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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Nov 10th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Nov 10th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Ilyas Partlak “Koşa”
from Mananhos - Trabzon Türküleri (Kalan www.kalan.com 2010) —This show, like that of last week, starts off on the east Black Sea coast and will end up in the Caucasus with Georgian music. We start with music from the Laz-speaking minority.


Karmate “Gandagana”
from Nayino (Kalan Müzik 2010) —This is also a famous Georgian song, though usually sug in a slightly different style


Karmate “Hopşera”
from Nayino (Kalan Müzik 2010) —a song in 7/8 divided 2+2+3, a rhythm so associated with Laz music that the ARmenians refer to it as "Laz bar"


Ağasarlı Gülveren “Kelebek” (AK Sistem 2010) —a song in 5/8, another common Black Sea rhythm, especially, as here, when divided 3+2. The Pontic Greeks call this Tík


Hülya Polat “Sen Ayrıda Ben Ayrı”
from Pusula (Cam Müzik 2008)


Birol Topaloğlu “Nçaişi Birapa (Cay'in Şarkısı)”
from Aravani (Kalan www.kalan.com 2000) —this is sung in Laz, a Georgian dialect. The Laz are Moslem, the Georgians Christian


Birol Topaloğlu “Oropa”
from Heyamo (Kalan www.kalan.com 1997) —Laz musicians, singing in Turkish. "Oropa" means "love"


Bayar Şahin “Cilveloy Nanay Da”
from Horona Çağrı (Ateş Müzik 1998) —Everybody in Northeast Turkey knows this song. This band gives it a slightly "Caucasian" sound, but adds the tulum, a local bagpipe.


Yasemin Yıldız “Potpuri/ Ne Dedun Ne Dedun Fadime”
from Kavuştur Artık Bizi (Cinan Müzik) —a medley of dance songs from the Lazuri


Yasemin Yıldız (Gökhan Alpekin - tulum) “Attimda Vuramadim”
from Kavuştur Artık Bizi (Cinan Müzik) —same group, but a more "village Black Sea" sound


İsmail Türüt “Gökte Uçan Tayyare”
from Piryoz2 (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005)


Hülya Polat “Niyazi”
from Niye Utaniyisun (MSR Prodüksiyon 2002) —We can always depend on Hülya Polat provide and energetic end to the Laz suite. Again, a fast dance rhythm in "Laz 7" divided 2+2+3


Bayar Şahin “Patara Gogo”
from Horona Çağrı (Ateş Müzik 1998) —music from the Georgian language minority in Turkey


Bayar Şahin “Lalebi”
from Horona Çağrı (Ateş Müzik 1998)


Vocal trio from Adzharia “Mshvidoba da Megro bane”
from The Golden Fleece - Songs from abkhazia and adzharia (Pan 1993) —Adzharia and Abkhazia are 2 language group areas on the Eastern coast of the Black Sea/Western Caucasus. They were part of the Soviet Union, then part of Georgia (the languages are similar), and are now part of Russia


Amiran Beradze & Jusup Verulidze, chonguri “Khorumi”
from The Golden Fleece - Songs from abkhazia and adzharia (Pan 1993) —a long solo for a Chonguri, and insturment used all over the Caucasus


Tamara Akhiba (7-stringed guitar) “Arkuashaga”
from The Golden Fleece - Songs from abkhazia and adzharia (Pan 1993) —This and the following are from Abkhazia


Alek'o Khizanishvili (salamuri) & Ensemble Georgika “Jveli Kartuli Sacefvao-Dzveli Kartuli Satsekvao Old Georgian Dance Tune”
from Ensemble Georgika Vol. 1 (Face Music Switzerland 1993) —This, and the music from the rest of the show, comes from the republic of Georgia - this sort of very fast 6/8 time is typical of Georgian dance rhythms. The Kartuli is a men's solo dance.


Mamuk'a Tch'itch'inadze & Ensemble Georgika “Saidan Moxval Wen Kalo-Saidan Mochval Shen Kalo Love Song”
from Ensemble Georgika Vol. 1 (Face Music Switzerland 1993)


Kolkheti Ensemble “Dalotsva (Blessing)”
from Iavnana - Songs from Georgia (Pan 2000)


Kolkheti Ensemble “Mtis melodiebi popuri (Instrumental potpourri)”
from Iavnana - Songs from Georgia (Pan 2000)


Ensemble Kutaisi “Aliluia (Hallelujah)”
from Makruli - Polyphonic Songs from Georgia (Pan 1993) —Liturgical music in Georgia was developed very early, with examples being found before the year 1000


Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili “Uchkhresti”
from Georgian Folk & Dance Music - Club Version ((self) 2002) —Yes, this is what they play in night clubs - and you should see what they do to it...


Hamlet Gonashvili & Rustavi choir “Tu ase turpa ikhavi”
from Hamlet (Jaro 1995) —The most famous male Georgian singer, with one of his signature songs. He died, tragically, falling out of an Apple tree in his back yard.


Lela Tataraidze “Janghi. (Morning Fog)”
from Janghi (Morning Fog) (Pan 2000) —women have only had a presence in public vocal performance in the last 40 years or so. This singer is probably the best known.


Georgian Voices “Tskhenosnuri”
from Memory (Boheme 1992)

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