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Spinitron - KDHX: Latin Hemispheres Sun Jan 9th 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Latin Hemispheres (Music)

Providing a wide spectrum of contemporary tunes, beats, sounds and pulsations all with the Latin touch. From club dance to traditional rhythms, from tock to jazz, from chill to throb. Two hours of fun, grace, weird and the human spirit. ¡Asi nos gusta!

Sun Jan 9th 2011 1.00am–3.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


The Latin Project “En Fuego”
from Nueva Musica (Electric Monkey Records 2003) —From London, the multi-talented duo of Jez Colin and Matt Cooper add sophistication to the dance floor culture. Adding nu-jazz, broken beat, down tempo, dub, samba, flamenco over layers of lounge and chill sounds.


Quantic “Sabor (feat. Tempo)”
from An Announcement to Answer (Ubiquity 2006) —Will Holland is the founder of Quantic Soul Orchestra, a Soul/funk/Latin/Pop/Reggae/Hip-Hop collection of artists. The British dj, producer also works as a solo musician, under the Quantic moniker.


Pitbull “Hurry Up and Wait”
from M.I.A.M.I. (T.V.T. 2004) R  —His debut on T.V.T. Armando Chrisitan Perez brings the 'crunk' style of rap/hip-hop to the Latin side. This style also known as Dirty South rap originates in Atlanta GA by Lil John at the head of this movement and made it way to southern Florida.


Black Eyed Peas “Latin Girls”
from Elephunk (Inerscope/AM 2003) —Formed in the mid 90's from the L.A. region, influenced by A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, high school buddies WIlliam James Adams (Will.i.am) and Allan Pineda (apl.de.ap) made a big and new mark in the hip-hop community.


Trio Electrico “Holiday In Rome”
from Bassic Instinct II (Stereo Deluxe) —Nurberg Germany is the base for Peter Heider, Thomas Eckert, & Peter Hoppe. Highly experienced djs, producers/musicians, they combine house, free jazz, break beats, funk with touches of world beat and Latin rhythms.


Elvis Crespo “Suavemente” (Sony Discos 1998) R  —Although born in NYC '71, Elvis was raised in Puerto Rico until his adolescence. This debut was a mega hit for the 'merengue' master, winning multiple Billboard Awards.


Elvis Crespo “Suavemente (Hot Head mix)”
from The Remixes (Sony Tropical 1999) R


Tonino Carotone & Manu Chao “La Trampa”
from Fuerza (compilation) (Virgin 2000) —Antonio De La Questa was born in the Basque region of Spain. He was in various punk bands, one of which caught the attention of Mano Chao, who later produced Antonio's fist solo album, 'E Un Mondo Defficil.' Renato Carosone a famous Italian singer from th


Desi Arnaz “In Santiago Chile, (Tain't Chilly at All)”
from Babalu (RCA 1996) —From a wealthy family in Cuba, part owners of Bacardi Rum, having to flee because of political turmoil and all their land taken away, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz de Macha III was a young teen. This tune came from the popular series I Love Lucy, episode 37


La Gusana Ciega “El Tragasables”
from La Rueda del Diablo (Mercury/Universal Latino 2006) —The Blind Worm is the tag of this rock band from Mexico. This release marks their U.S. debut, a carnavalesque feel, this track 'The Sword Swallower' on 'The Devils Wheel.'


Bomba Estéreo “Huepajé”
from Vol. 1 (Polen Records 2007) —Colombia S.A. is sd. to be the birth of the popular cumbia rhythm. Champeta & punta are similar, combine this with powerful vocals from Lilian Saumet, loops and bass from Simón Mejia, the founders of this band and it will make you dance.


Babasonicos “Carismatico”
from Anoche (Universal 2005) —Argentine rockers, winners of Album of the year, Best rock album at Premios Gardel 2004, equivalent to our Grammys.


Babasonicos “Estertor”
from Infame (EMI 2004) —The pop, bolero, proto-metal and rock sound combined with tinges of psychedelic and Latin riffs.


Caifanes “No Dejes Que”
from De Caifanes a Jaguares (Sony) —The premier, numero uno, hands down the very best of Mexican rock. Formed in '87, where British new wave, post prog. post punk, meet Mexican folk, rock-n-roll with mystical dark undertones. They hold a high place in Latin Rock.


Soda Stereo “El Rito”
from Signos (Sony 1986) —Their third release and already this Argentine band was a major hit. What followed was monumental, record breaking album sales, concert attendance, chart busters. Under the genius of Gustavo Cerati.


Cuarto Poder “El Que Llevo, Llevo”
from In Tha House (Nacional Rcds. 2010) —Venezuelan hip-hop act is a team of five MCs. 2003 saw their debut, 'La Real Academia del Flow,' followed by 'Tamos Bien' three years later, both out of Venezuela. This is their U.S. debut.


Gecko Turner “Monka Mongas”
from Guapapasea! (Quango Music Group 2006)


Snowboy “Mambito”
from Descarga Mambito (Hollywood www.hollywoodrecords.com 1996) —Band leader, music promoter and congero, Mark Cotgrove is British. With more than 10 full length recordings, with and with out his band, The Latin Section and as studio musician. He blends dance club rhythms with Latin Acid Jazz.


Ojos De Brujo “Tocale Ya”
from Aocana (DRO Records 2009) —A collection of eight plus musicians based in Barcelona, Spain, they combine hip-hop with traditional flamenco styles. After their stellar '06 'Techari' release, they continue with the 'neuvo flamenco' sound.


Balkan Beat Box “Bulgarian Chicks”
from Balkan Beat Box (Nana Disc/JDub Records 2005)


Raw Earth “Wai Waico”
from Live from the the F.M.C. (Look Mommy Produccions 2011) N L —St. Louis' own full percussion ensemble with music in the raw, authentic tribal rhythms.

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