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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jan 27th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jan 27th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


France Marolt ens., Ljubljana “Svatovska polka”
from Anthology of Folklore Music volume 3 - Croatia and Slovenia (Syncoop/Folkraft 1998) —this show will start a group of shows built to showcase the music of the former Yugoslav republics, all now independent. Slovenia is the most northwestern and "Austrian" of them, as is demonstarted by this polka in typical style.


Slavo & Irenka Batista, violin/zither & bass “Roža na vrtu zelenem cvete”
from Der Bleiche Mond / Bledi Mesec (Trikont 1991)


Misko Baranja, oprekelj (cimbalom) “Zreilo je žito”
from Slovenie (Ocora 1997) —This province may be next to Austria and share a lot of traits with that country, but it also abuts on Hungary in the northeast. This is a large cimbalom in this solo.


Mira Omerzel-Terlep “Bordunske Citre - plesalka se reši hudiča (a girl-dancer saves herself from the devil)”
from Slovenske Ljudske Pesmi in Glasbila 2 (RTB) —This instrument is like a slightly larger version of the Appalachian lap dulcimer


Bogdana Herman & Mira Omerzel-Terlep “Gda se dragi v Ameriko odpravla”
from Slovenske Ljudske Pesmi in Glasbila 1 (RTB)


Bogdana Herman & Mira Omerzel-Terlep “Nevesta Detomorilka (the bride, child-murderer)”
from Slovenske Ljudske Pesmi in Glasbila 2 (RTB)


(group from Rezija valley) “Ta Črni Patök”
from Rezijanke (RTB (LP)) —This music actually comes from the Resia valley of Northeastern Italy, where the Slovenian minority lives. The dance is for couples. The high melody is done with the dancers turning in place, the low melody has the dancers exchanging place.


Bordunske Citre ens. of Genterovci “Čardaš”
from Der Bleiche Mond / Bledi Mesec (Trikont 1991) —village citra bands are a Hungarian thing for the most part, but here it is in a Slovenian village just across the border. Croatian music from next to the Hungarian border has a similar sound, as the next several selections show.


Kruno Spisić “Two Dances From Međimurje”
from Resonance Of Croatia (Željko Jergan) —The next several songs are from Međimurje, the province of Croatia closest to Hungary.


Božo Potočnik “Pet Je Kumi”
from Resonance Of Croatia (Željko Jergan)


Lado “Raca Plava po Dravi”
from Pjesme i Plesovi Hrvatske (Jugoton (cassette))


Skitnice “Nabrala Je - Mađimurje”
from Sviraj svirče drmeša ((private) 2001)


Ivan Goran Kovačić Folk Ensemble “Tu Pak Tam (Dekanovci, Međimurje)”
from Ivan Goran Kovačić ensemble (Monitor (LP))


Lado “Međimurski lepi Dečki”
from Narodne Pjesme i Plesovi Sjeverne Hrvatske (RTV Ljubljana (LP))


Otrov “V Goricani”
from Baština Hrvatskog Sela (private 2004)


Ivan Goran Kovačić Folk Ensemble “Mila je dragog v tabor otpravljala (she saw her darling off to the military camp)”
from Ivan Goran Kovačić ensemble (Monitor (LP))


Blaž Lenger uz svoj ansambl “Ruža, Ruža”
from Podravski narodne pjesme pjeva Blaž Lenger (Jugoton (45rpm disc)) —a cimbalom band, but from Croatia - this style is almost defunct


Vera Svoboda uz Tamburaši orkestar Julija Njikoša “Oj Lolo Moja”
from Narodne pjesme iz Šokadije (Jugoton (45rpm disc)) —We now come to the lands of tambura music, what a lot of people think of as the Croatian national instrument.


Zagrebačke Pivovare “Bećarac”
from (45 rpm disc) (Jugoton (45rpm disc)) —the name of the band is Zagreb (capital of Croatia) brewers. This sort of swaggering song is typically full of off-color rhymes


Krunoslav Slabinac & ens. “Kolo”
from Krunoslav Slabinac-Kićo (Jugoton (cassette)) —more swaggering. This is a large circle dance with 2 basic steps, one done while singing or yelling out of-color verses, the other a lot more vigorous.


Rahman Barčić & Lado “Vukomerički Drmeš (Turopolje)”
from Pjesme i Plesovi Hrvatske (Jugton (cassette))


Mark & Krunoslav Špišić with Skitnice “Lika - Lijepa I Mila - Lika”
from Sviraj Svirče Drmeša ((self) 2001) —some very good traditional part singing


Skitnice “Zagorski Drmeši - Zagorje”
from Sviraj svirče drmeša ((private) 2001)


Stjepan Večković (gajde) “Svirka Na Gajdama”
from Kolo Igra, Tamburica Svira Vol. 2 (Slavonija, Baranja & Bačka) (Best 1999) —this begins a set of tunes for gajde (bagpipe), either solo (for poor villages) or in an ensemble. This tradition went from southern Croatia all the way up to the Croatian minority in Hungary.


Željko Lukačin, Željko Kravrščan, &Branko Grđan - tambura samica, with Lado “Aj Men' Je Dika Ići U Kraljice”
from Kolo Igra, Tamburica Svira Vol. 2 (Slavonija, Baranja & Bačka) (Best 1999) —these tunes are inserted here because they are played on the tambura samica, a small tambura with drone strings. Tunes for bagpipe were often played on this.


Lejirice: Antun Bišćan i Rajko Boltižar “Dalmatinsko kolo poskočica”
from Ansambl Joža Vlahović pleše i pjeva (Jugoton (LP)) —the village music of the Dalmatian (adriatic) coast of Croatia utilized a vertical fiddle called a lejirica. The dances were couple dances, usually with called steps.


Jerry Grcevich i Žagar Band “Lička večera”
from Ličke Drvoječe ((self Published)) —Jerry Grcevich is an amazing musician now living in the USA, but who recorded this in Croatia. Serbian and Croatian bar bands in the US all play in this style as well.


Otrov “Al Je Lijepo”
from Baština Hrvatskog Sela (private 2004) —traditional women's part singing from the Croatian minority in Hungary. Typically, this would be used to accompany a ring dance, just as similar songs were used by the Hungarian women for a karikazo.


Gajde su Gajde (Franjo Dervar, Zoltán Szabó, & Antun Vizin) “Gajde Su Gajde”
from Magyarországi Horvát Dudazene (Etnofon 1997) —the title means "a bagpipe is a bagpipe..."


Vujicsics/Marta Sebestyen “Jozo (Ft Márta Sebestyén, Júlia Radó & Antus Vizin)”
from Podravina - Croatian Dance Melodies (Periferic Records 2001) —the greatest CD of Croatian music from Hungary ever made, it has an all star cast and is full of great tunes and...the words!

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