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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Aug 4th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Aug 4th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Carlos Nuñez “Aires De Pontevedra”
from Mayo Longo (BMG 2000) —This show of music mostly from Galicia is dedicated to those who died recently in O Coruña in that part of northwestern Spain. It is also dedicated to the memory of Bob Reuter of "Bob's Scratchy Records" , whose death yesterday in a freak accident has le


Leilía “Muiñeira de barrán”
from Leilía (DiscMedi 1994) —The muiñeira is a no-touch couple dance found in several areas of northern Spain. We start with the most "old style" way of performing this - women inging and accompanying themselves on a frame drum


Luvas verdes (Pedro Lamas, Daniel Bellón - gaita, & Pepe Montero - tamboril) “Muiñeira de Maio”
from Fandango desesperado (NGD 2005) —the "gaita" is the Galician & Asturias bagpipe


Susana Seivane “Tres Muiñeiras”
from Susana Seivane (BOA www.boa-music.com 1999)


Xose Manuel Budiño “Arredor” (Virgin 2000)


Xose Manuel Budiño “Se Souberas”
from Arredor (Virgin 2000)


Anubia “Clave De Ferreña”
from Segredo A Voces (BOA www.boa-music.com 2001) —this group takes the old women's traditional singing style and combines it with a folkrock esthetic. Weirdly, they end with a Bulgarian chetvorno in 7/8


Anubia “Cantarea”
from Segredo A Voces (BOA www.boa-music.com 2001)


PePe Romero (gaita) & Hipólito Cabezas (Pandeireta) “O Ancoradoiro”
from De Pano Sedán (Edicións do Cumío) —Some wonderful traditional gaita (bagpipe) playing reinforced with synthesizers.


Sondeseu “Tradiculata”
from Barlovento (BOA www.boa-music.com 2010) —This show does not usually wallow in the vagaries of folk-new age, but this group certainly has a olt of respect for the traditions it seems to be layering.


Berrogüetto “O Mandil”
from Navicularia (BOA www.boa-music.com 1996) —the practice of combining numerous traditional instruments in medium- to large-sized non-traditional ensembles was invented by the Irish decades ago. Here is a Galician group doing the same.


Luar Na Lubre “Domingo Ferreiro (con Lila Downs)”
from Saudade (WEA 2005) —This song is known in other parts of Spain; here the accompaniment is given the Galician bagpipe treatment.


Luar Na Lubre “Tu gitana (con Pablo Milanes)”
from Saudade (WEA 2005)


Susana Seivane “Maneo”
from Susana Seivane (BOA www.boa-music.com 1999) —an effective singer, as well as gaita (bagpipe) player.


Xose Manuel Budiño “Fala Da Noite”
from Arredor (Virgin 2000)


Son De Seu “A Pequerrecha/Ruada de Rebordelo/Muiñeira de Piornedo”
from Mar De Vigo (BOA www.boa-music.com 2004) —another multi-instrument extravaganza from this group, which serves as a sort of school for the folk music arts in Galicia. There are some great tunes here.


Carlos Nuñez “Alborada De Veiga/ Muiñeira De Chantada”
from Camino - Carlos Nuñez in Concert (BMG 2004) —we end our Galician segment with music from a monster concert held in 2004.


Xuacu Amieva “El Besu”
from Xostrando (Fono Astur www.fonoastur.com 1998) —The next province of Spain just east of Galicia is Asturias, the Green, wet "celtic" province.


Llangres “CA La Zarramica”
from Stura (Fonoastur www.fonoastur.com 2002) —It was this group's work, excerpted in an anthology of Spanish music, that alerted me to the joys of the Asturian folk revival, and all the new bagpipe bands.


Llangres (Esther Fonseca) “La Carbonera”
from Esnalar (Fonoastur www.fonoastur.com 2005)


Llan De Cubel “Muñeira De Ibias”
from Deva (Fonoastur www.fonoastur.com 1987) —One of the very first Asturian bands to create the "bagpipe band" style, they produced 5 great CDs before they disbanded


Xeliba “Tengo De Rondar To Valle”
from Ferruñu (Fonoastur www.fonoastur.com 2000) —This is from the last of the two CDs this group produced, and musically far ahead from its first.


Xeliba “Muñeirona”
from Ferruñu (Fonoastur www.fonoastur.com 2000)


Felpeyu “Ibias”
from Tierra (Fonoastur www.fonoastur.com 1997)


Asturiana Mining Company “Muñeira de Faro”
from Patrimoniu (Traditions Alive 2000)

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