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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Oct 28th 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Oct 28th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Dorin Cuibariu & Gheorghe Zamfir orch. “Suita Banateana”
from Gheorghe Zamfir și Virtuoșii săi (Electrecord (LP) 1971) —This group of dances begins a show on music from the Banat area of south-west Romania, an area shared with Serbia and a bit of southeastern Hungary. The music is jazzy and sometimes impossibly fast...


Mariana Drăghicescu “Cîntă Cucu pe Fîntîna (doină)”
from Mariana Drăghicescu (Electrecord (LP)) —the area is also known for its slow laments - "doina"


Mariana Drăghicescu “Bădiță cu Ochii Verzi (ardeleană)”
from Mariana Drăghicescu (Electrecord (LP)) —a song in Ardeleana rhythm - a moderate 2/4 time dance done couples arranged in "columns"


Laza Knežević & orchestră Sîrbească din Timișoara “Jedna Mala Garava”
from Tamburaši, Tamburaši (Electrecord (LP)) —a song from the Serbian minority living around the town of Timsoara. He sings in Serbian, but with Romanian "pop" voice.


Gheorghe Zamfir și Virtuoșii săi “Banateanca”
from Gheorghe Zamfir și Virtuoșii săi (Electrecord (LP) 1971) —another suite of tunes, beginning with a doina and going on through several dances. The solo instruments are mostly saxophones and a Taragot (a sort of alto sax made of pear wood). The dance section begins with the local variant of the "brîu", a line da


orch. "Doină Banatului" din Caransebeș “Cimpoiul și Jocuri de doi ca la Marga”
from Rencontre avec la Roumani - Caransebeș (Electrecord (LP)) —this track may be mislabeled on the LP - a "cimpoiul" is usually slower, is a bagpipe melody played on strings only. The "de doi" I can believe...


Gheorghe Zamfir “Doina lui Efta Botoca”
from Gheorghe Zamfir le génie de la flûte de pan (Philips (LP) 1973) —although I broke up the bands for broadcast, these 4 pieces are part of one long cut on an LP, the whole piece being titled "Suite Banatiène"


Gheorghe Zamfir “Sus pe Culmea Dealului”
from Gheorghe Zamfir le génie de la flûte de pan (Philips (LP) 1973)


Gheorghe Zamfir “Brîu Banatean”
from Gheorghe Zamfir le génie de la flûte de pan (Philips (LP) 1973) —note the way he swings into this after the emotion of the slow piece before it


Gheorghe Zamfir “Joc de doi”
from Gheorghe Zamfir le génie de la flûte de pan (Philips (LP) 1973) —this actually starts off in a slower ardeleana before taking off into the faster joc de doi


Costica Olan “Suite de brâu, ardelene et joc de doi”
from Costica Olan și Taraful Olanilor (Cinq Planetes) —some say Costica Olan is one of the greatest targot players that have ever lived. I believe it from this evidence


Costica Olan “Ardeleana lui Pocarit”
from Costica Olan și Taraful Olanilor (Cinq Planetes)


Taraf De Carancebes “Fata Banateana (La Fille Du Banat)”
from Musiciens du Banat - Roumanie (Silex/Auvidis 1993) —although under a different name, this band probably has the same taragot player, but the other musicians are Roma from Caransebes in the Banat. They start with a syncopated 7/8 brîu, play a slow "a oilor"-style piece, then flip into dance rhythm again.


Efta Botoca “Zdrânga (joc de nuntă)”
from Virtuozi ai instrumentelor populare Românești - Efta Botoca (Electrecord (cassette)) —pure old-style fiddle playing form Banat - this was considered old fashioned even when it was recorded 35 years ago. Botoca traveled with the Gheorghe Zamfir band at the end of his life and taught many younger players. He also made his own fiddles.


Achim Nica “Săraca copilărie (poor childhood)”
from Muzičă Populară Bănățeană (Electrecord (LP)) —a nice old-style doina


Raveca Sandulescu “tot mereu am încercat (doină)”
from (EPE 0284 - plain jacket) (Electrecord (LP))


Frații Vincu “Soroc”
from Rencontre avec la Roumanie - Banat (Electrecord (LP)) —the fiddlers here are twin brothers. The Soroc can contain a lot of virtuosic boot-slapping by the men


Aurel Negrea “Ardeleana Lugojenilor”
from Ensemble folklorique "Banatul" (Electrecord (LP))


Nicolae Gutsa “Pale Amende si Abeau (there is a wedding at our place)”
from The Greatest Living Gypsy Voice - Nicolae Gutsa (Auvidis/Silex 1996) —This begins a group of 4 songs from the more modern style espoused by the Roma in the Banat


Nicolae Gutsa “N-au Valoare Mărcile (Deutschmarks are without value in comparison with you)”
from The Greatest Living Gypsy Voice - Nicolae Gutsa (Auvidis/Silex 1996)

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