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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jul 29th 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jul 29th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Elemer Balogh “Nóta/Csárdás/Csípd meg, bogár-friss”
from Virtuoso Cymbalo and Clarinet Solos (Qualiton (LP)) —This was recorded 40 years ago by the uncle of the star cimbalom player Kalman Balogh


Bence Krajcsó “Somogyi citeramuzsika”
from Táncház-Népzene 2012 (Hagyományok Háza 2012) —played on a citera - a table drone-zither; a popular instrument among rural folks in Hungary. These tunes come from just west of the Danube


Tallabille együttes “Mikor viszi a kislány a vizet… (Somogy)”
from Táncház-Népzene 2012 (Hagyományok Háza 2012) —from the same area, some songs in one of old modes that Kodály and Bartók loved so much. Again, accompanied by citera and Tekerö (hurdy-gurdy)


Fonó Zenekar “Mezőségi (part)”
from Hateha! (Fonó 2009) —This is played by "city Hungarians" - a folk revival band that exactly imitates the style of the Roma musicians in Hungarian villages in central Transylvania (now in Romania)


Various Artists “Röpűlj, páva... / Fly Up, Peacock...”
from Hangvető 2006 - 2007 Válogatás - Compilation (Hangvetó 2007) —These are variations on a famous Hungarian folk song, here played by several musicians


Muzsikás and Márta Sebestyén “Fuzesi Lakodalmas (Wedding In Fuzes Village) (Album Version)”
from Morning Star (Hannibal 1997) —an entire suite of dance tunes from Ördöngösfüzes in Transylvania


Ildikó Varsányi, Zoltan Hanusz, & Róbert Farkas “Nagysármási tánczene”
from Táncház-Népzene 2012 (Hagyományok Háza 2012) —another suite of tunes from central Transylvania - the village of Nagysármás


Marványos Tamburazenekar “Csárdás és friss (Kiskunhalas)”
from Uj élő népzene 18 (Hangvetó 2012) —This is from the southwestern part of the Great Plains area of Hungary. Some towns did not have Roma bands and had to make do with other instruments - in this case of "Croatian-like" tamburas of various sizes


Nyéky Emese és Szlama László “Öreges kezes és vert kezes (Klézse, Moldva)”
from Uj élő népzene 18 (Hangvetó 2012) —this music comes from a Hungarian dialect group, the Moldvai Csángó, living on the Eastern Slopes of the Carpathians in Romania


Ifjú Szívek “Skríža”
from Hangvető 2006 - 2007 Válogatás - Compilation (Hangvetó 2007) —this is basically Slovak music played by Hungarians


Téka and friends “Tallabille csárdás (extract from Dusty Bench Ball)”
from Hangvető 2006 - 2007 Válogatás - Compilation (Hangetõ 2007) —this is from the northern Great Plains and is played on soprano sax and tekerõ (also called nyenyére).


Magos Zenekar, Enyedi Tamás) “Cimbalommuzsika (Tendl Pál, Sopron)”
from Magos USA tour '12 (self 2012) —Every Hungarian cimbalom player is familiar with the tunes of Pál Tendl, who led a famous band from extreme northwestern Hungary, on the (now) Austrian border.


Magos Zenekar “Magyarpéterlaki forduló és cigánycsárdás”
from Magos USA tour '12 (self 2012) —another group of Transylvanian tunes, these from the Western slopes of Carpathians. This Magos ensemble played in St. Louis in the spring.


Gázsa band “Sárközi táncok”
from Csipke Camp 2O12 ((self) 2012) —the Sarköz is in western Hungary. After the vocal solo the band swings into "Cinege", a well know ugros tune. They did not do csárdás to this kind of music, but an older 2/4 time dance done in some areas in couples, in others circles or solo, with stick


Kálmán Balogh “Vajdaszentivanyi Forgatos”
from The Art of the Gipsy Cimbalom (ARC www.arcmusic.co.uk 1998) —Vajdaszentivany, like Magyarpeterlaka, is on the western slopes of the Carpathians in Romania


Kálmán Balogh “In Memory of Balogh Elemer”
from The Art of the Gipsy Cimbalom (ARC www.arcmusic.co.uk 1998) —this brings us full circle - we began with Balogh Elemer, and this is a memorial to him played by his nephew Kálmán

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