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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Oct 17th 2010

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Oct 17th 2010 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Sava Jeremic “Carevka”
from Sava i Stanimir Jeremić (Jugoton (LP) 1974) —this old LP still is a milestone in recorded Serbian music


Sava Jeremic “Banjski Čačak”
from Sava i Stanimir Jeremić (Jugoton (LP) 1974)


Vitomir Stanojević “Zaječarka”
from Majske Ruže - kola na fruli (Take it or leave it) —Zaječar is in east Serbia, where the Vlachs live...


Radulovic-Jovanovic duet “Jedva čekam da nedelja dode”
from Oj Golube (RTS /PGP)


(Anon.) “Dimitrije, sine Mitre”
from Oj Golube (RTS/PCP)


(Anon.) “na uskrs sam se roldila”
from Oj Golube (RTS/PCP)


Olivera Katarina “Verka Kaluđerka”
from Olivera Katarina - 1 (RTS/PCP)


Olivera Katarina “Maruška”
from Olivera Katarina - 1 (RTS/PCP) —this is really a Romanian song, but a lot of Romanian music from across the Serbian border has been taken up by Vlachs and Roma musicians (as here)


Rudy Grasha and orch “Frula Airs”
from Srcem i Dušom ((self)) —this is a group from Tennessee which began in the Slavic community in Pittsburgh


Rudy Grasha and orch. “Krca, krca/Leskovčko kolo”
from Srcem i Dušom ((self)) —this part song ends with a čačak


Bora Dugić “Moravska Pletenica”
from Kola - Bora Dugić - virtuozna frula (RTB)


Ljubiša Pavković “Niški Sa Sa”
from Pavketov Stakato (RTB)


Ljubiša Pavković “Boćino Kolo”
from Pavketov Stakato (RTB)


Slobodan Radovančević “Kačerac”
from Zlatne Frule ((private issue) www.muzicka.sk) —this disc features winners of the big frula contest in Serbia. Kačerac is an old dance tune rarely played this elaborately


Radojke i Tineta Živković “Harmonikaško Kolo”
from (45 rpm disc -no title) (RTB) —this was the most famous accordeon duo in former Yugoslavia, and they set the style. This is one of their signature tunes.


Radojke i Tineta Živković “Radomirsko Kolo”
from (45 rpm disc - no title) (RTB) —another signature tune. The duet was unusual for its time since there was a woman as one of the members, and most folks felt she was the better musician. She


Gordana Lazarović “Zone Zamfirove”
from Noć Meraka (Jugoton (LP)) —slow song in urban style


Gordana Lazarović “Merak, Merak”
from Noć Meraka (Jugoton (LP))


Vitomir Stanojević “Kučevljanka”
from Vlaška Kola na Frula (Take it or leave it) —this is a slow vlainja, the 6/8 time dance typical of this area. This is one of the better frula players.


Dragiša Pavlović “Vlaška Troika”
from Vlaška Kola (RTB (LP)) —again, a slow Vlainja-style tune


Vitomir Stanojević “Livežanka”
from Vlaška Kola na Frula (Take it or leave it) —fast Vlainja


Dragoslav Aksentijevic Pavle and ensembl Zapis “Podunuše Sabazorski Vetrovi”
from irupa (PGP/RTS) —played is a sort of reconstructed old style, as is the next track...


Biljana Krstić with Bistrik ens. “Nisnu se zvezda”
from Tarpoš ((self)) —the group comes from Niš, in East Serbia


Kulin Ban “Sobinka”
from Kulin Ban ((self) 2005) —again a reconstructed style


Sanja & Balkanika “Kermes”
from BaLKan 2000 ((private)) —this wild arrangement of Serbian and Bulgarian riffs with bagpipe and women's choir represents the more punchy direction that Serbian groups are going these days

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