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Sound Salvation (Music)

Fri Feb 27th 2015 7.00am–10.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Emmylou Harris “Hold On”
from All I Intended to Be (Nonesuch 2008) —This great song was written by Jude Johnstone. Nope, I still haven't heard anything else by him.


Willie Nile “Hear You Breathe”
from The Innocent Ones (River House www.willienile.com 2010) —Nothing on the new record has the power of this one.


New American Farmers “Aiming For the Daylight”
from The Farmacology Sessions (Big Barncat 2014) N  —I know nothing about these guys, but this record caught my ear. See, it can pay to get djs promos.


The Charflies “Five Bags of Poison”
from Linoleum Angel (self 2015) N L —It's not easy to write a catchy song about chemotherapy.


Traffic “Withering Tree”
from Last Exit (Island 1969) —I missed the chance to play this one after the Nilsson song, which references a willow tree. Oh, well, musically, they're far apart.


Thin Lizzy “She Knows”
from Night Life (Vertigo 1974) —This song just kicks butt!


Squeeze “Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)”
from Argybargy (A&M 1979) —I remember seeing them play at the top of the Chase Park Plaza Hotel back when this record was new.


The Bongos “Number With Wings”
from Numbers With Wings (RCA 1983) —The radio-friendly production actually pumped them up to a higher level, which didn't always happen back in the day.


The Charmettes “Sugar Boy”
from Ad Libs & Friends (Collectables 1996) —Ultra-rare girl group stuff that I just can't resist. As long as the tunes catch me, I can forgive rhyming guy and die which happened in too many songs.


Randy Newman “Feels Like Home”
from Harps and Angels (Nonesuch 2008) —I think this is one of the greatest love songs I've ever heard.


Stackridge “It Must Be Time For Bed”
from Something For the Weekend (DAP 1999) —Those harmonies behind the main melody - so fluffy you can lay your head right down. And then comes the seismic shift bridge so your head falls off.


Harry Nilsson “Don't Leave Me”
from Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (RCA 1971) —Simple and sad but ultimately ecstatic.


Dee Clark “Raindrops” (Vee-Jay Records 1994) —One of many classic records from that early 60s period so often casually decried.


Art Neville “Darling”
from Brother to Brother (Fuel 2000 2003) —It's not easy to find collections with the rare Art Neville singles from the 60s, but this one also has rare Aaron Neville cuts, too.


The Rascals “I Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore”
from Anthology 1965-1972 (Rhino 1992) —It's that pause after the word "biggest."


The Mavericks “All Night Long”
from Mono (The Valory Music Co 2015) N  —Jeeminy, they're on fire with this one! We ate in a Mexican restaurant yesterday and watched Mexican videos, and nothing sizzled like this cut.


Rhiannon Giddens “Don't Let It Trouble Your Mind”
from Tomorrow Is My Turn (Nonesuch 2015) N  —Not better than the Dolly Parton original, but it's awfully good.


The Chi-Lites “The Twelfth of Never”
from Give It Away (Brunswick 1969) —I only recently discovered this masterful take on a song I thought was hopelessly schmaltzy.


PRINCE ALLA “Mama No Fight”
from Only Love Can Conquer 1976-1979 (Blood & Fire * 1996) —The Blood & Fire label salvaged so much incredible reggae, and then went under. How did that happen?


Pops Staples “Better Home”
from Don't Lose This (ANTI-/Epitaph 2015) N  —That guitar with that reverb, and that voice! I love this man's music, and glad to have more of it 15 years after he passed away.


Tony Allen “Ijo”
from Secret Agent CD Album (World Circuit 2009) —The man who helped invent Afrobeat when he played drums with Fela Kuti some 45 years ago was still, at least 6 years ago, pumping out the funk.


Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood “Louis the Shoplifter”
from Juice (Indirecto 2014) N  —Scofield particularly shines on this jaunty little number.


Keren Ann “All the Beautiful Girls”
from 101 (Blue Note 2011) —This song sneaks up on you, as she drips out details of how alone she is around these people - there's a Leonard Cohen feel to this song.


Jorma Kaukonen “The Other Side of the Mountain”
from Ain't In No Hurry (Red House www.redhouserecords.com 2015) N  —Jorma, it's not true that every mountain has two sides - they're round, so there are lots of ways to approach it. It's alright, this song is adorable, nonetheless.


Anne McCue “Cowgirl Blues”
from Blue Sky Thinkin' (self 2014) N  —She started out in Australia, then moved to Nashville a few years back. That and the fact this is a good record is all I know.


Tim Lee 3 “Baby Caught Fire”
from 33 1/3 (Cool Dog Sound 2015) N  —This song knocked me out when they snuck it out on Soundcloud or one of those preview places a couple months ago - and it anchors their brand new album.


Hanni El Khatib “Mexico”
from Moonlight (Innovative Leisure www.innovativeleisure.net 2015) N  —Despite his name, this dude is straight-up American, but his music floats around in a sonic space that fits after Tinariwen in my book.


Tinariwen “Tamiditin Tan Ufrawan”
from Tassili (V2 2011) —From Mali, where their music is political. Since we can't understand the words, and no little about their country, we find it hypnotic and gorgeous.


The Stranglers “Another Camden Afternoon”
from Giants (Red Disc 2012) —Veteran New Wavers after some personnel changes released a decent record a couple years back, with this terrific instrumental standing out.


Pylon “Gyrate”
from Chomp More (dB 1983) —This is how some kids in Athens, GA aspired to R.E.M.'s inspiration, and it's how a lot of people danced in the early 80s.


Robyn Hitchcock “Acid Bird”
from Black Snake Diamond Role (Yep Roc 1981) —I like pretty much all Robyn Hitchcock, but those early records are untoppable.


The Electric Flag “Texas”
from A Long Time Comin' (Columbia 1968) —Bloomfield!


The Chocolate Watchband “Expo 2000”
from No Way Out (Sundazed 1967) —Psychedelic majesty!


Blue Öyster Cult “Teen Archer”
from Tyranny and Mutation (Columbia 1973) —Inspirational rock and roll.


The Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog”
from The Stooges (Elektra 1969) —This is how I would like to be awakened on a cold, cold morning.

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