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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jul 31st 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jul 31st 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Gheorghe Zamfir and ensemble “Joie”
from Musique Roumaine - L'Orchestre de Zamfir (Philips (LP)) —recorded in Concert in France


Ion Lăceanu (vol 2, 1975) “Butucelul”
from Ion Lăceanu (Electrecord (LP) 1975)


Ion Lăceanu (vol 2, 1975) “Brîul pe Opt”
from Ion Lăceanu (Electrecord (LP) 1975)


Irina Loghin “Cîntecul lui Gheorghilaș”
from Rencontre avec la Roumanie - 'Muntenie' (Electrecord (LP))


Marin Chisar “Ca Pe Luncă și Brîuleț”
from Marin Chisăr (Electrecord (LP))


Dunav ens.-Vidin “Vlashki Igri”
from Moesia (M sound) —this and the next track, are of Vlach (Romanian dialect) village groups from around Vidin in the Northwest, just across the Danube from Romania


Ibro Lolov “Vlashko Horo”
from Chuchuligata (Milena Records 2001) —This is not a Vlach musician, but Rom - one of the most famous of the old school accordion players. This is in Vlach style, more so than the following cut, despite the name...


Ibro Lolov “Vlashka Rûchenitsa”
from Chuchuligata (Milena Records 2001)


ork. Trûstenik “Vlashko horo”
from Izbrani Harodni Pesni i Hora (Payner ww.payner.bg 1998) —this is not so much a Vlach piece played in local style as a stylization by a very famous Bulgarian new style ("Stambolovo style") band. There is something of a condecending quality about the way they do it. It was illegal for Vachs to speak their own l


Ivo Papazov and his orchestra “Mominsko Horo”
from Balkanology (Rykodisc 1991) —This is the second recording of this seminal group. Papazov and his group, including Yuri Yunakov, & Nesho Neshev. Together they established the style that came to be called "wedding Music", a blend of traditional Bulgarian rhythms, Jazz riffs, and Turk


ork. Slavei “001 HOROVODNA KITKA-ork.SLAVEI”
from Svatba Bofirov Music mp3 disc 2006 (Bofirov Music 2006) —this and the next selection is a typical dance set such as you would find out the the countryside in Bulgaria at a wedding where the families could afford such a band. They always begin with a Pravo, as here, with instrumental and sungs sections. Everyb


ork. Slavei “052 RACHENICA-ork.SLAVEI”
from Svatba Bofirov Music mp3 disc 2006 (Bofirov Music 2006) —a pravo is usually followed by a rûchenitsa...


ork. Trûstenik “rûchenitsa”
from Izbrani Harodni Pesni i Hora (Payner ww.payner.bg 1998) —this band plays Bulgarian dance music with jazz and Rock influences - they are much more inventive than hte preceding band, rarely playing the same line the same way twice.


ork. Kolorit “035 DAFINO LUBE-ork.KOLORIT”
from Svatba Bofirov Music mp3 disc 2006 (Bofirov Music 2006) —a slow "table song", followed by a song in slow 7/8 "lesno" rhythm, a style popularized from recordings from across the border in FYR Macedonia


Ivo Papazov, Yuri Yunakov, Neshko Neshev, Salif Ali “Kurdzhaliiska Ruchenitsa”
from together again (Traditional Crossroads 2005) —this CD was the result of a North American tour by these ground-breaking musicians. The tour did come to St. Louis, but was attended by mostly the Bulgarian community and a few from the folk Dance community.


Ivan Milev & ork. "Mladost" “Kopanitsa”
from Bulgarian Folk Music (Payner ww.payner.bg 1994) —another seminal group. The leader now lives in America on the West Coast, but is not a full time musician.


ork. Maritsa “Mollovsko Horo”
from Trakiysko Nastoenie (Bofirov Music 2002) —this is also a 19+ minute medley of songs and tunes, but we will get to it all another time...

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