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Spinitron - KDHX: Rhythm Highways Thu Jul 17th 2014

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Rhythm Highways (Music)

Thu Jul 17th 2014 5.00am–7.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Cephas & Wiggins “The Blues Will Do Your Heart Good”
from Cool Down (Alligator Records 1995) —The title of this one says it all, doesn't it? The song was composed by harp man Phil Wiggins.


Patrick Sweany “Shoestring”
from Live at KDHX 08June2012 (KDHX www.kdhx.org 2012) —Patrick is scheduled to perform at Off Broadway on Wed, July 23rd. This is the 1st of 3 tunes of his I'm spinning today, focusing on different aspects of his sound. Good stuff!


Spencer Bohren “No Expectations”
from Solitaire (Valve Records 2002) —This is a real interesting, and quite beautiful redo, of a Rolling Stones tune. I'll tell you what, ol' Spencer is a player (guitar player, that is.)


The Soul Stirrers “Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb”
from The Soul Stirrers Featuring R. H. Harris (Specialty Records 1992) —this is a previously unreleased alternate version, recorded in 1950. R.H. Harris was the star of the Soul Stirrers show prior to Sam Cooke coming on board.


The Gospel Hummingbirds “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”
from Steppin' Out (Blind Pig Records 1991) —Clarence Nichols is on lead here. Roy Tyler had the lead on the majority of the Hummingbirds' tunes while he was in the group.


Roy Tyler & New Directions “The Warning”
from Three Way Calling (Severn Records Inc. 2004) —Roy started this group after he departed from the Gospel Hummingbirds. That band was extremely traditional (and very good), and the new band allowed Roy to bring some other sounds and textures into his music.


Marisa Anderson “Deep Gap”
from Live At KDHX (May 2014) (KDHX www.kdhx.org 2014) N  —I played "Sinks and Rises" from Marisa last week, and I'm so taken with her music that I felt compelled - yes, compelled - to spin another tune this week. There's 2 more from the live session remaining to play, then I can move into her own CDs.


Patrick Sweany “Slippin'”
from Close To the Floor (Nine Mile Records www.ninemilerecords.com 2013) —Song number 2 from Patrick Sweany today, with this one featuring his lyrical prowess. He can turn up the volume & energy, too, and we'll here a bit of that next hour.


Johnny Nicholas “Hey Hey”
from Future Blues (The Peoples Label 2011) —Nicholas released one of the finest blues albums of 2011 right here, but it went largely unnoticed due to the boutique label the CD was released on. What a shame...but that doesn't lessen the quality one iota. It's a good one!


Candi Staton “The Best Thing You Ever Had”
from Candi Staton (Capitol Records 2004) —released back in 1972, and it still melts my heart. Candi is still an active artist, releasing a new album just a couple months ago.


Sam & Dave “Wrap It Up”
from The Definitive Soul Collection (Rhino 2006) —Sam and Dave might not have cared much for one another, but they sure sang great together. This one's from 1968.


Otis Redding “Trick Or Treat”
from Dreams To Remember The Otis Redding Anthology (Rhino/Atlantic 1998) —recorded around 1966, but not released until 1992. That's just crazy - what a great cut! Composed by the team of Hayes & Porter.


Wilson Pickett “Mini-Skirt Minnie”
from A Man And A Half: The Best Of Wilson Pickett (Rhino 1970) —a hot one cut in 1969...even if it was an almost note-for-note redo of Lindell Hill's song "Used To Be Love" (with new lyrics added.)


John Watkins “Chained To Your Love”
from The New Bluebloods The Next Generation Of Chicago Blues (Alligator Records 1987) —I'm not sure whatever became of Mr. Watkins, but I love this tune. He has an impeccable pedigree, playing guitar in the bands of Willie Dixon, then James Cotton, and then his uncle Jimmy Johnson. Not too bad, eh?


Bob Stroger & Kenny Beedy Eyes Smith “Old Woman Sweetheart”
from Keepin' It Together (Big Eye Records 2014) N  —Kenny is the son of Willie Big Eyes Smith (the label is named after his Pop), and Bob is one of Willie's closest friends and essentially family to Kenny. This album if full of all-star talent, although the tunes Stroger sings might have been better...


Johnny Winter “It's My Life, Baby”
from Deluxe Edition (Alligator Records 2001)


Johnny Winter “Stranger Blues”
from The Winter Of '88 (MCA 1988)


Johnny Winter “I'm Yours And I'm Hers”
from The Woodstock Experience (Sony 2009)


Patrick Sweany “Every Night Every Day”
from Close To the Floor (Nine Mile Records www.ninemilerecords.com 2013) —Here's a look at the "louder" side of Mr. Sweany. He's at Off Broadway this coming Wed, July 23rd. I sure wish I could make the show...but Rhythm Highways comes to early in the morning for Wed night shows. Somebody go to the show and report back to me!


Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado “Paradise”
from Many Roads (Ruf Records 2014) N  —I'm a longtime fan of Thorbjorn. He's one of the most talented of the European blues/roots artists; he's from Denmark. If you say "Tor'-byahn Ree'-say-hya" (real soft G in that last name) you're gettin' pretty close.


Tomi Leino Trio “Red River Mambo”
from Get On Down (Homework Records Finland 2013) —A tune from another one of Europe's strongest bluesmen. The American artists who tour over there ALL try to hire this cat. Seriously. Name: just say "Toe'-mee Lee'-noh". He's from Finland.


Ivan Appelrouth “The Twisted Top”
from Blue and Instrumental! (EllerSoul Records 2012) —This is a fun album, all instrumental, in many different styles. Influences? You'll hear T-Bone, Magic Sam, B.B., Elmore and more.

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