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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Aug 26th 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Aug 26th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Sonata “Serbez Donka”
from Following the trails of the song (Mister 2006) —a fast song about "free-spirited Donka" who is not interested in the man her mother has picked out for her, and says she has plenty of boyfriends and when she is tired of partying. Song in 7/8


Eli Fara “Hajde Merre Furken”
from Hitet Popullore (Fuga)


(south Albanian duet) “Kenga e buzukut (Rrajce)”
from (statewide 2012) —a south Albanian tune in 12/8 divided 3+2+2+3+2


Shkurte Fejza, Shyhrete Behluli, Remzie Osmani, Motrat Mustafa “Potpuri 3 (Kalavesh po vjen Fatbardha…)”
from Bilbilat e Mushtishtit (Chill Out 2009) —This starts with a slow song in city style in 12/8, again divided 3+2+2+3+2, and goes on with a whole suite of songs spliced, studio style.


Giorgos Poulantzaklis “Tamsara”
from Eyneth (Vasipap/Thermaikos) —the Tamzara is a dance in 9/8 (divided 2+2+2+3) found from the Black Sea east into Iraq (where it was done, until recently, by the Assyrian Christian population. The Armenians "own" the style now, but this, and the next selection, is the Pontic Greek ver


Sonata “Belo Lice Ljubam Jas”
from Following the trails of the song (Mister 2006) —the oldest recording I have of this is on a 45rpm disc from about 50 years ago, and is of some village women with minimal accompaniment; Studio-pop versions of old songs like this have become more common in recent years.


from LIVINGROOM / PESNI OD GOLEMATA ODAJA —The Greek Syrto has become popular in south-western Bulgaria in the last 30 years, and now even the FYR Macedonia has started to play some songs in syrto rhythm.


Angele Dimovski “Kavalsko Oro”
from Kavalski Odglasi ((self)) —the title only means "Kaval dance", a kaval being a type of end-blown flute


Stefče Stojkovski “Gorno Džumajsko Oro”
from From The Well Of Pirin Mountain, Volume 1 ((self) 2006) —this very "Bulgarian sounding" tune in what is really 6/8 is in Sop pravo style, and comes from the northeastern part of Macedonia on the Bulgarian border.


Pece Atanasovski Orchestra (OPA) “Staro Kavalsko Oro”
from Orkestar Pece Atanasovski (Siemens 2002) —this is a group of young musicians who were all pupils of Pece Atanasovski, and who founded this band, and named it after him after his death.


Pece Atanasovski “Tropnalo Oro”
from Macedonian Folk Dances vol 1 (Bourque-Moreau www.bourque-moreau.com 2002) —this is a re-issue of the old Jugoton recording from 50 years ago, which doesn't capture the vigor of the performance.


Kabile (Dzhenko Andreev) “Solo Gaida”
from Traditional Music From Thrace ((self) 2011) —after a free-style opening, Andreev swings into a fast Trite Puti. The work on the tupan (drum) is exceptionally fine; The tupan player Angel Krustev unfortunately passed away this year.


Kabile “Rachenitsa”
from Traditional Music from Thrace (self 2011) —Kabile will be here on 22 September - watch this space for details


Konushenski Folk Orchestra “Chetvorno horo”
from Konushenski Folk Orchestra Autographs (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com 2006) —the ruchenitsa is in 7/8 divided 2+2+3; the chetvorno is also in 7/8, but is divided 3+2+2


Ansambl Mastika “Karcigar Sirto”
from Songs & Dances for Life NONSTOP ((self) 2011) —this band played at Balkan Camp, and plays everything from Balkan Chocheks to Turkish music


Ansambl Mastika “Franklin'in Karsilamasi”
from Songs & Dances for Life NONSTOP ((self) 2011) —This modern take on the Turkish Karsilamas was composed by the leader of this New York-based group, Greg Squared


Maksim Shen “47-Cherna kotka”
from Super Lyuti Kyuchetsi —Bulgarian Kyuchek music


ork. Viktoriya “Droga”
from Super Lyuti Kyuchetsi (Bofirov Music 2005)

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