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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Sep 18th 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Sep 18th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

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Time zone: central


A Hawk And A Hacksaw “Kertész”
from Delivrance (The Leaf Label 2009) —original words and tuen to a Romanian style accompaniment played by Kalman Balogh, the Hungarian cimbalom player


orkiestra św. Milołaja “O miłości pisanie przi grabieniu siana”
from O Miłości Grabieniu Siana ((self) 2004) —this is the group that re-invented folk music in Poland, inventing the terms "post-folk" and describing what they do as "Carpathian music" rather than using current geopolitical borders. Beautiful and powerful stuff.


orkiestra św. Milołaja “Mój ty archaniele, czarny,leśny,słodki i daleki!”
from O Miłości Grabieniu Siana ((self) 2004) —this recording uses poetry by a contemporary Polish poetess, but sets it to Romanian-flavored music. The recording, though sonically excellent, was done in a barn in the southern mountains of Rzeszow province in southern Poland, and area once known for i


Ćaći Vorba “Joc'n'Roll”
from True Speech - Szczera Mowa (Oriente Musik 2010) —this group is made of members of the St. Nicholas orchestra and other groups, and takes a more advanced approach to the folk music they know so well.


Ćaći Vorba “"ke somas me..."”
from True Speech - Szczera Mowa (Oriente Musik 2010) —the previous track was in southern Romanian Roma style; this one is in Transylvanian Roma style


Karikás “Vendegkuldo”
from Búélesztõ Szellõ (Periferic 1998) —this Hungarian group has taken a creative approach to the music of Hungary and surrounding areas


Karikás “Kovcses viz”
from Búélesztõ Szellõ (Periferic 1998) —the second half of this takes an old Bucovinian melody and does it up in an original style


Buda Folk Band “Szennyes swingem/ Dirty Blouse Swing”
from Sűrű Vándor (Folk Europa 2011) —a Transylvanian style piece, which morphs into a swing tune


Buda Folk Band “Kurucz Mahala”
from Sűrű Vándor (Folk Europa 2011) —this is in a more south Romanian "Mahala" (a new style with Turkish elements), but they mix it up a lot here.


Fishtank Ensemble “Saraiman”
from Samurai Over Serbia ((self) 2007) —"Saraiman" is one of the best known urban Gypsy "Lautar" songs in southern Romania. Here it is given a treatment which includes the Japanese Shamisen. and the musical saw..


Fishtank Ensemble “Face the Dragon”
from Samurai Over Serbia ((self) 2007) —more south Romanian music with the instrumentation of the last selection


A Hawk And A Hacksaw “Hummingbirds”
from Delivrance (The Leaf Label 2009) —this also features the cimbalom work of Kalman Balogh, but on a smaller "village" instrument


A Hawk And A Hacksaw “Zibiciu”
from Delivrance (The Leaf Label 2009) —more Romanian music from this versatile group


Fishtank Ensemble “Extremely Large Congenial Romanian”
from Samurai Over Serbia ((self) 2007) —more musical saw and Shamisen in the service of...


The Banda “Lovy”
from Jedna (Pavian 2010) —it begins with a nod to the Romanian lautar piece "ciocarlia", then, lets say, it moves on, including imitations of carpathian alphorn calls


The Banda “Žito”
from Jedna (Pavian 2010) —traditional Slovak part singing, transformed


Fakutya Együttes '2009 “Hogyha Nékem Laci Bátyám...”
from Egyéb Veszély ((self) 2010) —this group specializes in Molvai Csango music from the eastern slopes of the Carpathian mountains in Romania, but they use it as a point of departure for their own interpretations on these CDs


Fakutya “Jailhouse Róka”
from Kutyafa (Fakutya 2006)


Fakutya “MagyaroSKA”
from Kutyafa (Fakutya 2006)


Nightlosers “Shame Shame Shame”
from Plum Brandy Blues (Vest Conex 1997) —this is a mixed ethnic band from Transylvania that specializes in American blues and rockabilly, with some Elvis tunes thrown in


Warsaw Village Band “Lazy Johnny Dance”
from Infinity (Barbes Records 2008) —a very old fashioned Polish Oberek played by a rock band with an accoustic violin


Trebunie-Tutki & Orkiestra Kiniora “Zyngry Zbojnickie”
from Goral-Ska Apo-Calypso (folk 1998) —Polish Highlander band with a Techno band imitating Ska


Trebunie-Tutki & Orkiestra Kiniora “Apokalipsa Zakopianska”
from Goral-Ska Apo-Calypso (folk 1998)


A Hawk And A Hacksaw “Lajtha Lassu”
from Cervantine (LM 2010) —despite the Hungarian name, this is more Moravian in character


Nightlosers “All Your Love”
from Plum Brandy Blues (Vest Conex 1997)


A Hawk And A Hacksaw “At the Vulturul Negru”
from Cervantine (LM 2010) —Check out A Hawk and a Hacksaw at Off Broadway tonight (Sunday) - show starts at 8pm

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