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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jan 1st 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jan 1st 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Szvorák Kati “Óévbúcsúztató”
from Ènekeim (REP 1995) —an "old year off" song from Szatmar county in Hungary


Monarchia orchestra & Kati Szvorák “Moravian & Slovak carnival songs”
from télkergetõ (winter chasing)/Fasching in Mitteleuropa (Hungaroton 2003) —here begins a set of Fasching songs - Fasching begins usually on January 6 and is "Winter Carnival"


Monarchia orchestra & Kati Szvorák “Ked' si videl že nemôžem/Fašiangske polky”
from télkergetõ (winter chasing)/Fasching in Mitteleuropa (Hungaroton 2003)


Boys of the Lough “A Midwinter Waltz/Bridgie Can Mat's/The Lakes Of Sligo/Thadelo's”
from Midwinter Live (Lough 2007)


Boys of the Lough “Her Long Brown Hair Flowed Down Her Back/The Hunter's Purse/The Green Mountain/The Man Of The House/Matt People's Reel”
from Midwinter Live (Lough 2007)


Triakel “Good Morning to You Master Dear (God morgon här kär fader vär)”
from WinterSongs (Northside 2001)


Māris Muktupāvels & Dzēra alu, spēlēja un dziedāja “Kas Dzer Alu”
from Alus Dziesmas (UPE www.upe.lv 2001) —this and the next are drinking songs from Latvia


Plektronite “Mazurkat 1282 & 1294”
from Plektroniitit Tuloo! (Skycap www.perinneaarkku.net/plektronite 2005) —Plektronite is Juha-Matti Kurra, Petri Prauda, & Jarmo Romppanen


Liisa Matveinen & Tellu Virkkala “Katri”
from Mateli (Kansanmusiikki-Instituutti 1999) —these are songs in the "Runic" style composed decades ago by a woman in her youth, and that were discoved when she was quite old. They have a very strong feminist and Pagan overtone, and breathtakingly beautiful imagery


Plektronite “Il Ööpari/Il Mäläskä/I Tallarin Polska”
from Plektroniitit Tuloo! (Skycap www.perinneaarkku.net/plektronite 2005)


Petri Hakala “Syrjälän Kaapon Polska”
from Trad. (PHCD 2007) —all on a Martin guitar...


Petri Hakala “Karlssonin Valssit”
from Trad. (PHCD 2007) —one guy on mandola!


Tallari “Poloinen Poika”
from Virtaa (Kansanmusiikki-Instituutti 1999) —that unearthly high note near the end was from Tellu Virkkala


Tallari “Polska Efter Blinda-Pelle”
from Virtaa (Kansanmusiikki-Instituutti 1999)


Ulla Katajavuori “Shepherd's Polska”
from Best of Kantele (Finlandia) —played on the Kantele, a table harp that is practically the national instrument


Me Naiset “Krajsa, rajsa (Mordvian song)”
from Me Naiset (Folk Music Institute 2001) —a "runic song" in its original form


Varttina “Ukko Lumi”
from Oi Dai (Northside 2000) —another runic song, this time done up as folk-rock


Varttina “Marilaulu”
from Oi Dai (Northside 2000) —issued originally on Spirit in 1991, the recording I actually used on the show


Niekku “Hambo vid Fäbodan”
from Niekku 2 (Kansanmusiikki-Instituutti 1989)


JPP “Pirun Polska”
from Devil's Polska (Green Linnet 1994) —This is actually played from the original, and longer Finnish recording of 1992


Niekku “Yläsävelpolska”
from Niekku 2 (Kansanmusiikki-Instituutti 1989) —this features the sound of the birchbark flute, played on overtones


Pirnales “Palpan Killi”
from Pirnales (Olarin Musiikki Oy 1989)


Ottopasuuna “Kolmospolska”
from Ottopasuuna (Green Linnet 1993) —if this has a slightly Irish feel to it it is because this group began as a Celtic music group and switched to Finish music


Pirnales “Rantosen Polskat”
from Aquas (Kansanmusiikki-Instituutti 1992) —featuring the sound of the bowed Jouhikko

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