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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun May 15th 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun May 15th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Qwinnen “Brudmarsch från Skellet”
from gla'pack.qwinnen (CDA 1997) —a Brides March


Mari Eggen & Helene Høye “Frydenlundin (reinlendar)”
from Sprell Levande (Grappa 1993)


Mari Eggen & Sinikka Langeland (kantele) “Ferdevals (Mari Eggen)”
from Sprell Levande (Grappa 1993)


Lennart Gybrant & Anders Norudde “Böndernas underverk, polkett efter Anton på Berget”
from Böndernas underverk - Låtar från Visnum (Giga 2005)


Mats Berglund, Leo Svensson, Andreas Ralsgård “Pellikvalsen efter Herman Strömberg”
from Mats Berglund trio (Giga 2003)


Svanevit “PD 146 (polska) (Småland)”
from Svanevit (Nordic Tradition 2005)


Toste Länne, Marie Persson* Magus Gustafsson “Östgötasverpen (polska, Småland)”
from Änglarnas Språk (Drone 1992)


Svanevit “Lagerfeldt (polska efter Nils Lagerfeldt, Skåne)”
from Svanevit (Nordic Tradition 2005) —both Småland and Skåne are in southern Sweden. My father in law says that the folks in Skåne think the folks in Småland are hicks, and vice versa...


Mats Berglund, Göran Håkansson “polska efter Oskar Julius Nilsson (major)”
from 24 Polsdanser frå Finnskogen (Finnskogen Kulturverstad 2002)


Ciprian Porumbescu ens. Suceava “Hora Mare a Cîmpulungului”
from Bucovina III (Electrecord (LP)) —this opens our set of north Moldavian dances, as it opens every dance set in Bucovina, both with Romanian-speakers and, in the old days, the Jews who lived in the area.


Ciprian Porumbescu ens. Suceava “Arcanul de la Cîmpulung”
from Bucovina III (Electrecord (LP))


Alexandru Bidirel “Țigăneasca”
from Alexandru Bidirel (Electrecord (LP))


Alexandru Bidirel “Trilișești”
from Alexandru Bidirel (Electrecord (LP))


Ciprian Porumbescu ens. Suceava “Țărănească din Horodnicneni”
from Bucovina I (Electrecord (LP))


Ion Drăgoi (with Zamfir orch.) “Ca la nuntă la Bacău”
from Ion Drăgoi (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —this CD by one of the premier Moldavian fiddle players, is a re-issue of several LPs put out by Electrecord in the early 1970s


Florin Tărîță “Măi Ioane de pe Vale”
from Florin Tărîță (Eurostar)


ork. Brestovica “Trakiisko Horo”
from Brestovica (Bofirov Music) —this style of Bulgarian music is often referred to as "wedding music" because of the context in which it arose. It was at first suppressed by the authorities, but after the change in government after 1990 numerous bands flourished


ork. Brestovica “Krivo Horo”
from Brestovica (Bofirov Music) —this is an almost undanceably fast 11/8 (divided 2+2+3+2+2) = kopanica or gankino rhythm


ork. Carimir “Carimirsko horo”
from Carimir (Bofirov Music) —this begins another pravo, then Ruchenitsa group, this time from another band


ork. Carimir “Carimirska Rachenica”
from "Svatba" (Bofirov Music) —I like this cut because it is long enough to be a real dance set, not just a cut-up track designed for listening. The singer cutting in in the middle is typical for how such a dance would be played these days.


Stathis Nikolaïdis “Oi Kementsentsides”
from ta kalitera Pontiaka (Panivar 1996) —this is a tík (roughly in 5 divided 3+2)


Petros Gaitanos “Akritas Ontas Elamnen”
from Anthei Kai Ferei Ki Allo / Tragoudia Tou Pontou (Universal Music S.A. 2006) —"when the frontiersman was ploughing" - a song in Dhipat Omal rhythm (divided 2+3+2+2)


Theodoros Pavlidis “Ah Lemon Lemon”
from Te Sevdalidika (Vasipap 1968) —the percussion player slowly goes crazy...


Stathis Nikolaïdis “Eey mikro koritsi”
from Ta Dialegmena No. 11 (Panivar) —sung by a very young Stathis Nikolaïdis - he sings down a fifth now. This is a dhiplon omal, in 9

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