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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jul 22nd 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jul 22nd 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Bayar Şahin “Mgzavruli (Haralo)”
from Bani (Baysah Müzik) —we open this show of Georgian music where we left off last week - music from the the Georgian minority of Turkey


Bayar Şahin “Eliya Gogo - Şamşalaho”
from Rüzgara (Ada Muzigi 2000) —same musician - more of a party piece


Kolkheti “Popurri Tushuri Melodiebis Temebze (Potpourri of Melodies from Tushin)”
from Oh, Black-Eyed Girl - Shavtvala Gogona (Pan 1992) —these Georgian tunes are played on a Salamuri


Kolkheti “Mtiuluri Satrpialo (Mtiuli Love Song)”
from Oh, Black-Eyed Girl - Shavtvala Gogona (Pan 1992)


David Kipiani (salamuri) “Kartuli (dance)”
from Georgian National Instrumental Music ((self) 2006) —this CD is available on Amazon and has a lot of pieces like this


Lela Tataraidze “Janghi. (Morning Fog)”
from Janghi (Morning Fog) (Pan 2000) —This astounding CD is, unfortunately, out of print. I recently saw a "like new" copy on the web for $50.


David Kipiani (salamuri) “Highlander Women's dances”
from Georgian National Instrumental Music ((self) 2006)


Lela Tataraidze “Shatilis Asulo”
from Janghi (Morning Fog) (Pan 2000)


Duduki “Night”
from Duduki ((private label)) —this song is accompanied by a pair of instruments called "duduk" (after which the ensemble is named). It is a double-reed instrument with very wide reeds and only a few finger holes, making it very difficult to play. it is also played on Armenia, Turkey


Duduki “Why You Torture Me”
from Duduki ((private label))


Ensemble Mzetamze “Shairebi satsek'vaoti (Verses With Dance, K'akheti)”
from Traditional Songs Of Georgian Women - Vol. 1 (P&C 1996)


Georgian Voices “Didavoi Nana (Lament of Poverty-stricken man)”
from The Years (Boheme)


Georgian Voices “Tskhenosnuri”
from Memory (Boheme 1992) —this is a famous marching song, done by every men's group in Georgia. I first heard it on an old Monitor LP produced in the 1950's


Kolkheti “Netavi Gogo me da Shen”
from Folk ensemble "Kolkheti" part 1 (Gama 2001)


Urmuli “Daukarit Rom Dswel Chanshals”
from Georgische Musik Der Jahrhunderte (Bauer Studios 1998)


Urmuli “Satrpialo”
from Georgische Musik Der Jahrhunderte (Bauer Studios 1998) —unusually fast for a Satrpialo


Urmuli “Chmali Momez Da Chanchali”
from Georgische Musik Der Jahrhunderte (Bauer Studios 1998)


Davit Jimshitashvili with ensemble Urmuli “Mtis Melodiebis”
from Georgische Musik Der Jahrhunderte (Bauer Studios 1998) —a marathon set of Salamuri tunes, ending with a fast dance


Kelaptari “Saqortuo”
from Kelaptari (Gama)


Kelaptari “Netai Bicho Me Da Shen”
from Kelaptari (Gama)


Tutarchela “Xelo mousvi balaxsa”
from Tutarchela - having fun ((self) 2007) —billed as the first "all-girls" (they mean women) ensemble in Georgia, founded in 2004, they sing repertoire usually sung by men, and also arrangements of other Georgian-language groups such as the laz in Turkey


Kelaptari “Goglaura Ananuridan”
from Kelaptari (Gama) —sounds like bluegrass to me. No translation...


Tutarchela “Jilvelo Nanaida”
from Tutarchela - having fun ((self) 2007) —this song is found all over the eastern Black Sea area and down into Kars. It is usually spelled "Cilveloy". This is the arrangement Tutarchela has made in "Georgian style"


Hamlet Gonashvili “Satrpialo”
from Hamlet (Jaro 1995) —The most famous male voice in Georgia, he died at the height of his career from a fall from an apple tree in his backyard


Instr. group of "Rustavi" State Folk Music ens. “Мтилури (мужской танец)(mtiuluri)”
from Антология народной музыки (Melodiya 2010) —a men's dance from Mtiuluri. The women are not outdone in this area either - listen further...


Hamlet Gonashvili & Rustavi choir “Tu ase turpa ikhavi”
from Hamlet (Jaro 1995) —one of the most famous songs in Georgia, in a classic rendition


Грузинская музыка “Мтилури (женский танец)”
from Антология народной музыки (Melodiya 2010) —after a slow beginning, the women from Mtiuluri take off, just as the men did 2 tracks ago...


Mukhambazi “Kakrkuchit camaikvanes”
from Mukhambazi ((self)) —a modern arrangement of an old-style song


Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili “Bukinagari”
from Georgian Folk & Dance Music - Club Version ((self) 2002) —the liner notes show what would be considered a modern night club anywhere. i like the digeridu they throw in...

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