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Spinitron - KDHX: Songwriters Showcase Sun Jul 1st 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Songwriters Showcase (Music)

Sun Jul 1st 2012 10.00am–12.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Quartette “O Canada (Version 2: Without reverb for use in large venues)”
from O Canada (Outside Music 1995) —Starting my Canada Day tribute in fine fashion. Four Queens of Canadian singer/ songwriters, Caitlin Hanford, Cindy Church, Sylvia Tyson, & the late Colleen Peterson


Mike Plume Band “8:30 Newfoundland (This Is Our Home)”
from 8:30 Newfoundland (Road Angel Entertainment 2009) —The title song of Mike's latest is a great travelogue through Canada and kicks off a great release from Mike back together with his band, after several solo outings.


Bonnie Ste-Croix “Canadian Girl (Nova Scotia)”
from Canadian Girl (Bonnie Ste-Croix 2011) —Another Canadian travelogue, Bonnie visits all the Provinces and writes a song about each one, Nova Scotia's, Natalie McMaster & Laura Smith guest here


Gordon Lightfoot “For Lovin' Me/Did She Mention My Name”
from Gord's Gold (Reprise 1975) —Canadian legend, 73, who is fit and performing again after nearly dieing after a burst stomach aorta and later suffering a minor stroke, a true Canadian treasure, don't miss him if you get the chance.


Lynn Miles “You Don't Love Me Anymore”
from Slightly Haunted (Rounder www.rounder.com 1996) —My favorite Canadian female singer/songwriter and in my top 5 of all female singer/songwriter, had a chance to see her live once when she poped into Off Broadway and joined Fred Eaglesmith onstage. Can't wait to see her again.


Neil Young “Long May You Run”
from Decade (Reprise 1968) —He rode out of Canada in an old hearse and became a musical legend.


Sylvia Tyson “You Were On My Mind” (Stony Plain Recording Co. 1989) —This song written by Sylvia became a mega hit for the We Five and paid a lot of bills for Ian and Sylvia. The We Five was led by Michael Stewart, brother of John Stewart, Michael died about 10 years ago.


Romi Mayes “On the Corner of Grant and Alice”
from Sweet Somethin Steady (ind. 2006) —Great Gurf Morlix produced set of originals from Romi, joined by Chris Carmichael, Scott Nolan and former Flying Squirrel, Dan Walsh, very highly recommended.


Brock Zeman “Ridin' On the Rims”
from Cold Winter Comes Back (Brock Zeman 2003) —If you like Steve Earle & Chris Knight, then Brock is for you, here he travels across Canada to see his gal.


Heartbreak Hill “Things We Must Choose (Ode to Maggie Bell)”
from H H 98 (Unknown 1997) —From their debut and unfortunatly only release from this wonderful band, featuring Dan, Chris & Jenny Whiteley, Dottie Cormier (who wrote this tune), Christopher Quinn, Victor Bateman, Marion Linton, & Chris Coole.


Scott Nolan “Bad Liver / Broken Heart”
from Receiver / Reflector (Transdigital 66 2008) —One of my new favorites, joined by Gurf Morlix (who Co-produced with Scott) & Joanna Miller. Does his song that Hayes Carll covered and is frequently requested. Reminds me a lot of Todd Snider.


The Laws “DREAMS”
from Another Road (The Laws 2009) —Beautiful duet from Canadian Husband & Wife Duo John & Michelle Law, they sang this one at KDHX.


from Beaupre's Home (Red House Records www.redhouserecords.com 1997) —Another group that regretably has disbanded, featured the Campagne family, Paul, Suzanne, & Michelle along with Davy Gallent & Michel Dupree, glad they left this masterpiece behind.


Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle “Saskatoon Tonight”
from Let's Just Stay Here (Mint 2009) —From my favorite album of 2009 Corb Lund makes a guest appearence on this song, this is so gooood !!! I sincerely hope they decide to collaberate again.


J.P. Cormier “Kelly's Mountain”
from Another Morning (BOREALIS 1997) —Nova Scotia's wonderful multi instrumentalist / songwriter / producer sings one of my favorite tunes of his, recently produced cd's by Chuck Brodsky and The Laws an amazing talent.


Kathleen Edwards “Hockey Skates”
from Failer (Zoe Records www.rounder.com 2003) —Allen is helping me out today so here is a Canadian slice of Allen's show Bittersweet Melody (Wed. 5 to 7 AM), a lot of Canadians write about their national passtime, as does Kathleen here.


The Weakerthans “One Great City!”
from Reconstruction Site CD Album (Epitaph 2003) —New to my ears (that's part of the fun of listening to Allen's set) This is great and fits perfectly in our Canada Day tribute, Thanks Allen.


James Keelaghan W/ Colleen Eccleston “Cold MIssouri Waters”
from Edmonton Folk Music Festival (Compilation 1 1980) —One of our most requested songs, we send this out to the valient fire fighters fighting blazes across the country, James wrote this after reading the late Norman Maclean's (died 1992 87 years old) "Young Men And Fire"


Fred Eaglesmith & The Flying Squirrels “Summerlea”
from Things is Changin' (Sweetwater 1993) —Couldn't leave Fred out on Canada Day, we're sending this one out to Kathy Weir, Fred's Tin Can Tour of Route 66 will be stopping at Off Broadway in Sept. with Robbie Fulks, Roger Marin, Joe Poss, and the Fabulous Ginn Sisters.


Tamarack “Lonesome Cowboy's Lament”
from Fields of Rock and Snow (SGB 1991) —A great song written by James Gordon who is joined in Tamarack by Alex Sinclair, & Gwenn Swick, Alex still keeps Tamarack going today joined by new partners, Molly Kurvink & Duncan Cameron.


Stan Rogers “Fogarty's Cove”
from The Very Best Of Stan Rogers (Fogartys Cove 2009) —Canadian legend the late Stan Rogers (Died Tragically 6/2/83 in an airport fire in Cinncinati age 33) still a Canadian icon, his Brother Garnet and Son Nathan carry on his music today


Tanglefoot “Lunenburg Skies”
from Dance Like Flames (Borealis Records 2006) —Terry Young, Bryan Weirmier, Sandra Swannell, Steve Ritchie, & Al Parrish provide the sweet sound and amazing harmonies of Tanglefoot, Terry Young wrote the epic song we just heard.


Blue Rodeo “Til I Am Myself Again”
from Casino (BlueRodeo.com Records 1990) —Led by the longtime singer/songwriter team of Jim Cuddy & Greg Keelor Blue Rodeo carries on as on of Canada's most popular and enduring treasures


Ian & Sylvia “Four Strong Winds (Live)”
from Live At Newport (Vanguard Records 1996) —Thanks for listening, we close with Ian Tyson's song that has become a Canadian anthem, sorry to all the great artists we didn't get to, it was a lot of fun, could have done it all day,

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