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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Nov 24th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Nov 24th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Grupi Tepelenes Ali Pashai “Tepelena rrëzë malit”
from Grupi Tepelenes Ali Pashai - volum 2 (Super Star Studio) —This show will feature Albanian music. We start with music from the south.


Vellezerit Curri & Laver Bariu “Penxheren E Zoterise Tende”
from Zbresin Nga Leusa Taborre Taborre (supersonic) —The most famous of the Albanian clarinetists of the last century, Laver Bariu, with Vëllezërit Curri, one of the best singers. He, and the anonymous second singer sing in the southern Polyphonic style


Vellezerit Curri & Laver Bariu “Zbresin Nga Leusa Tabore Tabore”
from Zbresin Nga Leusa Taborre Taborre (supersonic) —the group is from Përmet, the center of the southern music style


Ali dhe Mukadez Kondi & ork. Adrian Jorgji “Ku do ta shkojmë dimrin”
from Devolli Këndon (Super Sonic) —the orchestra here seres only as a tonal point for the singers. One finds this with singers who are accompanied by bagpipe only in other areas, like the Rodope mountains in Bulgaria


Ali dhe Mukadez Kondi & ork. Adrian Jorgji “Mbolla dyvreshta në male”
from Devolli Këndon (Super Sonic)


Jakup Kalivaci “Dyshe dropullite”
from Valle populore dasmash (Super FM studio) —This group comes from Gjirokastër, a magnificent town with a fortress at one end and multistoried stone merchant houses that were as much mini-fortresses as they were houses in the old days.


Jakup Kalivaci “Gajde”
from Valle populore dasmash (Super FM studio) —Instrumental versions of bagpipe tunes can be found all over the Balkans, and even other parts of Europe. In the Balkans there often specific dances that go with such tunes.


Eli Fara “Ah kjo zemer”
from Maratona volumi 4 (Elrodi 2009) —This has a bagpipe-style opening as well. One of the best known current stars, Eli Fara sings in both older and in more pop-influenced styles.


Grupi Permi Tepelene “Mos aman per koken ten”
from Maratona volumi 4 (Elrodi 2009) —another new group from Tepelene - old style song with modern accompaniment


Shkurte Fejza, Shyhrete Behluli, Remzie Osmani, Motrat Mustafa “Kalavesh po vjen Fatbardha”
from Me bilbilat e Mushtishtit (Chill Out 2009) —These 3 women grew up in the same village in Kosovë, and now run a tradition-preserving organization there. This "Gheg" dialect music, and this song is very much in an urban style.


Shyhrete Behluli “Më Ka Vra Dashnia Jote”
from Banja Qejfin Vetës (Albatrade plus)


Shyhrete Behluli “Katër Zemra”
from Banja Qejfin Vetës (Albatrade plus)


Vera Laçi “Oj Xhemile” (Elrodi 2008) —we now cross the border back into Albania, specifically the area around Tropoje, which seems to produce a lot of good singers. This song is in a local form of 12/8 , divided 2+3+2+2+3


Vera Laçi “A ja din renin burrnis”
from Oj Xhemile (Elrodi 2008) —Vera Laçi is the most famous singer currently, who is from Tropoje. The other singers until near the end of the show are also from there. This is in 12 again, but slower, and now divided 3+2+3+2+2


Fatmire Brecani “Potpuri Tropojane”
from Fatmire Brecani (Albanota) —another Tropoja singer


Fatmire Brecani “S'na la ky Marak (duet with Z. Beka)”
from Kercimtarja (Elrodi) —this CD was recorded several years after the previous one.


Vitore Rusha “Filania”
from 1000 vjet valle Tropoje (Elrodi 2009)


Nikolin Perpali “Nikaj Merturi”
from 1000 vjet valle Tropoje (Elrodi 2009)


Violeta Kukaj “Nuse ne katund”
from 1000 vjet valle Tropoje (Elrodi 2009)


Lekë Pecnikaj “Potpuri Këngësh Tropojane”
from Kengë Dasme (Elrodi)


Lekë Pecnikaj “Vallja e Tropjës/A tu gzue zemra/Bukuri po t'shof me sy”
from Kengë Dasme (Elrodi) —check this guy out on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYObZ6OSREU


Adrian Gaxha “Shqipes”
from Thuaj Mamit (Albanota) —Albanian pop, but a few folk references. The rest of the CD is more Mediterranean pop.

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