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Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Apr 19th 2015 4.00pm–6.00pm

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Milaim Destanovski “Goce Berberot”
from Etno Maleš ((self) 2011) —The end-blown flute ("kaval" in Macedonian and Bulgarian) have appropriated by many jazz and fusion musicians in the Balkans.


Goce Kostoski “Milčova Gajda”
from Dance And Belly Dance from Macedonia —Bagpipe imitation tunes and dances based on them have been in the Balkans for over a hundred years, right up to the current time when synthesizers are the instruments of choice with modern dance bands.


Synthesis “Bliknala voda studena (Featuring Naum Petreski)”
from Synthesis & Naum (Featuring Naum Petreski) (intermedia 2012)


Synthesis “Kiradji mladi jabandji (Featuring Naum Petreski)”
from Synthesis & Naum (Featuring Naum Petreski) (intermedia 2012) —a very old Macedonian song, here given a very modern treatment. The wind player, Goce Dimovski, is the son of the excellent Kaval player Angele Dimovski, whose work I have played on this show before. The son, though has taken his work in a different dir


Dragan Dautovski Quartet “Tanc”
from Flame (DDQ records, LTD. 2013) —another by this innovative group. Normally the percussion player in groups of this type just fiddles around in the background, or resorts to watered down traps jazz drumming. Not this guy.


Dragan Dautovski Quartet “Koljo”
from Flame (DDQ records, LTD. 2013) —The rest of the show is devoted to new trends in the Republic of Macedonia in the treatment of folk melody and rhythm. This song, which sparked a new dance in Bulgaria about 15-20 years ago, has been played on this show before. It is in 9/8, and normall


Karizma “Jovano Jovanke”
from Übers Jahr ((self-produced) 2012) —This German group plays an eclectic mix of Eastern European music, from Klezmer to the Balkans, with an occasional Tango thrown in. Thanks to the bass player for the group, Peter Müller, for this recording.


Rasko Čapar “Palanečka Trojka”
from Dance And Belly Dance from Macedonia (Mister 2004)


Baksheesh Boys “Jovano, Jovanke”
from Baksheesh Boys ((self) 2003) —a west coast group doing a lovely arrangement of this popular old song. Thanks to Bill Lanphier (the bass player of the group) for this recording.


Rasko Čapar “Ratevka”
from Dance And Belly Dance from Macedonia (Mister 2004) —a folk dance rarely done in Macedonia now, but often by groups in the US! They are playing it faster than usual...


Milan Zavkov “Melničko oro”
from Dance And Belly Dance from Macedonia (Mister 2004) —an instrumental in rûchenitsa (7/8) rhythm.


Nina Spirova “Бело лице љубам ја (Šekerna)”
from Makedonski Narodni Pesni 1 (RTS/PGP) —an old song, here slowed down and give "the old chestnut" treatment. These days it is usually played faster on anything from Brass instruments to electric bands.


Нина Спирова “Ајде спушај, калеш бре Анчо”
from Makedonski Narodni Pesni 1 (RTS/PGP)


Jove Kekenovski “Kukusko oro”
from Makedonska Ora (Jugoton (cassette)) —This dance tune is in 7/8, but this time divided 2+2+3. The dance done to it would be "Eleno Mome" (the exact rhythm of that tune being a matter of musicianly debate...)


Aleksandar Sarijevski, grupata Lira i orkestarot na G Dimčevski “Sokol Pie Voda Na Vardarot”
from Pesme Koje Večno Ostaju - Makedonija (RTS/PGP) —another old song in 7/8, this one heard on both sides of the Bulgarian/Macedonian border.


Jove Kekenovski “Makedonski Urnebes”
from Makedonska Ora (Jugoton (cassette)) —a lively instrumental in 7/8 (divided 3+2+2) by the 3-time Yugoslav champion accordion player Jove Kekenovski


Duetot Timovska-Nančevski (with Kočo Petrovski ork) “Makedonsko Devojče, Kitna Šarena”
from Pesme Koje Večno Ostaju - Makedonija (RTS/PGP) —another famous old song "Macedonian girl, (like) a colorful bouquet"


Sonata “Serbez Donka”
from Following the trails of the song (Mister 2006) —a song about saucy Donka, who wants to have a good time, and not marry the old guy her mother has picked out for her.


Duetot Sarievski-Trpčevski (with ork. Galevski-Nančevski) “Bitola, Moj Roden Kraj”
from Pesme Koje Večno Ostaju - Makedonija (RTS/PGP) —a famous old slow song in 7/8 (like most in this genre) about the historic capital of Slavic Macdedonia, Bitola. This begins a group of "old songs everyone knows" and that you can still hear in any restaurant in Macedonia. I will intersperse them with f


Виолета томовска “До што е сонце и снегови”
from Македонски Народни Песни 2 (Macedonia Sound) —40-50 years ago (under president Tito) Macedonia flowered musically, with many styles (including those from minority groups) represented in recordings and on the radio. The first part of this show will showcase the classic songs of that era, still heard


Folk Group "OTEX" Ohrid “Ohridski Igri i pesni”
from Songs and Dances from Macedonia (BM (cassette)) —I have just returned from a trip to Albania (that's next week's show) and the Republic of Macedonia, and it is from that area that this show's music will come. I am opening with a suite of songs and dances from Ohrid, where we stayed, here played by a lo

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