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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Nov 6th 2011

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Nov 6th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

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Time zone: central


Various Artists - koro “Meşeli Dağlar”
from Türkülerle Türkiye - 16 Bursa (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005) —Bursa is across the Sea of Marmara from Istanbul. The piece is in 9/8


Ulaş Kurtuluş Ünlü “Elmaların yongası”
from Turkurlerle - -Konya (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005)


Zara “Gitme Bülbül”
from Turkurlerle - -Konya (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005)


Erol Köker “Gülüm Var Ocak Ocak”
from Turkurlerle - -Konya (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005)


Ezgi Köker “Atlar Eyerlendi”
from Türkülerle Malatya (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005)


DùnyA “Açış (dance songs from the country-1)”
from Dünya Size Güller Bize (Dünya 2009) —these next 3 selections are really part of a single piece. The instrument here is the çeng - a wire-strung harp of great antiquity (carvings of it can be seen on Assyrian temple walls). The Turks were the last to use it - maily for classical music of th


DùnyA “Şu Dirmilin Çalgısı (dance songs from the country-2)”
from Dünya Size Güller Bize (Dünya 2009) —Brenna MacCrimmon is the vocalist


DùnyA “Dere Geliyor (dance songs from the country-3)”
from Dünya Size Güller Bize (Dünya 2009)


Candan Erçetin “Hazırım” (Topkopi Müzik 1995) —This singer was born in Thracian Turkey and is partly of Albanian extraction. She specializes in Balkan tunes.


Candan Erçetin “Nar Çiçeğım”
from Hazırım (Topkopi Müzik 1995) —this song is known as "Rumelaj" in the Balkans - it is usually sung in Romany. The Hungarian group "Kalyi Jag" has recorded it as well.


Sefarad Sami “Osman Aga”
from Disco Kolbastı Ve Balkan Havaları (Erol Köse Produksiyon 2009) —a very popular song in Turkey, with rather humorous words


Erol Köker & Gülay Özer “Ben Bir Avuç Darı Olsam”
from Igdir (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005) —this region is in the northeast of Turkey - nearthe Caucassis mountains, and shows the typical 6/8 time, here divided both as 3+3 and 2+2+2


Türkülerle Türkiye “Iğdır Barı (Oyun Havası)”
from Igdır (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005)


Zara & Çeşitli Sanatçılar “bilen ben imiş senden niye küsmüşem”
from Türkülerle Türkiye Ardahan (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2005)


Cengiz Selimoğlu “Gaybana Sevdaluk”
from Ortanca (Senseç Müzik 2009) —with this cut we start our music from the Black Sea coast. These singers are Turkish and Laz speakers. Laz is a Georgian - related language, but the Laz live almost exclusively on the Black Sea coast.


Cengiz Selimoğlu “Karadeniz ( Düz Horon )”
from Ortanca (Senseç Müzik 2009)


Ağasarlı Gülveren “Kelebek” (AK Sistem 2010)


Süreyya Davulcuoğlu “Hasta Oldum Derdinle”
from Burcu Burcu Karadeniz (Maksimem Müzik 2009) —This singer recorded mostly in the 1970s. The studio production reflects the older style of recording - lots of Saz and no kemençe, even though this is Blcak Sea music.


Süreyya Davulcuoğlu “Gemiye Çektik Yelken”
from Burcu Burcu Karadeniz (Maksimem Müzik 2009) —in Black Sea 7/8, with slow sections


Karmate “Çhela”
from Nayino (Kalan Müzik 2010) —This is in Georgian, in a dialect found on the eastern Black Sea coast.


Karmate “Gandagana”
from Nayino (Kalan Müzik 2010) —done in a more self-consciously Georgian style, this tune then morphs into Cilveloy, a tune found all over Northeastern Turkey.


Karmate “Oy Çalamadum Gitti”
from Nayino (Kalan Müzik 2010) —this is in more typical Black Sea 7/8 and instrumentation


Ilyas Partlak “Gogo”
from Mananhos - Trabzon Türküleri (Kalan www.kalan.com 2010) —this begins with an extended solo in the Kemençe, a vertical fiddle


Hülya Polat “Vur Davula”
from Pusula (Cam Müzik 2008) —my favorite Laz singer...


Hülya Polat “Sen Ayrıda Ben Ayrı”
from Pusula (Cam Müzik 2008)

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