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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun May 5th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun May 5th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Apollónia Kovács with Járóka Sándor és cigányzenekara “Minden ablak Alatt-Adjon Isten Szekeret-Alacsony a Cipom Sarka-Faj a Byomrom, Faj”
from Hej, Deládé, Deládé (Hungaroton 1994)


Kalyi Jag “Van Egy Pipám, Egy Kalapom”
from Gipsy folk songs from Hungary (Hungaroton 1994)


Kalyi Jag “Chingerel”
from Naisaras Tumen (Kalyi Jag 2002)


Kalyi Jag “Rumelaj”
from Gipsy folk songs from Hungary (Hungaroton 1994) —labelled on the CD jacket as a "Balkan" song, this song has been re-recorded many times by other groups and even used for recreational folkdance purposes. It was the first recording of Hungarian Roma performing music of their "Balkan brethren"


Romanyi Rota “Phiravelman kalyi phuv”
from Cigány népdalok (Fonó 1999) —at this point Hungarian Roma music had absorbed influences from all over, as opposed to the more "purist" style espoused by the early Kaly Jag recordings.


Romanyi Rota “Trušalo taj bokhalo som”
from Cigány népdalok (Fonó 1999) —a traditional tune from the Hungarian Roma, played in an extension of the style set by Kalyi Jag


Ando Drom “Phari Mamo” (Network www.networkmedien.de 1997) —One of the nicest of the Romani Hungarian groups


Ando Drom “Na Kamel Ma”
from Phari Mamo (Network www.networkmedien.de 1997)


Urs Karpatz “Bihav Haï Tshito Ande Phuv: Pour Le Mariage Ou L'enterrement - For Wedding And Funeral”
from Tsighindia: Oiseaux De Passage - Passing Birds (Aquarius 2003) —These musicians were mostly born in Romania (some in Hungary), but met in Paris, where they now live. They capitalized in the new craze for "Gypsy Music" and developed a style of their own - more "world music" than traditional Roma, but still "authentic"


Urs Karpatz “Ketri”
from Les voix tziganes d'Urs Karpatz (Leurs plus beaux chants traditionnels) (Aquarius 2003) —and here we have this Parisian Roma group performing a song made popular by Kalyi Jag on one of that group's earliest recordings, even using Kalyi Jag's harmonies and arrangement, but expanding the instrumentation.


Vladimir Kandić and 'Kandoro' ens. “Aven Romalen, aven čavalen (come Gypsies, come brothers)”
from Bašalen Romalen/Svirajte Cigani/Play Gypsies (RTS/PCP 1998) —This starts the Balkan Roma part of the show. This Roma music from Serbia. The tunes are different, but the mouth music is the same.


Orkestar Janike Balaža, Novi Sad “Akaven e Verka, kaluđerka (they call her Verka the nun)”
from Bašalen Romalen/Svirajte Cigani/Play Gypsies (RTS/PCP 1998) —Using the Tamburitsa tradition and Hungarian-style melodies, this group is singing in romany. The band leader was a famous figure in the local music scene in Novi Sad


-Goran Bregovic Feat Saban Bajramovic “Maki Maki”
from Le Bal des Tziganes [Disc 1] (Wagram www.wagram.fr 2006) —He starts out with a Maria Tanase (Romanian) song, and then turns it into a Serbian brass piece.


Esma Redzepova “Čaje Šukarije”
from Songs of a Macedonian Gypsy (Monitor 1994) —The non-Roma Macedonian band leader


Usnija Jašarova “Džulo, Džulo”
from Songs of a Macedonian Gypsy (Monitor 1994)


Esma Redzepova “Ibrahim”
from Le Bal des Tziganes [Disc 2] (Wagram www.wagram.fr 2006) —this is the style Esma sings in now. She kept the same band name after Stevo Teodosievski died, and still performs. She founded a home for Roma orphans which is also a music school, and many have gone on to be band leaders on their own.


Kocani Orkestar “Mi Bori Sar Korani”
from Le Bal des Tziganes [Disc 2] (Wagram www.wagram.fr 2006) —formerly a village pick up group, this has gelled into a group with driving, tight arrangements, all in the brass style.


Shantel “Borino Oro”
from Le Bal des Tziganes [Disc 2] (Wagram www.wagram.fr 2006)


Ferus Mustafov “Romska Gajda”
from Macedonian Wedding Soul Cooking (Globe Style 1995) —one of the most famous Roma clarinet & Sax players the Balkans ever produced, Ferus Mustafov comes from a long line of musicians. His son now has his own band.

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