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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Dec 5th 2010

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Dec 5th 2010 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Maria del Mar Bonet “Sa des cavaller”
from Saba de Terrer (Ariola-Eurodisc (LP) 1981) —this, and the next, song is from Mallorca, and thus begins our tour of the Mediteranean Sea Islands


Maria del Mar Bonet “Jota Marinera”
from Saba de Terrer (Ariola-Eurodisc (LP) 1981)


Mighela Cesari “Quistioni”
from Corsica (Chorus/Auvidis 1997) —This begins the set on Corsica


Jean-Paul Poletti & the male-voice choir of Sartène “La Violetta”
from Polyphonies Corses (Ethnic/Auvidis 1996) —typical polyphonic singing from Corsica. It was traditionally a men's thing, but in the last several decades women's groups have sprouted up, som e very good - see the next...


Donnisulàna “Paghjella”
from per Agata (Silex/Auvidis 1992)


Mighela Cesari “U Viaghju (Le Voyage)”
from Mighela Cesari canta Mighele Raffaelli (Chorus/Auvidis 1997)


Donni di l'Esiliu “Seri sera”
from Corse: Polyphonies féminines (Buda 2009)


Actores Alidos “Cantu a Ballu”
from Canti delle Donne Sarde (Finis Terra 2008) —this begins the Sardinian set


Cordas et Cannas “Terra De'entos”
from Place of Winds (Terra Nova)


Actores Alidos (Orlando Mascia) “Trillus”
from Canti delle Donne Sarde (Finis Terra) —this is played on a Launeddas, 3 pipes held in the mouth and played simultaneously


Tore Delussu & Luciani Loi “Sa Ròda (Ballu a tres passus)”
from Sonos de Orgali (Pintaderas Recordings) —this is couple dance music


Tancaruja “Dinghiri Doi”
from Ballu Furiosu (Dromos 2004)


Tancaruja “Auguri”
from Ballu Furiosu (Dromos 2004) —a Sardinian folk-pop group. This track introduces members of the band


Alfredo e Letizia Anelli & Etnic Sonos group “Patri haiu un amur”
from Sicilia (red edizioni 2002)


Alfredo e Letizia Anelli & Etnic Sonos group “Ti canto la vo'”
from Sicilia (red edizioni 2002)


Kostas Mountakis “Apokoroniotika Syrta”
from ston psiloreíti th'anevo (Minos 1988) —this begins a set from Crete


Vasilis Skoulas “Den Thelo anthropou to kako”
from Tou Eronta kai tou kaimou (EMI (LP) 1988)


N. Manias “Pernas kai den me hairetas”
from Kriti (Minos-EMI) —this is an old song re-released on this compilation disc


Christodoulos Halaris “Mantra”
from Music of the Aegean Sea - Dances of Cyprus (Orata) —This is a dance from the Greek-speaking part of Cyprus


grupNET “Kıbrıs Gelini”
from Kıbrıs'n Şarkıları (Nepa (cassette)) —this little song in 5/8 is in Turkish, and comes from the Turkish side of the Island of Cyprus

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