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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Apr 28th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Apr 28th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

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Time zone: central


Καζαντζίδης-Νικολαίδης-Χρυσανθόπουλος “Την παχνιάν και τα σύννεφα (dhipat)”
from Πατρίδα 'μ Αραεύω Σε (Music Box International 2003) —We continue our survey of Greek music this week, and are starting with some Pontic music. This is a Dhipat Omal (slow dance in 9/8 divided 2+3+2+2)


Καζαντζίδης-Νικολαίδης-Χρυσανθόπουλος “Ακ'σον Υιέ μ' ντο λέω σε”
from Πατρίδα 'μ Αραεύω Σε (Music Box International 2003) —from the same artists, a Tik (dance in 5/8 divided 3+2)


Νικολαιδησ, Σταθησ & Νικολαιδου, Σοφια “Το Ψιοπο Μ' Κρυον Κι Αχαρον (dhipat)”
from O Metoikon (Vasipap) —another dhipat omal, this time from Sofia and Stathis Nikolaïdis


Νικολαιδησ, Σταθησ “Παντα Αξια”
from O Metoikon (Vasipap)


Giorgos Vrakas (flogera) “Flogera”
from Ap' ti Thespotía (General Music 2012) —This begins a set of pieces from Epirus, the most Northwesterly of the Greek provinces.


Σέας Γκίκας “Κάτω Εκεί Στην Άσπρη Πέτρα”
from Τα Πολυφωνικά 1 (General Music) —Epirus, like neighboring south Albania, is known forits polyphonic vocal tradition


Σέας Γκίκας “Αυτά Τα Μάτια Δήμο Μου Κλπ...”
from Τα Πολυφωνικά 1 (General Music)


Zina Giannouli “Tha Thymatai o Enas ton Allo”
from Giasemaki mou tou Man (Panivar 2003) —This begins a group of songs from the Greek islands, mostly those in the East, off the turkish coast.


Zina & Matthaíos Gianouli “Kai s'agapisa”
from Giasemaki mou tou Man (Panivar 2003)


Fm Records soloists “Έρι Έρι”
from Ελλήνων Παράδοσις 13: 18 Νησιώτικα (FM) —this great song begins with a solo on the sandouri, the Greek hammer dulcimer


Fm Records soloists “Μπάλος”
from Ελλήνων Παράδοσις 13: 18 Νησιώτικα (FM) —more from the western Greek Islands, the Ballos is a couple dance, a form almost unknown in the Eastern Islands except for "no-touch" face to face dances.


Zaharias Melesanakis “Μελεσανάκης / πεντοζάλια”
from οι χωροί της Κρήτης (Panivar) —This is a Pentozali - "the five times dizzy" dance, done in a shoulder hold, mainly by men in the old days. this dance begins a long set of songs and dances from Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands.


Βασιλης Σκουλας “Στο Ξέσπασμα Του Φεγγάριου”
from Cretan Anthology (Music Box International 2003) —a more modern take on a song from Crete


Γιάννης Ξυλούρης “Καημένο Δεν Παντρεύεσαι”
from Cretan Anthology (Music Box International 2003)


Vangelis Tsafandtakis (voice and laouto) & Zaharias Melesanakis (lyra) “Tha S'Agapo”
from Syrta (Panivar 2004) —this is a Haniotiko Syrto style song.


Nikos & Manolis Karavirakis “Pouli Mou Madaritiko”
from Crete: Best of Music & Dances [Disc 2] (FM) —another song in Syrto rhythm


Nikos & Manolis Karavirakis “Kritikos-Stiakos Pidihtos”
from Crete: Best of Music & Dances [Disc 2] (FM) —a pidhtos is a "leaping dance" - not literally, but the name is meant to distinguish it from the more Earth-bound forms like the Syrto


Manolis Manouras “Doloma rihno den tsibas”
from Pentozalia (Panivar) —a slow Pentozali, unusual because the main instrument is the Sandouri (hammer dulcimer). The Sandouri was more traditionally used in the Dodecanese Islands off Turkey and in the urban music of Smyrna and Constantinople/Istanbul


Nikos Sopasis “San paei i ora dodeka”
from Pentozalia (Panivar)


Psarantonis “Ston psefti kosmo”
from Pentozalia (Panivar)

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