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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jun 16th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jun 16th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Bill Spence with Fennig's All-Star String Band “Gaspe Reel; Fiddle Head Reel”
from The Hammered Dulcimer (Andy's Front Hall 1975) —This show is about hammer culcimers/cimbaloms/santurs/sandouri...


The Kamkars “Magham Mahour (santur solo)”
from The Living Fire (Long Distance 1995) —The Persian Santur - the instrument that started it all


John Roussos “Solo Santouri”
from Return To Our Roots (John Roussos 1994) —a Greek-American, Roussos found very few teachers for this instrument, which had started to die out in Greece; it is now undergoing a revival


Νίκος Καλαϊντζής “Wedding Procession Dance”
from Vol. 2: SANDOURI (FM Records) —Greek Island music featuring the santouri


Τάσος Διακογιώργης “Χασαποσέρβικο”
from Σαντούρι (MBI 1999) —more Greek Island music


Khevrisa Ensemble “Buhusher Khosid”
from European Klezmer Music (Smithsonian Folkways 2000) —the hammer dulcimer, now called tsambal, moved up to the Carpathian mountains where it was picked up by the Roma and - the Jewish musicians. This is OLD style klezmer music


Muzsikás “Szászrégeni szidó tánc”
from Maramoros - The Lost Jewish Music of Transylvania (Rykodisc 1993) —a more urban style featuring the larger Hungarian cimbalom


Zev Feldman & Andy Statman “A Galitsianer Tantsel”
from Klezmer Music (Shanachie 2006)


Vasyl Geker, Alexander Fedoriouk, Adrei Pidkivka “Hutzulka”
from Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors (Folk Sounds Records www.folksoundsrecords.com 2001) —Ukrainian music - Hutsul dialect group, from way up in the Carpathians


Elemer Balogh “Erdély táncok”
from Virtuoso Cymbalo and Clarinet Solos (Qualiton (LP)) —This famous cimbalom player specialized in music designed for Cafe concerts - this is a "set piece', not an actual group of tunes as they would be heard in the village, but typical of "Magyar Nota" -type urban music.


Kálmán Balogh “Vajdaszentivanyi Forgatos”
from The Art of the Gipsy Cimbalom (ARC www.arcmusic.co.uk 1998) —village-style playing from Eastern Transylvania


Helena Červenková & BROLN “Variace na Východoslovenskou Karičku”
from Cimbál Hraje Prim (Panton 1978) —This LP was a compilation of recordings by many of the great cimbalom players of Czechoslovakia


Naděžda Dreslerová & Jan Rokyta and his cymbalom band “A červena zelená”
from Moravian and Slovak Folk Songs (Supraphon 1970) —this and the next cut are examples of the use of the cimbalom to accompany singing in Moravia


Dalibor Štrunc “Staromaďarská”
from Prameny (Gnosis 2000) —a modern piece to show where the instrument has been going in recent years.


Nicolae Fieraru & orch Radu Simion “Horă de ascultare”
from Nicolae Fieraru (țambal)/Petre Mihalcea (acordeon) (Electrecord (LP)) —This starts the Romanian part of the show. Most of this will be played on the larger "concert size" cimbalom.


Nicolae Fieraru & orch Radu Simion “Brează de la Micșunești”
from Nicolae Fieraru (țambal)/Petre Mihalcea (acordeon) (Electrecord (LP)) —Nicolae Fieraru live in the US now


Paul Stinga and his Orchestra “Hora Din Rasomiresti”
from Charms of the Rumanian Music (Pierre Verany 1989) —this is really "listening music" -this and the previous cut are named as in dance rhythm, but they don't have the proper "feel" and "swing" of the real dance music from the area.


Ion Miu “Mai, neicuta, mai gorjene”
from Mari Maeștri Muzicanți vol2 (Electrcord www.electrecord.ro 2003) —here he takes a well-known song tune and weaves some amazing variations around it.


Toni Iordache “Cântec și Breaza ca la Fântânele”
from Toni Iordache 1 (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —perhaps the greatest cimbalom player that ever lived. He died from diabetes in his mid-50s


Romica Puceanu & Toni Iordache “Intr-o joi de diminieata”
from Sounds From A Bygone Age Vol.4 (Asphalt Tango www.asphalt-tango.de 2007) —Romica Puceanu is the vocalist, but Toni Iordache's cimbalom playing is so over the top, the performance will never be duplicated.


Paul Stinga and his Orchestra “Suite de Muntenie”
from Charms of the Rumanian Music (Pierre Verany 1989) —here, just the Geamparalele and ca la breaza sections are played

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