladimir Kocibelli “Lady Artisan”
from My Feelings ((self)) —This Albanian Imigrant lives and records in Australia


Sazet të Prespës “Australija”
from Kjo Australija (Rinora) —This band comes from FYR Macedonia, but travels to give concerts where other Albanian expatriates live


Ramiz K. Islami “Valle Gjysmoke”
from Grupi Sazet e Ohrit ((self)) —This musician comes from the shores of lake Prespa in FYR Macedonia, but moved to New York, where he recorded this. The dance to this music is called "Devolliçe" by the villagers in Krani, for whom he used to play this


Merita Halili with the Raif Hyseni Orchestra “16 jam une 18 je ti & Cuni i vogel”
from Merita Halili ((self))


Ramiz K. Islami “Valle Gajde”
from Ramiz K. Islami - Grupi Sazet e Ohrit ((self)) —a bagpipe imitation piece


Remi Jakupi “Kënga e Hysen Bajrit”
from M'ka marrë malli (REM production) —this singer imigrated to the US from the Albanian community in Kosovo


Sazet të Prespës “(track 2 - no title - in south Albanian style)”
from Kjo Amerika na ka ndarë (Rinora) —typical south Albanian vocal polyphony, in a CD prepared for their North American tour


Remi Jakupi “Kauboj Xhema”
from Dil prej gotës sime (Beki) —This American folksong, for some reason, seems to appeal to a wide variety of ethnic preformers the world over - I have versions played on Chinese classical instruments, Polish highlander bands, Serbian Brass bands...


Sazet të Prespës “gajda presparce”
from Live (Rinora) —another bagpipe imitation piece


Sazet të Prespës “more rrugen per gjermani”
from Iku vajza sonte (Renato records) —this is in a Roma-style, and is typical of the popular music of the area now (southwestern FYR Macedonia, on the shores of lake Prespa)


Çallgiat të Ohrit “(track 8 - there are no titles given for the tracks)”
from E rrugës po shkone (Renato records) —This is in a much more strict south Albanian style than the preceding - poor sound, but great playing


Zajazi Trio “Në Bahçe na ka ra bryma”
from Greatings from Macedonia ((radio Skopje)) —the title of the CD is as above. The style is Geg northern, or Kosovar) Albania, but the instrumentation is like Macedonian Izvorno music


Sulejman Borova “M'ka shku mendja me u feju”
from Greatings from Macedonia ((radio Skopje))


Violeta Turkeshi “Xhimixhi”
from Të fala nga Maqedonia ((radio Skopje)) —this song is in so-called "Macedonian 12" divided 3+2+2+3+2


Nusret Muciqi “Tre Mijë Vjet me Plis të Bardhë”
from Shpirti i Kosoves 1 (AlbMuzika) —this begins a set of songs from the Albanians in Kosovo


Shkurte Fejza “Moj Europë”
from Shpirti i Kosoves 1 (AlbMuzika)


Maliq Sushica (fyell player) with Shota ens. “Pjeshë nga Valija e Rugovës”
from Shota (RTB) —this is a former Yugoslav state ensemble from Kosovo, and this track is supposed to represent village music from the region


Resmije dhe Rifat Kida “Çike Malesore” (RTP (cassette) 1988) —this is, in a way, the Albanian Kosovar radio style of the 1970's-'80's


Nikollë Nikprelaj (with Vjolice Buçaj) “Mirë se u takuam”
from Oj Lulja e Malësizë (RTP) —the singer was a medical student who left school to sing


Nikollë Nikprelaj “Oj Lulja e Malësizë” (RTP)


Zef Beka “ktu thret fmia babe nan”
from Tinguj Folklorik (Fenix) —this song from north Albania is in 9/8 = 2+2+2+3


Ibrahim Muçaj, Agim Osmani, & Eduart Muçaj “Qamili i Vogel”
from Tingui Tropojan (Fenix) —This song is in a very complex 24/8, divided 3+2+3+2+2+3+2+3+2+2

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