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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun May 20th 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun May 20th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Sondorgo “Oj Stari Starce”
from Oj Stari (Periferic Records 2005) —this begins a show of Serbian music. The "Serbs" here are from the Serbian minority in Hungary


Sondorgo “Jeftanoviceno Kolo”
from Oj Stari (Periferic Records 2005)


Sava i Stanimir Jeremić “Moravac”
from Sava i Stanimir Jeremić (Jugoton 1974) —this classic LP from the 1970s captures the "classic" Serbian sound. Jeremic was the most famous frula player of his time and revived interest in it for use in bands


Zoran Andrejić “Harmonikaška igra”
from Zoran Andrejić uz instrmentalnu svog ansambla (Beograd Disk) —some of the most idiomatic Serbian music in the 60s, 70s, and 80s came out on 45 rpm discs. This is the first of many I have transcribed for this show. Many of the labels have gone out of business.


Ksenija Cicvarić, Zarko Milanović “Drema Mi Se”
from Zapisano U Vremenu (RTS/PCP 2004) —a re-issue from the 60s, recorded for Serbian radio


Perica Simonović “Dunavski Vihor”
from Perica i instrumentalna pratnja narodnog orkestra Novice Negovanovića (Beograd Disk) —"Perica" was a recording star and child prodigy. He composed and recorded this when he was about 11. It is a zippy little tune, but what makes it remarkable is the rapid ornamentation.


duet Lukić-Stanšić “Trnavka kolo”
from Momci sa Oplenica uz ansambl Dragana Aleksandrića (Beograd Disk) —another 45 rpm disc. Accordion ("harmonika" in Serbian) duets were popular from the time of Radojka & Tineta Zivkovic. They are difficult because the heavy ornamentation of the tunes has to be played exactly.


Vasilija Radojčić, Zarko Milanović “Pod Noć Pođoh Na Vodu”
from Zapisano U Vremenu (RTS/PCP 2004)


Dušan Žujović “Petkovo kolo (Dejanovo kolo)”
from (45 rpm disc, SBK 0503) (Beograd Disk)


Perica Simonović “Slobodankino kolo”
from Perica i instrumentalna pratnja narodnog orkestra Novice Negovanovića (Beograd Disk) —another composition by this prodigy


Zarko Milanović “Cigansko Kolo”
from Zapisano U Vremenu 1 (RTS/PCP 2004) —the title means "gypsy" kolo or line dance. The chromatic nature of the tunes is probably what is referred to. Milanovic was not, to my knowledge, Rom


Zlatomir Stevanović -»Zlaja« “Ciganski Preplet”
from Kola (45 rpm disc EP 14350) (RTB) —This fiddle player is Rom, and the piece was composed by a Romani musician, although they argue just who...


Zlatomir Stevanović -»Zlaja« “Veliki Povoz”
from Kola (45 rpm disc EP 14350) (RTB) —This is a Romanian style piece in "Sîrba" style


Vladeta Kandić-Kanda “Najciganskije vašarsko kolo”
from (45 rpm disc, SBK 0493) (Beograd Disk) —this "extra-Gypsy festival kolo" is full of "Gypsy jive"


Aleksandar Sisic “Romska Igra”
from Dupli CD (Pgp-Rts) (RTS/PCP 2006) —The best known of all the Roma fiddlers, and part of a dynasty


Aleksandar Sisic “Piroćanski Vihor”
from Dupli CD (Pgp-Rts) (RTS/PCP 2006) —in fast 6/8 "Bulgarian" style, this is another "vihor"-whirlwind


Fejat Sejdić “Leskovčka Četvorka”
from Svirac Svira Kolo Igra (RTB (LP) 1976) —this group won first prize at the Guca festival in 1976, and several times since. This very slow dance is done in a line that moves symmetrically to the right and left.


Fejat Sejdić “Kacabačko Kolo”
from Svirac Svira Kolo Igra (RTB (LP) 1976) —This is in standard "kolo" style, and is closer to the kolos played earlier in the show


Usnija Redzepova “Kako Kolan Da Se Vijem”
from 30 Godina Sa Trubom (PGP - RTS 2009) —the title of the CD means (roughly) "30 years with brass band"


Olivera Katarina “Kuna (Ušti, ušti, baba)”
from Olivera Katarina - 1 (RTS/PCP) —a well-known Roma tune from former Yugoslavia - versions by Macedonian Roma are recorded as well.


Olivera Katarina “Crvena Jabuka”
from Olivera Katarina - 1 (RTS/PCP) —This one is sung by Roma in Hungary as well.


Zorica Brundlik Nina i ansambl Tihomira Paunovića “Povedi me na venčanje”
from (45 rpm disc, S 10 314) (RTB) —This song evokes cafes in towns along the Danube from Hungary to the Black Sea. The band is Vlach Serbian


Sondorgo “Jova”
from Oj Javore (Periferic Records 2006) —More from this Serbian group from Hungary. They play in Tamburitsa style, now played more in the US than in the Northeastern Yugoslavia where it arose.


Triola “Na kraj sela čadava mechana - Malo ja, malo ti”
from Live album ((self) 2007) —this group plays in Beograd, but has visited St. Louis several times, and even recorded in KDHX studios. Here they pay tribute to American Tamburitsa groups by playing 2 songs known by every Serbian bar band in America.


Anon. folk ens. “Šetnja (1962)”
from FK4 -Serbia 1 (Syncoop 1998) —the dance name means "walking". There are several versions of this.


Zarko Milanović “Pošla Rumena (1962)”
from FK5-Serbia 2 (Syncoop 1998) —This old Serbian dance was included in the repertoire of every Folklore ensemble in the former Yugoslavia


Vitomir Stanojević “Graničarsko kolo”
from Kola na Fruli (Take it or leave it) —this dance in fast 7/8 time is from the Vlach (Romanian-dialect) population of East Serbia


Vasilisa “Gusta mi magla padnala”
from Amanet (RTS/PCP 2005)

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