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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jul 21st 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jul 21st 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

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Time zone: central


Ivan Milev & ork. "Mladost" “Kopanitsa”
from Bulgarian Folk Music (Payner ww.payner.bg 1994) —This week's show is a continuation of last week's show devoted to Bulgarian dance rhythms, but this week we will be concentrating on the newer bands, who add modern instrumentation, jazz, and rock elements.


ork. Brestovica “KOPANICA”
from Trakiysko Horo (Bofirov Music 2002) —like the last selection, this is a dance in 11/8 divided 2+2+3+2+2


Raïna “Svatba”
from Maïko, edna si na sveta —a Pirin singer with an old style song, but in contemporary style


Theodosii Spassov “Straight Plovdiv Horo”
from The Long Road II (Balkanton) —One of the greatest living kaval players, and also a great jazz musician.


ork. Brestovica “BRESTOVISHKO HORO”
from Svatba Bofirov Music mp3 disc 2006 (Bofirov Music 2006) —this is a "pravo horo" - the most popular of Bulgarian national dances. It is done in a line, and some sets can go on for 20-30 minutes.


ork. Brestovica “048 TRAKIISKA RACHENICA-ork.bRESTOVICA”
from Svatba Bofirov Music mp3 disc 2006 (Bofirov Music 2006) —Several times during an evening of Bulgarian dancing, the band will play a Rûchenitsa, a dance in 7/8, usually danced solo or in couples (no-touch, but facing each other)


Kanarite “Копаница - Болна Петрана Лежеше”
from Български Ритми с Песен (Payner ww.payner.bg 2011) —a very odd, but danceable Kopanitsa, by another contemporary band which includes a close-miked bagpipe.


Kanarite “Horovodna Kitka - Geno iz Haskovo Vûrveshe”
from Pûtishta i Veselie (roads and joy) (Payner ww.payner.bg 2010) —another "Horo & Rûchenitsa set", this one with a very traditional feel despite the jazz riffs, rhythmic suspensions, etc.


Kanarite “Svadbarska Rûchenitsa”
from Nashata sûdba e pecenta (our destiny song) (Payner ww.payner.bg 2007)


Kanarite “Païdushko Horo - Slûntse mi Trepna”
from Pûtishta i Veselie (roads and joy) (Payner ww.payner.bg 2010) —we finish this set with a païdushko, a dance in 5/8 divided 2+3


ork. Trûstenik “Trakiysko Horo”
from Izbrani Harodni Pesni i Hora (Payner ww.payner.bg 1998) —another horo & rûchenitsa set by a band from the 1990s


Иван Милев с оркесър "Младост" “Атанасово хоро”
from Иван Милев с оркесър "Младост" (Payner ww.payner.bg 1994) —Ivan Milev was the founder, arranger, and accordion player for "Mladost" from Haskovo


Иван Милев с оркесър "Младост" “Концертна ръченица”
from Иван Милев с оркесър "Младост" (Payner ww.payner.bg 1994) —AS the name says, this is a "concert rüchenitsa" - not meant to be danced to, but I have seen Bulgarians who could...


ork. Slavei “Izlyazla e Malka Moma - Marin si grada gradeshe - Stanku le mûri hubava - horo”
from Hora i Rûchenitsi ot Trakiya (BM (Bofirov Music) 2004) —The practice of songs sets arranged for dancing is a relatively recent phenomenon in Bulgaria, being taken from pop tradition. Here is a Pravo Horo set, followed by a Rüchenitsa song medley


ork. Maritsa “Trûgnala Yana Yanchitse (rûchenitsa)”
from Trakiysko Nastoenie (Bofirov Music 2002)


Fekata “Тракийска атака”
from Нежнияа Цунами (Cristal records 2005) —the title of this CD by Fekata means "gentle tsunami"


Rumyana Popova “Snoshti sakav da ti doïda”
from Makedonski Hitove - I (ARA www.ara-bg.com 2008) —This is a song popularized as an instrumental solo by Boris Karlov over 50 years ago. Now the "bagpipe sound" is supplied by a synthesizer


Vievska Folk Grupa “Чоко Чернооко Момиче”
from Златна Колеция от Родопите - част 2 (Payner ww.payner.bg 2006) —after this ultra-traditional Rhodope Bagpipe intro, you get a surprise.


Orkestûr "Trûstenik" “Gol Kyuchek” (Payner ww.payner.bg 1996) —the title track from "Gol Kyuchek" - means "nude kyuchek dancing". The cover photo on this old cassette tape fits the theme


ork. Viktoriya “Droga”
from Super Lyuti Kyuchetsi (Bofirov Music 2005) —the title of the disc means "super hot kyucheks" - this is a style of solo dancing derived from turkish sources, but fits the modern esthetic of Bulgaria

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