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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Feb 17th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Feb 17th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Sava i Stanimir Jeremić “Vranjanka Kolo”
from Sava i Stanimir Jeremić (Jugoton 1974)


Sava i Stanimir Jeremić “Borino Kolo (S. Jeremić i R. Živković)”
from Sava i Stanimir Jeremić (Jugoton 1974)


Lepa Lukić “Misli Mile Da Je Meni Žao”
from Best of Lepa Lukić (Grand Production 2011) —One of the best of the Old time Serbian singers


Homoljsko Srce “Vlaški Dragulj”
from Kola Za Igru (Jugodisk) —This and the next selection are from the Vlach Serbian tradition in East Serbia


Mirko Kodić “Pčelin let (flight of the bee)”
from Najlepša kola - Mirko Kodić (Jugodisk 2003)


Moma Stanojević “Detlić (Woodpecker)”
from Kola Za Sva Vremena (T. Pics 2000) —It seems Woody Woodpecker cartoons were big in Serbia about 35 years ago...


Milovan Babić Orkestar “Pod javorom moje selo malo”
from Najbolji trubaci Srbije 2 (diskos 2003) —This and the following selection illustrates the rich repertoire of Serbian brass bands, both Roma and non-Roma, as here.


Duvački Orkestar Fejata Sejdića “Čoček iz okoline Bojnika”
from Svirac Svira Kolo Igra (RTB 1976) —This LP was cut the year this band won first prize at the Guča festival of Serbian Brass band music.


Rromano Centar “Rromano Kolo”
from Pilem Pilem (Opre) —a throwback to the old tambura tradition of cafe music - this is a roma group from Serbia


Dragan Živković “Nikolino kolo”
from Harmonikaško Poselo - No 1 (Jugodisk)


Bilja Krstić I ork. Bistrik “Gde Ima Voda Studena, Radule”
from Zapisi & Bistrik (Hi-Fi Centar 2003) —This and the next 2 selections are old tunes that have been "re-created in an old style and then brought forward in modern instrumentation.


Teodulija “Duni Mi Duni Lađane”
from Serbian Etno Sound (Hi-Fi Centar 2005)


Belo Platno “Udade Se Živka Sirinićka”
from Serbian Etno Sound (Hi-Fi Centar 2005) —a conscious recreation of an old tune in a mock-medieval "izvoren" style


Καρυοφυλλησ Δοιτσιδισ, Λαμπιανα & Θεοφοθλα “Ειμαστε δυο αδελφουλεσ”
from Θρακιωτικα (Music Box 2008) —a "zonaradiko" song


Thimios Gogidis “Pos Pianete I Agapi - Tsestos”
from Mehri to Triantafillo (Polimesa 2001) —a very Bulgarian-sounding set of dance tunes in "chesto" style.


Vangelis Dimoudis “Xanthies Farthoblegmenes”
from Hliovasilema Ston Evro (Magiki Pyxida)


Kyriakos Gouventas “Choros Tis Mavris Thalassas - Mantilatos”
from Greek Folk Instruments - Violin (FM) —this starts a set of "mandilatos" dance tunes. The name comes from "mandili", or handkerchief, because the dancers would often hold a handkerchief in one hand while doing the dance - usually a no-touch couple dance


Vangelis Papanastasiou “Mandilatos tou gamou”
from Thrace - Songs and rhythms of Thrace (Dodoni 2001)


Καρυοφύλλης Δοϊτσίδης “Άσπρη Περιστέρα”
from Θρακιώτικα 3 (Music Box 2009) —this is in 9/8 - "syngathistos" rhythm. This can be done as either a couple or a line dance - so-called "syrtos syngathistos"


Χρόνης Αηδονίδης “Βασιλικουδα”
from Τραγουδια ΚΑΙ Σκοποι ΤΗΣ Θρακησ [Disc 2] (Crete Universtiy Press 1994) —another song in fast 6/8 - a zonaradikos


Vangelis Dimoudis “Pente Athelfia Eimastan”
from Hliovasilema Ston Evro (Magiki Pyxida) —this song is in Baïdouska rhythm - 5/8 divided 2+3


Thymios Gogidis “Toyt' H Nyxta-Koyloyriastos”
from Thrakiotika Akoysmata (General Music) —this is a koulouriastos - a zonadikos where the front of the line curls around "chasing" the end.


Sotiris Papazoglou “Pidihta (tou horiou mas kalo pidi/Giannis stou Therou Paenei/Tou Demetri toun varesan)”
from Thrakiotiko Glendi No 2 (General Music) —only the first 2 minutes of this great set were played - will play the rest another time.

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