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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Feb 26th 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Feb 26th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Orkestar narodnih instrumenata "Tanec" “Osogovka-Oro”
from Tanec LPV 175 (RTB 1967) —a dance in 11/8


Macedonian Expression “Dedo Mili Dedo”
from Folk Songs & Dance (Syncoop 1998) —in "radio style"


Jonce Hristovski & Trpe Ćerepovski “More Šta e Lična”
from Jonce Hristovski & Trpe Ćerepovski) (Jugoton (cassette)) —different words to this famous Pajduško tune


Folkraft “Zensko Krsteno (FK2)”
from FK2 - Bulgaria And Macedonia (Syncoop 1998) —in 13/8 divided 3+2+2+2+2+2. This is reissue of an LP recorded in the 1960s


duet Divna Gieva - Dušica Bojadžieva “Angelina, Malo Mome”
from Tanec LPV 175 (RTB 1967) —this is in 7/8, but the singers sing across the measures in such a way as to "hide" it - a lovely arrangement


ansambl Čalgija “Patruno Svadbeno oro”
from Ansambl Čalgija (Jugoton (45 rpm disc)) —Čalgija refers to a type of urban music using Turkish instruments and, now, clarinet. This tune is a "pushteno" in 12/8 divided 3+2+2=3+2


ansambl Koče Petrovskog “Memde, more memede”
from Narodni ora so orkestarot na Kočo Petrovski (RTB (45 rpm disc)) —Koče Petrovski was one of the best of the arrangers of traditional music for studio band. this is a traditional dance in slow 7/8


ansambl Koče Petrovskog “Kočovo Oro”
from Ora (RTB (45 rpm disc)) —Brzo!


Pece Atanasovski “Gajtanino Oro”
from Ora (RTB (45 rpm disc)) —a lovely arrangement of several Païdushko (5/8) tunes for "izvoren" ensemble = kaval, tambura, gajda (bagpipe), and tûpan (large 2-sided drum).


Bapčorki “Belo lice ljubam vas”
from Bapčorki (RTB (45 rpm disc)) —this women's group hails from "Aegean Macedonia" - that part of Macedonia that is now in Greece, just north of Thessaloniki. They are accompanied by Pece Atanasovski's group.


Pece Atanasovski “Janino Oro”
from Ora (RTB (45 rpm disc)) —a compound rhythm of 18 beats, divided 7 + 11: 3+2+2+2+2+3+2+2


Divna Lazareva “Sevdalino, Maloj Mome”
from Tanec RTB LP 1301 (RTB)


Muška grupa i orkestar narodnih instrumenata "Tanec" “Neveno, Mori, Neveno”
from Tanec LPV 175 (RTB (LP)) —traditional men's singing was often melody and a moveable drone, as here. This is given a nice arrangement, but would not have bben accompanied in this way 100 years ago.


Tanec “Šareno Oro (11/8 & 7/8)”
from Tropnalo oro (RTB) —this 50 year old recording was, I believe, the second Tanec made. The first was from the 1950s and was re-issued by Folkways (now deleted from the catalogue). This tune turns "Janino" on its head - it is 11 +7 here


Dragi Spasovski With The Stefče Stojkovski Ensemble “Ozdol Ide Mlad Delija”
from Echo of My Soul—Ekoto Na Mojata Duša (Izvor Music www.izvormusic.com 2007) —this is in 12: 2+3+2+2+3. These recordings are available on the web


Folkraft “Sadilo Mome (FK2)”
from FK2 - Bulgaria And Macedonia (Syncoop 1998) —this tune has been used for several songs on both sides of the Macedonian/Bulgarian border. This recording retains the energy and "wildness" this music had when the dances were current among youth in the villages.


duhački orkestar Iljimi Jašarov “Strumički čoček”
from Duhačkči orkestar Iljimi Jašarov - Štip (Jugoton (45 rpm disc)) —a very early recording of the brass band music introduced by Roma players in the 50s and 60s, and is now so popular, both in FYR Macedonia and, now, in the West, spawning such groups as the New York-based Zlatne Uste.


Angele Dimovski “Zelenikovka”
from Kavalski Odglasi ((self)) —another instrumental tune in 18 counts, 11 + 7. Dimovski is one of the best Kaval players alive and is technically flawless. This recording was made for his north American tour about 8 years ago


Angele Dimovski “Jas Ke Odam (Ezgija)”
from Kavalski Odglasi ((self)) —an ezgija is a slow instrumental improvisation, usually played against a drone, as here.


Adrijana Alachki “Ni Prela Gora, Ni Tkala”
from Regards From Macedonia Vol.1 ((self) 2007) —an old song in 7/8. the accompaniment is derived from an old Tanec arrangement from the 1960s


Adrijana Alački “Galička Svadba”
from Regards From Macedonia Vol.2 ((self) 2007) —a modern song, but given the "izvoren" treatment. These recordings are also available from www.izvormusic.com


Adrijana Alački “More Čičo Reče Da Me Ženi”
from Regards From Macedonia Vol.2 ((self) 2007) —a very famous païdushko rhythm song made famous by Vaska Ilieva in the early 1960s


Svetlana Bikova & Blagoja Koteski i ansambl Stefče Stojkovski “Sarakino Mome Sevda Golema”
from From The Well Of Pirin Mountain, Volume 1 ((self) 2006) —there are 4 volumes of this music recorded recently by Stefche Stojkovski and available from Izvor Music. These are of sufficient artistic merit that they stand up to the older recordings of the 1960s.


Stefče Stojkovski “Dobriniško Oro”
from From the well of Pirin Mountain ((self) 2007)


Stefče Stojkovski “Cvekeberačka Oro”
from From The Well Of Pirin Mountain Vol. 3 ((self) 2008) —the instrumentation is "izvoren", but the arrangement pushes the style a bit, with 2 kavals playing in parallel 3rds and the like. Still, it is musically interesting.


Muška grupa i narodnih orkestar “Pomniš li Libe Todoro”
from Tanec RTB LPV 1210 (RTB) —This fascinating rhythm is a 22 beat phrase that alternates two kinds of 11/8: 2+2+3+2+2 and 3+2+2+2+2


Vidanka Gjorgjieva “Od ljubov košula mi izgore”
from Makedonski Naroni Pesni (Senator (cassette))


Tale Ognenovski “Skopsko Žensko oro”
from Tale Ognenovski (Radio Televizija Skopje) —(we will pick up with this next week) - piece not completed

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