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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jul 15th 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jul 15th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Orhan Hakalmaz “Oynayın Gız Oynayın”
from Türkülerle Türkiye - 61 Trabzon (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005) —this show is all about Black Sea music. Since we did a show on the Pontic Greeks some weeks ago (a huge subject), this will be a show of Turkish, Laz and Georgian music


Celal Bakar “Nenen Kesilsun Sağa”
from Türkülerle Türkiye - 53 Rize (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005) —like the previous track, in 7/8 and from the Turkish population


Elvan Erbaşı “Kahve Koydum Fincana”
from Türkülerle Türkiye - 28 Giresun (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2002) —Giresun, Rize, and Trabzon are all areas on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, at the Eastern end. It is occupied a several language groups and was also home traditionally of a very large Greek population, most of it moved in the 1920's to northern Greece.


Yudum “Altını Bozdurayım”
from Türkülerle Türkiye - 28 Giresun (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2002) —Rhythm in 9/8


Emin Yağcı “İki Ayak Horonu (Oyna Enişte Oyna)”
from A Sound from the Black Sea (Felmay) —Emin Yağcı is a Tulum (Black Sea bagpipe)player. One can also hear the sound of the Kemençe (vertical fiddle) here


Hüseyin Bıçak “maçkali (oy nereye)”
from Ay Doğar Giresun'dan (Şabka Prodüksiyon) —another dance song in 7/8


İsmail Türüt “Vona (Ordu'nun Iskları)”
from Piryoz (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2002) —this singer sings in both Lazuri and Turkish. He is known for his engaging, if not totally traditional arrangements, and has several CDs out


İsmail Türüt “Nazlı Yar”
from Piryoz (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2002) —roughly in slow 5, with varied accentuation


İsmail Türüt “Gökte Uçan Tayyare”
from Piryoz2 (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005) —in slow 5 divided 3+2. listen for the kemençe during the instrumentals


Birol Topaloğlu “Heyamo” (Kalan www.kalan.com 1997) —a "calling song" from the border of Turkey and Georgia, where the border was drawn through a village, dividing families


Birol Topaloğlu “Nçaişi Birapa (Cay'in Şarkısı)”
from Aravani (Kalan www.kalan.com 2000) —sung in Lazuri, a language related to Georgian. The Laz are Moslem.


Birol Topaloğlu “Oropa”
from Heyamo (Kalan www.kalan.com 1997) —the title of the song means "love" in Turkish


Yasemin Yıldız “Potpuri/ Ne Dedun Ne Dedun Fadime”
from Kavuştur Artık Bizi (Cinan Müzik)


Yasemin Yıldız (Gökhan Alpekin - tulum) “Attimda Vuramadim”
from Kavuştur Artık Bizi (Cinan Müzik) —both kemençe and tulum are featured in this snippet of "party music" - traditional except for the rhythm machine...


Fuat Saka “Çilveloy”
from Lazutlar (Kalan www.kalan.com 1997) —a totally non-traditional arrangement of a very traditional song throughout all of northeastern Turkey. All of Fuat Saka's recordings are good, and many of his arrangements are very imaginative, but the original dance can always be done to them


Fuat Saka “Lazonaşi Berepe”
from Lazutlar (Kalan www.kalan.com 1997)


Hülya Polat “Niye Utaniyisun” (MSR Prodüksiyon 2002) —a great song in 7/8 - there are YouTubes of it


Hülya Polat “Papakudi”
from Niye Utaniyisun (MSR Prodüksiyon 2002) —a dance very similar to the Turkish Siksara or Pontic Greek Serra


Kazim Koyuncu “Ella Ella”
from Hayde CD Album (Metropol Müzik Üretim 2004) —sung in Hemsin, a dialect of Armenian, but these folks are Moslem and come from the Black Sea coast


Kazim Koyuncu “Mohevis Kalo”
from Hayde CD Album (Metropol Müzik Üretim 2004) —This is sung in Georgian. Most Georgians live in the Caucasus, but small numbers live in Turkey.


Erol Alkan “Kokibereti”
from Karçhal Ezgileri (Baysah Müzik) —the vocal style is a conscious effort to copy that of the Republic of Georgia


Erol Alkan “Potbori: Nani Nani/Kobak/Atabari/Cilveloy”
from Karçhal Ezgileri (Baysah Müzik) —at the end of this medley of tunes you will hear the Turkish Georgian version of Cilveloy, the song Fuat Saka did earlier in the show


Miriami Abduselişi “Nani Nana”
from Karadeniz Türküleri ((anthology, label not identified on CD)) —this song went viral on the internet, mainly among people of Georgian, Armenian, Laz and Turkish background. See the YouTube version.


Bayar Şahin “Vaketi”
from Horona Çağrı (Ateş Müzik 1998) —More "Georgian Turkish" music from this prolific musician


Bayar Şahin “Lalebi”
from Horona Çağrı (Ateş Müzik 1998)


Bayar Şahin “Deli Çoruh (part)”
from Nalia (Ateş 2007) —an updated version of this style - see you all next week with more of this - continuing into the Caucasus

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