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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jul 31st 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jul 31st 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Sava i Stanimir Jeremić “Carevka Kolo”
from Sava i Stanimir Jeremić (Jugoton 1974) —This LP was well-recorded for its time, and is a classic of old performance style


Tomica Miljić “Opa,Cupa kolo (T.Miljic)”
from Razveseli srce moje (Jugodisk)


Ljubiša Pavković “Medeno Kolo”
from Nova Kola (RTB) —this is the slow cool kolo style the older generation of accordion players excelled at


Ljubiša Pavković “Boćino Kolo”
from Nova Kola (RTB)


Vitomir Stanojević “Sabor Kolo”
from Kola na Fruli (Take it or leave it) —this frula (6-holed flute) player is from the Vlach area of East Serbia. One folklorist told me that all the really good frula players are Vlachs. See the next track for another Vlach player.


Tihomir Paunović “Radujevačko Kolo”
from Kola (45 rpm disc) (RTB)


Vitomir Stanojević “Zaječarka”
from Kola na Fruli (Take it or leave it) —the title of this fast kolo is taken from the east SErbian town of Zaječar, in the middle of the Vlach territory


Peter Kosovec “Zvijezda Tjera Mjeseca”
from Stara Škola (self 2010) —this young band is from the Pittsburgh area. They don't play folklore, they play MUSIC


Peter Kosovec “Radovisko Kolo”
from Stara Škola (self 2010) —this piece is in a fast 9/8


Robi Sestili I Drazen Jozić “Vojvodanski Splet”
from Oj Jelo, Jelo (Arbi productions 2005) —with the exception of the bass, all instruments are played by Robi Sestili in this multi-tracked recording. Drazen is the singer.


Dragan Cvetković i Izvorna grupa pevača "Kadinjača", selo Buare kod Užica “Oj Đevojko Bedrija”
from Zlatibore Pitaj Taru (RTS/PCP 2005) —traditional village singing


Predrag Gojković-Cune I ork. Ž. Milanovića “Oj, Užice, Mali Carigrade”
from Zlatibore Pitaj Taru (RTS/PCP 2005)


Miodrag Jašarević “Žikino Kolo”
from Veseli se Kućni Domaćine (RTS/PCP 2003)


Aleksandar Sisic “Romska Pokočica”
from magična violina (B92 2004) —This Roma musician comes from a whole family of fiddle players


Vasilja Radojčić i ork. D. Radetića “Veseli se Kućni Domaćine”
from Veseli se Kućni Damaćine (RTS/PCP 2003) —a south Serbian tune in old style - see Gordana Lazarević coming up


Vlada Panović “Paracinka”
from Vlada Panović (RTB)


Vlada Panović “Čačak”
from Vlada Panović (RTB)


Radojke i Tineta Živković “Božurevka Kolo”
from (45 rpm disc) (RTB) —this classic duet/husband-wife team set the style for post WWII Serbian music, although it had its roots earlier. Radojke was considered the most artistically important of the two - unusual for a woman in those times


Gordana Lazarović “Zone Zamfirove”
from Noć Meraka (pesme iz zona zamfirove - "Ikove Slave") (Jugoton (LP) 1977) —numerous Yugoslav films have been made of the story of Zone Zamfirove, the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the village, who fell in love with a young goldsmith whose social class was considered lower. The best of these films, with great music


Usnija Redzepova “Ljubave je Jedini Lek”
from Usnija Redžepova (RTB (LP))


Gordana Jovanović “Tarapani”
from Romi, Romi, Gypsy Soul (Jugoton LP) —This self-identified Gypsy singer is photographed on her album cover dressed in an outfit that is covered in sequins, mirrors, and oodles of glass beads, all overlying layers of drapery


Boki Milošević i Orkestar Dragana Aleksandrića “Gračaniško - Sa, Sa”
from Boki Milošević (RTB (LP) 1983) —dance music labelled "sa" or "sa, sa" is a style popularized in the last 40 years by Roma musicians, and was a departure from the older styles of playing


Fejat Sejdić “Kacabačko Kolo”
from Svirac Svira Kolo Igra (RTB (LP) 1976) —OK, so I played this only 2 months ago - I like this group - they have won several times at the Guča festival of Serbian Brass music


Bilja Krstić I ork. Bistrik “Izgrejala sjajna mesečina”
from Tarpoš ((self) 2007) —The group hails from Vranje, in south Serbia, but is not a "folk group" in the usual sense; insead they have taken old songs and presented them with unusual & inventive instrumentation


Bilja Krstić I ork. Bistrik “Gde Ima Voda Studena, Radule”
from Zapisi & Bistrik (Hi-Fi Centar 2003)


Orkestar Junaci “Plava Ciganka”
from Orkestar Junaci (private 2005) —Serbian music in a new vein in America

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