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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jan 20th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jan 20th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Britt-Marie Persson & Birgitta Lundin “A-dur vals i trad efter Ivar Tallroth, Uppland”
from Strängalåt och lek ((self) 2003)


Bla Bergens Borduner “Vårvalsen”
from Blå Bergens Borduner (Amigo 1993) —the name means "spring waltz" - we can always hope...


Björnlert, Löfberg och Pekkari “Polska efter August Fredin”
from Mikaelidansen (Giga 2000) —not a waltz, but a polska in slow 3 with the stress on the 1st and 3rd beats


Björnlert, Löfberg och Pekkari “Polska efter Pelle Fors”
from Mikaelidansen (Giga 2000) —2 fiddles, a bass, and a cittra (the chording instrument in the background)


Ale Möller & Ellika Frisell “Blekingpolskan”
from Ale Möller, Bouzoukispelman (Giga (LP) 1986) —this may be Ale Möller's first solo album- an LP from 1986; well, not alone - there are a lot of folks on this who became soloistsin their own right


Ale Moller, Lena Willemark, Per Gudmundson “Frifot - Sven Marit polskan - I Buder”
from Frifot (Caprice 1991) —this set of songs and dance tunes ends with a chillingly piercing 'cow-call' ("kulning")


Erik Pekkari Med Pella Björnlett M Fl “Anglais”
from Gubbstöt (Giga 2004) —another one of those great tunes from Scandinavia that they thought sounded "English"


Olov Johansson (with Kalle Almlöf) “Hjort-Anders Stamppolska”
from I Lust Och Glöd (Drone 2007) —Olov Johansson may be greatest living Nyckelharpa player. He is one of the founders of the group Väsen.


Sågskära “Brudpolska From Vislanda, From P Wieselgrens Collection”
from Krook!: Utgår från Samuel Krooks skildring (Drone 1997) —a bride's polska. The great "nobility" of this tune is typical of 18th century tunes from Sweden


Hans Röjas & Greger Sijebo “Köpman (Boda polska after Köpman)”
from Swedish Folk Fiddling (NCS (cassette) 1990) —a defy a non-dancer to pick out the stretched 3/4 in this wonderful polska from the village of Boda in Dalarna


Hans Röjas & Greger Sijebo “Gråtlåt'n (polska after Hjort Anders, Bingsjö)”
from Swedish Folk Fiddling (NCS (cassette) 1990)


Hans Röjas & Greger Sijebo “Norrbommen (polska after Nylands Erik, Bingsjö)”
from Swedish Folk Fiddling (NCS (cassette) 1990)


Bob & Becky Wernerehl “Polska från Boda”
from A View from Home ((self produced0 1987)


Bob & Becky Wernerehl “Vals från Älvdalen”
from A View from Home ((self produced0 1987) —these 2 selections show how very different 3/4 time can be


Ale Möller, Mats Berglund, Greger Brändström, Lasse Sörlin & Olof Jönsson “Funäsdalingen (polska, was a Rørospols)”
from Härjedalspipan (Drone 1996) —a polska tune that shows its Norwegian origins - this is a typical Røros pols


Dronningens Livstykke “Niels Ebbesen”
from Dronningens Livstykke 1976-1984 (Pan 1990) —this is from an LP of the Danish folk revival of the late 1970's - early '80's, reissued on CD


Kvasir “Brudestykkerne / Den Søde, Den Sure Og Den Bitre”
from Nye Sko / New Shoes / Nouveaux Souliers (GOFOLK www.gofolk.dk 2006) —a suite of Sonderhönig tunes


Dronningens Livstykke “Reeldanse”
from Dronningens Livstykke 1976-1984 (Pan 1990) —the Danish version of some tunes from elsewhere...


Dronningens Livstykke “Katten I Saekken”
from Dronningens Livstykke 1976-1984 (Pan 1990)


Kvasir “Proptrækkeren”
from Nye Sko / New Shoes / Nouveaux Souliers (GOFOLK www.gofolk.dk 2006) —another crazy irregular melody from this Danish group


Lena Willemark “När Som Gräset Det Vajar”
from Lena Willemark - När Som Gräset Det Vajar (Amigo 1989) —the mandola accompaniment is by Ale Möller


Lena Willemark “Martins Begravning”
from Lena Willemark - När Som Gräset Det Vajar (Amigo 1989) —"Martin's Funeral" - I should be so lucky to have this sung when I croak...


Ale Möller, Mats Berglund, Greger Brändström, Lasse Sörlin & Olof Jönsson “Vals från Funäsdalen”
from Härjedalspipan (Drone 1996) —a Härjedalspipa is a 6-holed recorder-like instrument


Vasen “Vals efter Jan-Olov Olsson”
from Levande Väsen (Väsen Live) (Drone 1996)


Susanne Rosenberg “Det Granna Bältet”
from Uppa Marmorns Höga Berg (Giga 1996) —this section of the show will deal with folk songs in complex arrangements that retain a strongly local quality while still breaking with traditional instrumentation


Susanne Rosenberg “De Gingo Två Pigor”
from Uppa Marmorns Höga Berg (Giga 1996) —2 maidens lose their virginity with 2 sailors; the song treats the episode as fun for the girls, but ends badly for the guys when they get back to ship - the captain was not pleased...


Ranarim “Morgonstjärna (The Morning Star)”
from Morning Star (Northside 2007) —the title cut of this 2006 CD reissued a year later by Northside. This group has since disbanded, and copies of their CDs go for up to over &120 on some sites.


Ranarim “Skulle jag sörja? (Would I grieve)”
from For världen älskar vad som är brokot (Life Loves the Unexpected) (Drone 2003)


Garmarna “Herr Olof (Sir Olof)”
from Garmarna (Northside 2001) —a reissue of a much older CD - the first Garmarna put out, with then guest singer Emma Härdelin. This is an old tune, here done up in folk-rock style. The group later went on to even more advanced material.


Frigg “Potatisvals”
from Grannen ((self produced0 2010) —the tune is by Ale Möller, from his earliest days as a member of Filarfolket, but here arranged by this Finnish group

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