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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Oct 16th 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Oct 16th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Boris Karlov “Obedjansko Horo”
from Boris Karlov: Legend Of The Bulgarian Accordion (BMA Productions www.bourque-moreau.com/ 2003) —Boris Karlov is sometimes referred to as "the father of Balgarian accordion playeing", and lived from 1924-1964. This is a very early recording.


Misho Gyurov “Shumakijsko II”
from Misho Gurov the master of the Accordion Playing his Bulgarian Folk Music ((private) 1995) —this is are-issue of recordings from Bulgarian radio in the 1950s. Gyrov played at Boris Karlov's funeral.


Traïcho Sinapov with Kosta Kolev orch. “Na Trapeza i Sitno Shopsko”
from Traïcho Sinapov (Balkanton (LP)) —an older recording from the early 60s.


Traïcho Sinapov & Dimiter Paskov “Dragopolsko horo”
from Horos and Rachenitsas (Balkanton (LP)) —a classic recording - this duo seet a standard for duet playing that has never been surpassed


Ibro Lolov “Radomirsko horo”
from Virtuozo-Folk Dances of Bulgaria CD (Vitality Music, Ltd. 2007)


Ibro Lolov “Shopska rachenica”
from Virtuozo-Folk Dances of Bulgaria CD (Vitality Music, Ltd. 2007)


Kosta Kolev “Petrouna's Ring Dance”
from Kosta Kolev BHA 1323- Bulgaria (Balkanton (LP)) —Kosta Kolev's greatest contribution to the Bulgarian recording industry was his many arrangements for singers and instrumentalists and his direction of instrumental ensembles. He was not a folklorist and was not as interested in any sort of "village soun


Kosta Kolev “Shake Off Gaiters Ring Dance (Изтърси Калци)”
from Kosta Kolev BHA 1323- Bulgaria (Balkanton (LP)) —this is a compound rhythm of 7+7+11


Ivan Kirev “Панагюрско хоро”
from Фолклорни Бисери (Balkanton (cassette)) —one of the classic older players


Petko Radev - Clarinet and Petko Dachev - Accordion “Slow Melody and StrandJanska Rachenitsa”
from Bulgarian Folk Songs And Dances (Gega New 2000)


Yanko Zhelyazkov, Accordion “Horo "Milkovchanka"”
from Folk Dances From North Bulgaria (Gega New 2001) —a straight 2/4 trite pâti style dance rhythm from the North east of Bulgaria


Yanko Zhelyazkov, Accordion “Ribenska Rachenitsa”
from Folk Dances From North Bulgaria (Gega New 2001)


Petur Ralchev “Концертно Хоро”
from Петър Ралчев - акордеон (Balkanton (cassette)) —one of the first of the "modern" players, with lots of chromaticisms and almost undanceable tempi


Misho Bajev (Мишо Бъжев) “Tukanata Horo”
from Severniashki I Staroplaninski Hora I Rachenitsi (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com 2004) —another piece in even 2/4, with a lot of "Romanian"-sounding phrases, as befits the the northerly area from which the piece comes


Didi Kushleva “Borelska Rachenitsa”
from 7/8 ... and something more (Zen Electronics 2005) —a rare female player, she lists Misho Gyrov, Ivan Kirev, and Traicho Sinapov among her early influences


Didi Kushleva “7/8 Horo”
from 7/8 ... and something more (Zen Electronics 2005) —in this and the preceding track the accompaniment is all synthesizer, with arrangements by Koushleva


Stefan Georgiev “Virtuozna Pletenitsa”
from Folklorna Pletenitsa (Folk Tangle) (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com 2002) —again, a "listening" piece to show off the payer


Sasko Velkov “Юнашко хоро”
from Избрани хора (ARA www.ara-bg.com 2002) —this is a "Gaïda" = bagpipe imitaion piece, although there are several dances done to these pieces in various parts of the Balkans


Neshko Neshev “Вятър (wind)”
from Shareno Horo (Gega New 2006) —Neshev is a member of the band with Ivo papazov and Yuri Yunkov. He visited St. Louis with that band a few years ago.


Neshko Neshev “Копаница”
from Shareno Horo (Gega New 2006)

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