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Spinitron - KDHX: Train of Thought Fri Jul 26th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Train of Thought (Music)

Fri Jul 26th 2013 3.00am–5.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Spelling Bee “Decoys”
from split single w/Glass Teeth (HiFiOctopi/Problem Solved! 2011) L —I'll really miss seeing Joe and Mabel every week, listening to their show to get into a radio state of mind. Good people.


Spelling Bee “Sun People”
from split single w/Glass Teeth (HiFiOctopi/Problem Solved! 2011) L —Personal note to Joe and Mabel: Sorry for the times I casually strolled in at 2:58am and that one time I woke up at 4:15 :)


Julia Sets “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”
from Domino/Have You Ever Seen The Rain 45rpm (self) L —One of my favorite local releases, bought the 45 before I even had a record player.


The Illphonics “Your Body”
from single (self 2013) N L —Big night for this band. Listening party at Vintage Vinyl to celebrate release date (today!) and then to Cicero's! Live hip hop, can't beat it. http://illphonics.net/


Johnny Magnet “Mostly Girls And Bob”
from Still Life With Strap On (Rooster Lollipop 1998) L —Catchy and aggressive all at once.


Orangetree “'69 Charger”
from live on 'Ska's The Limit' (KDHX 2001) L —I recorded this band a few times for Ska's The Limit, this was actually recorded when they were soundchecking. The sound is off but the vibe is right on.


The Union Electric “Tunnels”
from KDHX In Studio, 07-20-2012 (KDHX 2012) L —This is the my favorite of Tim Rakel's projects and they were cool enough to come down about this time last year and do an in studio.


Highway Matrons “I Need A Girl”
from Live on Sounds About Town (KDHX) L —Another great performance from a swank band.


One Fell Swoop “Fences”
from One Fell Swoop (Magoo 1996) L —If you see a copy of this EP get it. Five songs, all great.


Nadine “Twilight”
from Downtown, Saturday (Undertow 1999) L —Easily a favorite.


Tinhorn “Can't Decide”
from Axes & Snaxes (Rooster Lollipop 1999) L —Amazing song.


Fred Friction “This Foolish Heart”
from Live on 'Song Circle Of Friends' (KDHX) L —Spoonmeister with a beautiful little tune.


Bruiser Queen “You Are My Only”
from Swears (S/R 2012) L —Side 1, Track 1 and the song I listen to the most.


Downtime “Blue House Over Yonder”
from Blue House Sessions (Faulty Codpiece 1999) L —Demo for my very first show. I didn't know how to record a band, they didn't know how to write a song, the singer didn't know how to play trumpet. It's a wonderful shamble. https://soundcloud.com/notetoself_stl/downtime-demo-for-soundcheck


Bunnygrunt “Debutantes in Bondage”
from Tower Groove Records (Tower Groove 2012) —Great band covering a song my cousin Colleen sang on the most comprehensive local comp since Axes & Snaxes. Three birds, one stone!


Dear John “Frustrated Conversation”
from Frustrated Conversation/I Don't Want Her To Know 45rpm (BDR Records 2012) L —The singer has a tiny bit of Donald Fagen happening, music has a bit of Nick Lowe happening. Good stuff from way back.


New World Spirits “Jim”
from Fortune Cookie (Universal 1996) L —The songs on this discs still hold up since it came out. Not in a nostalgia way, there is some of that when the temperature is right, but they still sound good and fresh (if I can say fresh without getting my ass kicked)


Bellawolf “Cantina Del Sorrow”
from Bee Hive (self 1997) L —A huge band for both my enjoyment and the development of what kind of music I like in general.


Flying House “Centered”
from (album isn't titled yet) (self 2013) N L —I can't tell you how excited I am for the last half hour of the show. This band is comprised from three of the folks from Bellawolf. They have a new record coming out and, long story short, you get to hear it first!!!


Flying House “Nightingale”
from (album isn't titled yet) (self 2013) N L —Their FB page is linked here, I can't get enough of this album. https://www.facebook.com/FlyingHouseMusicExperience


Tight Pants Syndrome “Telephone”
from Fully Attractive CD Album (Blip Blap! 2010) L —Best guitar solo ever in one of the greatest songs ever.


Sleepy Kitty “What Are You Gonna Do When You Find Bigfoot?”
from Projection Room (Euclid 2013) L —There is going to be a kick ass release show at The Pageant on Aug 23. It will be the official release party and it's going to be raucous. Be there.


Middle Class Fashion “Let Me Down”
from Jungle (Blip Blap! 2013) N L —A release party at Off Broadway on Aug 2. You should be there (and bring people, they're really good live). I've had this for a week and have listened to it twice a day, every day. These are my two favorites from yesterday.


Middle Class Fashion “Perfect Person”
from Jungle (Blip Blap! 2013) N L —Check out a few of the songs from their instudio back in December: http://kdhx.org/music/live-performances/middle-class-fashion-12-5-12 (and go to the release party).


Sleepy Kitty “The Hoax”
from Projection Room (Euclid 2013) N L —It looks like this is the last song for my show! Record just magically appeared in my mail box this morning. Gosh I love mystical CD creating mailboxes.

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