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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Nov 7th 2010

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Nov 7th 2010 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Paul Stinga “Suite de Muntenie”
from Sortilèges de la Musique Roumaine (Pierre Verany 1987) —This consists of a Doina, a Geamparalele (in 7/8) and a ca la breaza


Barbu Calomfir “Cirigul & Brîul de la Florești”
from Barbu Calomfir (45 rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro)


Barbu Calomfir “Ca pe vale & Brîu Muntenesc”
from Barbu Calomfir (45 rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —these tracks were laid down around 1970. The fiddle player is from southern Romania, north of Bucharest


Bebe Serban with the Ion Albesteanu ens. “Horă ca la Petrechioaia & Sîrbă Muntenească”
from Bebe Șerban (45 rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro)


Bebe Serban with the Ion Albesteanu ens. “Cîntec ca pe Vlașca/ Hora de la Afumați”
from Bebe Șerban (45 rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —the "cîntec" ("song") is an instrumental genre where the featured soloist plays a slow tune to fast accompaniment. The hora following it shows some urban influences (from muzică lăutărească).


Victor Gore “Horă Ploieștenilor /Maneaua Constantenilor”
from Victor Gore (45 rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —This famous urban musician had his own orchestra with his brother (the Frații Gore ensemble) and accompanied many of the famous Roma singers of the late 20th century.


Victor Gore “Horă & Cîntec de Păhăr”
from Victor Gore (45rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —this ends with another one of those slow songs with blisteringly fast accompaniment


"Ritmic" harmonica quartet “Sîrba Dunarenilor & Leliță Ioană”
from "ritmic" (45 rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —the second tune is in 7/8 time, like the Bulgarian Ruchentisa


"Ritmic" harmonica quartet “Horă Lăutărească & Geamparalele”
from "ritmic" (45 rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro)


Ion Strimbeanu “Horă de la Corbeni & Geampara de la Topraisar”
from Ion Strimbeanu - Cobza (45rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —the Cobza is a fretless lute used in villages that could not afford a cimbalom player. It became a solo instrument after WWII


Ion Strimbeanu “Sîrbă & Horă de la Constanța”
from Ion Strimbeanu - Cobza (45 rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro)


Fanica Luca and Orchestra “Doină si Horă”
from Fanica Luca (45 rpm disc) (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —this was the teacher of all the panpipe players of the post WWII era


Gheoghe Zamfir, with Pantelimon Stînga, Efta Botoca, Petru Vidrean, Marin Chisăr and Ion Mihaescu “Suite Muntenénienne”
from Gheoghe Zamfir -le Génie de la flûte de pan (Philips (LP) 1973) —This consists of several song and dance tunes: pe marginea Dunarii/Cît e Siriul de mare; Mîndra mea-i de la Buzău/Apune maică lui Maria/Geaba-i lună egaba-i stale/DEar-fi mîndra unde-i luna; Hora din fluier & Hora ca la nuntă; Lelița Ioana; Brîul & Opinka


Florea Cioacă “Mierlita Cand e Bolnava”
from Comori ale muzicii lăutăresti - Florea Cioacă - vioară (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —another of the great Roma fiddle players from southern Romania

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