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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Apr 8th 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Apr 8th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

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Time zone: central


Петко Радев “Marichensko Horo”
from Народни Хора и Ръченици (ВНА 134) (Balkanton (LP)) —This classic LP produced in Bulgaria in the early 60's is the source of many recordings that have since found their way into various anthologies. Many of the musicians began their careers before the post WWII socialist period.


Hristo Geshev, clarinet “Panagyurska Rûchenitsa”
from Народни Хора и Ръченици (ВНА 134) (Balkanton (LP)) —another of the older players, showing a simplicity of style


Nikola Yankov-Lenovcheto, clarinet “KaradJalovo Table Song”
from The Great Masters Of Bulgarian Instrumental Folklore (Balkanton) —a south Thracian Bulgarian player who had a lot of influence on Petko Radev


Petko Radev - Clarinet & Petko Dachev - Accordion “Izvorsko Horo”
from Bulgarian Folk Songs And Dances (Gega New 2000) —Petko Radev raised the bar with his superb technical mastery (her finished his career playing for the opera orchestra at La Scala in Milan) and imaginative, occasionally elaborate, ornamentation.


Nikola Iliev & Konushenski Naroden Orkestâr “Dûlgopolsko Horo”
from Bûdeshte ot Minaloto (MK 2004) —the extended clarinet solo doesn't begin until 1:55, but good players always let the other band members shine, too


Nikola Iliev & Konushenski Naroden Orkestâr “Dûlgopolska Rûchenitsa”
from Bûdeshte ot Minaloto (MK 2004)


Ivo Papasov & Kosta Kolev Orchestra “Slow Song And Haskovska Ruchenitsa”
from Ivo Papazov: The Best of (Balkanton 2000) —this CD came out in 2000, but consists of older recordings made before the change in government made it possible for Papazov to record (officially) in the "Wedding Music" style he became famous for.


Никола Илиев и Конушенски народен оркестър “Тракийска Сюита”
from Бъдеще от Миналото (MK 2004) —This is a full suite of slow songs, horas and rûchenitsas, much the way a set would be played at a concert or dance event: Konushenska na Trapeza/Simeonova Rûchenitsa/Bulchenska Rûchenitsa/Voivodinovska Rûchenitsa/wedding melody/Chalûkovsko horo/Chovensko


Ivo Papasov & Kosta Kolev Orchestra “Chelekovsko Horo”
from Ivo Papazov: The Best of (Balkanton 2000) —again, this is the "approved Ivo Papazov", but still shows more chromaticism than most studio recordings did in the old days. The next selection, though, shows what had happened in Bulgaria by the late 1980's.


Ivo Papazov and his orchestra “Mominsko Horo”
from Balkanology (Rykodisc 1991) —the first clarinet solo, after 2:00, takes old Bulgarian motivs, then adds chromatic runs, jazz riffs, and all kinds of rhythmic syncopations. There are even sly references to other kinds of music, including one bagpipe imitation section.


Orlin Pamukov “Кетчуп-Майонеза (ketchup–mayonaisa)”
from Pis Pisanke (Bofirov Music 2003) —this is a slow kyuchek, making fun of the new taste in Bulgaria for things Western.


Orlin Pamukov “Starozagorski Kyuchek”
from Pis Pisanke (Bofirov Music 2003) —the phenomenal virtuosity is still there, but now the style has changed


Slavcho Angelov & ork. Slaveï “Gladiator 3”
from Gladiator 2 (Bofirov Music 2003) —Slaveï is a band that can play Horo - style dances at weddings, but their kyuchek/Chalga music is what sells.


Osman Zhekov “Imperator” (Bofirov Music 2001)

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