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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Feb 3rd 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Feb 3rd 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Divna Lazareva “Sevdalino, Maloj Mome”
from Tanec RTB LP 1301 (RTB) —This show will present music from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. We start with an LP from the 1960s, when each Yugoslav Republic had a national song and dance ensemble that was sent out both locally and abroad to introduce the world to the fo


Kočo Racin “Zhetvarka”
from 55 years - The Best of Kočo Racin (MRT) —the name means "Harvest" - this a folk ensemble presenting a suite of harvest songs and dances in a variety of rhythms 2/4, 7/8, and 9/8


Enver Mačer with Ferus Mustafov ork. “Ramno Prilepsko”
from RTB EP-14757 (RTB (45rpm disc)) —This is an example of Čalgija music. This style is descended from Turkish urban music and persisted in Skopje (Üsküp in Turkish), the capital of Macedonia, and other urban centers. It eventually gave rise to the čoček style that has continued to this da


Tale Ognenovski “Patruno Svadbeno oro”
from Tale Ognenovski (Radio Televizija Skopje) —almost all the great Čalgija clarinet players were Roma. The best known exception was Tale Ognenovski, who also learned classical clarinet and even made a recording of the Mozart clarinet concerto. This may explain his wonderful clarity of tone.


Pece Atanasovski “Janino Oro”
from Ora (RTB (45 rpm disc)) —This is at the opposite end of the stylistic spectrum - Izvoren music (from the word for spring). This somewhat synthetic style took peasant village instruments and put them into small ensembles to play traditional songs and dances.


Adrijana Alachki “Na Srce Mi Lezhi Mila Mamo”
from Regards From Macedonia Vol.1 ((self) 2007) —modern folk style -one of my favorite singers.


Bapčorki “Koga Osunva Pustata Streda (when the dawn of cursed Wednesday arives/comes)”
from (45 rpm disc) (RTB) —These women grew up singing together and had a large repertoire of songs. Here they are backed up by Pece Atanasovski's group


Dragi Spasovski with Goran Alački ork. “Kate, Kate, Lično Mome”
from Voice of my Soul (Izvor Music www.izvormusic.com 2007) —Dragi lives in the US now and teaches Macedonian singing at the Balkan camps, in addition to being a truly wonderful person.


duet Divna Gieva - Dušica Bojadžieva “Angelina, Malo Mome”
from Tanec LPV 175 (RTB 1967) —"new folk" style, an old song in so-called "Macedonian 7", divided 3+2+2


Folkraft “Zensko Krsteno (FK2)”
from FK2 - Bulgaria And Macedonia (Syncoop 1998) —13/8 divided 3+2+2+2+2+2


Jove Kekenovski “Joveno oro”
from Makedonska Ora (Jugoton (cassette)) —Kekenovski won Best Accordion player in Macedonia 3 times. He recorded this cassette just after the 3rd time. It has some early synthesizer effects in it - unusual for its time (about 40 years ago)


Pece Atanasovki ens. “Sto si tolku Leno gajlelija”
from Music From Macedonia 1 (Caprice 2004)


Stefche Stojkovski “Odéno oro”
from Music From Macedonia 1 (Caprice 2004)


Angele Dimovski “Zelenikovka”
from Kavalski Odglasi ((self)) —11/8 + 7/8: 2+2+3+2+2+3+2+2, so-called jedanaestorka ("the one in 18") rhythm. Although given a title as if it were a dance, this is really a listening piece, although I have been in a line of people doing an improvized dance to it.


Asambla Biljana “Bog da bie, Ruse, tvojta majka”
from Music From Macedonia 1 (Caprice 2004) —This is a style called "starigradski" - "old town". It is heavily influenced by italian music. it is found all over the Balkans .


Pece Atanasovki ens. “Ratevka, oro”
from Music From Macedonia 1 (Caprice 2004) —the first of 2 versions of this dance tune, this one played in "izvoren" style


Goran Alachki “Ratevka”
from Macedonia Music From Macedonia, Vol. 2 (Caprice 2004) —...and here is the second version


Marija Zikova “`nu vrea dada s-mi Màrità/Ne sakaše majka mi da me omaži”
from Armânâ escu io/Vlainka sum Jac (MRT) —a song from the Vlach minority / she is singing in a dialect related to Romanian, but the song is very typical of FYR Macedonia


Xan Srajani “Kajranfil ne bahce (Red Rose in the Garden)”
from Macedonia Music From Macedonia, Vol. 2 (Caprice 2004) —This song is from the Albanian minority in north western Macedonia. They are singing in Geg dialect Albanian.


Vaska ilieva with Stevo Teodosievski ens. “More Čiča Reče da mi Ženi”
from Macedonia (Monitor) —a famous singer from 5 years ago. The song is in 5/8 pajduško rhythm


Orkestar Ace “Strumichki Oriental”
from Macedonia Music From Macedonia, Vol. 2 (Caprice 2004) —One of the better brass bands in Macedonia playing in the čoček style.


Sonata “Serbez Donka”
from Following the trails of the song (Mister 2006)


Kocani Orkestar “Šiki, Šiki Baba (Folk)”
from Alone At My Wedding (Crammed Discs 2002) —a classic from the best known of the Macedonian Roma Brass bands


Ferus Mustafov, Elizabeta Tepavac, Milan Zavkov “Dikman”
from Macedonian Wedding Soul Cooking (Globe Style 1995) —perhaps the best CD ever recorded of this music.

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