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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jan 29th 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jan 29th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Eduard Beglaryan, Etc. “Vakhenam Knem”
from Armenia - Douduk (The Sound Of Armenia) (Naxos World 2004) —this is in Caucassian style Armenian music. This show will show both the Caucassian and Middle Eastern Traditions of playing ARmenian music


Armen Grigorian, Etc. “Hol Ara Ezo”
from Armenia - Douduk (The Sound Of Armenia) (Naxos World 2004) —the featured instrument here is the duduk, a double reed instrument with a very simple tube with finger holes after it - this make s the playing extremely difficult, but allows for a lot of expression and microtones, when needed


Mal Barsamian Ensemble “Hey Vala”
from Hey Jan - Vol. 1 (ian Communications Group 1994) —this is in a more middle eastern tradition


Richard A. Hagopian / Buddy Sarkissian “Konyali”
from Kef Time (Traditional Crossroads 1994) —This is a reissue of one of the most famous recordings of Armenian music made by the Armenian diaspora in the USA. Richard Hagopian was one of the all-stars of Oud players, and carried on the tradition of older players like Udi Hrant


Richard A. Hagopian / Buddy Sarkissian “Siro Yerk”
from Kef Time (Traditional Crossroads 1994) —this tune is in so-called curcuna ('djurdjuna") rhythm - 10/8 divided 3+2+2+3


Ara Topouzian “Sirelem”
from Khnjook! (ARP 1995) —good solos for kanon (sometimes called kanun) and Oud


Mal Barsamian Ensemble “Dari Lo-Lo”
from Hey Jan - Vol. 1 (ian Communications Group 1994) —this and the previous 2 cuts are in "middle eastern style, although this is a very Armenian treatment.


Mal Barsamian (clarinet & Oud) “Phaedra's Routine”
from Mystical Veil (ARP 1997) —this set was purposely recorded in its original long form (over 13 minutes) to reflect the variety of rhythms and tempi used for danse orientale, a true art form many dancers train for years to perfect.


Ara Topouzian “Hayde Kaleh (Vocal)”
from Near Eastern Ride (ARP 1996) —a nice slower song with some great kanun work by Ara Topouzian and oud by Mal Barsamian


Ara Topouzian “Husenig Medley (Vocal)”
from Near Eastern Ride (ARP 1996)


Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian “Hyegagan Bar”
from Oud Masterpieces (ARCMUSIC 2007)


Hachig Kazarian & His Ensemble (John Berberian, oud) “Sonon Yelov”
from Armenia Armenia (Monitor (LP)) —from an old LP of the early 60's, this is is the old nightclub music of the American Armenian diaspora. In the background you can hear the sound of the zils (finger cymbals) usually played by the dancer.


Mariam Matossian “Gakavig”
from Far From Home (MAM 2004) —this Armenian-Canadian singer has 2 CDs out. This is Armenian music that extends the tradition


Mariam Matossian “Groong - To Begin”
from Far From Home (MAM 2004) —a traditional Armenian song "The Crane", given a non-traditional treatment.


L. Kocyan “Aykekag”
from Armenia - Traditional Armenian Music (Fidan music) —this and the next selection start Armenian music from the Caucassus; this music shares a lot in common with Georgian music. this cut is of the old Soviet era stage style that draws a lot from the Armenian urban tradition. The ensemble hails from Yerevan


Chookasian Ensemble “Oud Solo”
from Avantagan (7/8 music 2001) —this CD has music from both middle east and Caucasian traditions.


Chookasian Ensemble “Tamara”
from Avantagan (7/8 music 2001) —this is Karapyet, a Russian tune, but done up in Caucasian-Armenian style. Note the santur (hammer dulcimer) solo.


Shoghaken Ensemble “Aparani Par”
from Traditional Dances Of Armenia (Traditional Crossroads 2004) —back to the Caucasus... (although I believe this group is from New York)


Shoghaken Ensemble “Antarayin Tsayner”
from Traditional Dances Of Armenia (Traditional Crossroads 2004) —this is the Romanian fiddle show-off piece arranged in Caucasian style, complete with all the bird calls...


Karineh Hovhanessian “Erzerumi shoror”
from Music of Armenia: Kanon (Celestial Harmonies 1996) —a "shoror" is a dance form. the instrument is a Kanon (kanoon). Recorded in Yerevan, Armenia, by an American organization.


Yeghish Manoukian “Yes Khughi Med”
from Echo Of The Mountains (ARP 2001) —typical song from the Caucasus-Armenian tradition - in 10/8


Yeghish Manoukian “Armenian Melody”
from Echo Of The Mountains (ARP 2001) —one of the better CDs featuring the Douduk

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