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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Nov 17th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Nov 17th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Ad Vielle Que Pourra “Bourrées Dans Le Jardin”
from Ad Vielle Que Pourra (Green Linnet 1989)


Maluzerne “Rondeau Gascon”
from Anthologie [Disc 1] (Cinq Planetes)


Maluzerne “Valse À Manu”
from Anthologie [Disc 2] (Cinq Planetes)


Jean Blanchard & Eric Montbel “Branle Carré”
from Cornemuses (Hexagone 1980) —This wonderful Branle in 2/4 is played on 2 deep-droned Berry-style Cornemuses (bagpipes).


La Chainee Castelloise “Bourrée d'Aurore Sand - Rue des Halles”
from Coup De 4 - Musique Traditionnelle Du Berry (Buda 1999) —more cornemuses Berrichonnes...


La Chainee Castelloise “Six Amants à Choisir”
from Coup De 4 - Musique Traditionnelle Du Berry (Buda 1999)


Le Père Jean “La maraîchine”
from Dansons avec Le Père Jean, vol. 2 (Rendez-Vous Digital 2012) —This dance comes from the Atlantic coast of France, just south of Brittany, an area where a lot of immigrants to North America came from


Alamont “Or Ni Argent”
from De Prime Abord (Silex/Auvidis 1994)


Rigodon Sauvage “Rigodons Du Trièves (Aï Cinq Sous, Véni Vé Lou Riou)”
from France - Alpes Du Sud-Dauphiné (Ocora 1995) —This very odd fiddle style comes from Dauphiné, one of the Alpine provinces of France.


Le Vent Du Nord “Au Bord De La Fontaine”
from Mesdames et Messieurs! (Borealis Records 2008) —This begins the part of the show devoted to French Canadian music


Maluzerne “Labouré”
from Anthologie [Disc 2] (Cinq Planetes) —Since we had a Canadian group doing French music, here is French group doing Canadian...


Buttons & Bows “La Bastringue”
from Buttons & Bows (Green Linnet 1984) —a famous French Canadian tune, which also happens to have a nice couple-mixer dance to go with it.


Le Rêve du Diable “Dondaine la Ridaine”
from Le Rêve du Diable (L'Escargot 1997) —This pioneering LP of the French-Canadian folk music revival remains one of the best sources of this material available. It has recently been re-issued. This song is in the style of "mouth music" with boots - what you do when you want to dance and there


Le Rêve du Diable “Réel Saint Sauveur”
from Le Rêve du Diable (L'Escargot 1997)


La Bottine Souriante “Le meunier et la jeune fille”
from La traversée de l'Atlantique (DEP 1993)


Le Rêve du Diable “Réel a Jeffrey Jobin”
from Le Rêve du Diable (L'Escargot 1997)


La Bottine Souriante “Reel de Baie St-Paul”
from Cordial (Les Productions Mille-Pattes 2001) —a modern take on the style


Matapat “Charmante Sylvie - Pont De Vie”
from Petit Fou (BOREALIS 2000)


Matapat “La Vendee - Brandy Rose - Get Up Sam”
from Petit Fou (BOREALIS 2000) —We end the French-Canadian part of the show with a group of 3 dance-songs


BeauSoleil & Michael Doucet “Valse des Balfa”
from Deja Vu (SWALLOW RECORDS www.swallowrecords.com 1990) —The Cajun part of the show opens with a wonderful waltz composed by the Balfa brothers, one of the groups that kept the Cajun style going before the revival.


Michael Doucet “Le jig français (feat. BeauSoleil)”
from Parlez-nous à boire & More (feat. BeauSoleil) (Arhoolie 1990)


Hadley J. Castille “Beau Geste”
from Putumayo Presents Cajun (Putumayo 2001)


The Jambalaya Cajun Band “Les Flammes D'en Fer”
from Putumayo Presents Cajun (putomayo 2001) —this is probably a misprint - the title should be "les flammes d'enfer" - "the flames of Hell"


Marce Lacouture “L'Oranger”
from Putumayo Presents Cajun (putomayo 2001)


Jorge Alcaide, Amanda, Martin Brandqvist, Henrik Cederblom, Stefan Bergman, Sten Källman, Michael Andersson, Lotta Sjolin Ceder “Papa Loko”
from Amanda chante Haiti (Footprint Records www.lissafiddle.com 2012) —music from Haiti, arranged by Sten Källman, a Swedish composer and musician/ethnomusicologist and former member of the Swedish Folk group Filarfolket in his youth. He went to Hait, had a life-transforming experience there and has devoted his life since t

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