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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jun 2nd 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jun 2nd 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Iordanka Vardzhiïska “Китка (Невестино хоро/Не ми го вракяй, мамо, Георгия)”
from да сум бистра шода (ввд-Руйчев www.vvd-r.com) —a "bouquet" (as the name "kitka" means) of songs from Pirin district, so-called Bulgarian Macedonia, from all the music in this show is taken


Zdravka And Pirinka Hristovi “Stegai Se, Rade”
from Pirin Folk Songs (Gega New 2010)


Zdravka And Pirinka Hristovi “Marko Kove”
from Pirin Folk Songs (Gega New 2010)


Pirinski Grivatsi “Ranila Moma”
from Pirinski Grivatsi, I chast (ввд-Руйчев www.vvd-r.com) —further west, in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, this is the tune for a dance called Ratevka


Boryana Karpuzova “Taya Vecher”
from Surtzeto Mi Pee Pesni Ot Pirina (ARA www.ara-bg.com) —a atraditional "devetorka" (= in 9/8 divided 2+2+2+3) style song, in modern instrumentation. This is what you hear in bars and on the radio these days, when it isn't rock or pop


Banski Starcheta “Pesen Za Radon Voevoda”
from Nezabravimi Makedonski Pesni (Sunny) —a ballad about a hero from the distant past, given an ultra-traditional treatment. The men's traditional part singing from Bansko is famous throughout Bulgaria


Boryana Karpuzova “Mari Mariike”
from Surtzeto Mi Pee Pesni Ot Pirina (ARA www.ara-bg.com) —a song in fast 7/8, divided 3+2=2


Nikolina Chakurdukova “Svatba (arap)”
from Bûlgarska Svatba (ARA www.ara-bg.com) —"Svatba" means "wedding"; the dance that would be done to this is Arap, but this is not the way it would be played at a wedding either now or in the past. The sharp "zurna" sound would have been unaccompanied.


Nikolina Chakurdukova “Sitno se Horo Vieshe”
from Pusta Mladost (ARA www.ara-bg.com) —This tune is related to "Sadilo Mome" farther west. It is in 7/8


Snezhana Andreëva “Йовано, Йованке”
from Кога падна над Пирина (ввд-Руйчев www.vvd-r.com) —a favorite old song from the area


Snezhana Andreëva “Василке, млада невесто”
from Кога падна над Пирина (ввд-Руйчев www.vvd-r.com) —another song in "devetorka" rhythm


Banski Starcheta “Yunak Varvi Prez Gorica”
from Nezabravimi Makedonski Pesni (Sunny) —the men's group from Bansko again, this time accompanied with village style modern instrumentation, as opposed to the older tambura tradition that follows...


Banski Starcheta “Shetnal Se Yane Sandanski”
from Nezabravimi Makedonski Pesni (Sunny) —a song about the local anti-Turk hero Yane Sandanski


Образцово Читалище "Г. Тодоров" ор гр. Белица “Разболело се мамино Ленче”
from Пушка пукна на Илинден (ввд-Руйчев www.vvd-r.com) —this from the song and instrumental group from Belitsa, not far from Bansko


Mariana Manoleva “Peite, peite, mili druzhki”
from Peite, peite mili druzhki (ввд-Руйчев www.vvd-r.com) —a modern take on a very old esthetic, with everything from Heavy electric bass to digeridoo effects thrown in


Mariana Manoleva “Zheni se sine (9/8)”
from Peite, peite mili druzhki (ввд-Руйчев www.vvd-r.com) —a devetorka


Leb i Vino (Elena Georgieva-Kamenarova & Jane Kamenarov) “Leno, Leno”
from Neboto se Tsapi, Zemniata se Trese (Sunny) —this duo has revitalized interest in a purely traditional approach to not just music and dance, but life in general. The young couple runs a sort of folklore center in Melnik where one can learn weaving, cooking, and other crafts as well as singing. www


Kostadin Atanasov “Tezhko Makedonsko horo & Rusaliyski igri”
from Sharena Gaïda (VD www.vvd-r.com 2008) —just bagpipe, drum, and tambura


Iliana Bozhanova, with Lyuben Dossev, Ivan Antonov, Petûr Zahariev & Mitko Popov “Sevdino Oro”
from (private issue) ((private recording)) —Iliana Bozhanova has been on this show during one of her visits to the US. She gave me this recording - a "cleaned up" version of a version previously only available on one of her teaching tapes.


Iliana Bozhanova And Todor Yankov “Kune”
from Fire - IHB #12 ((self published 2008) —a modern song in folk style


Maria i Magdalena Filatovi “Shto mi e milo em drago”
from Pirinska Hubost (Payner ww.payner.bg 2009) —this song was popularized by many Yugoslav Macedonian groups in the '50s & 60's, and is even sung by folkies in the US. This is the way they play it these days in Bulgaria

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