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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Nov 18th 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Nov 18th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

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Time zone: central


Serkos Athanasios “Zonaradiko”
from Halkina me to Serkou (Thermaikos) —This quintessential Thracian Greek dance, similar to the Bulgarian Pravo Horo, is now played by bands outside Thracian Greece - this is a Macedonian band, but they do a bangup job of it, preserving the driving energy and "swing"


Giorgos Demelis, Stavros Kouskousidis, & band “Do sta Lianohortaroudia (zonaradiko)”
from To Sygrótima Thamiris (HXO 1999) —The most popular dance among the Thracian Greeks is the Zonaradkos (from the word for the sash-like belt used by the dancers to grasp to form the long lines of the dance), a dance in 6/8


Giorgos Demelis, Stavros Kouskousidis, & band “I Agapi einai karfitsa (karsilama)”
from To Sygrótima Thamiris (HXO 1999) —a Karsilamas - a solo dance in 9/8


Kyriakos Gouventas “Choros Tis Mavris Thalassas - Mantilatos”
from Greek Folk Instruments - Violin (FM) —a mantilatos (from the word for handkerchief) is a solo dance in fast 7/8 similar to the Bulgarian rûchenitsa (from the word for - handkerchief), also in 7/8


Sotiris Papazoglou “Peftei stous kabous i vrohi (zonaradikos)”
from Tragoudia tis Thrakis No 1 (Legend 2002)


Sotiris Papazoglou “Treis Tsirekiotisses (paradosiako epitrapezio)”
from Tragoudia tis Thrakis No 1 (Legend 2002) —an "epitrapezio" - literally, a "table song" - these slow songs are a Balkan tradition from Albania to Romania


Theodoros Kekes, Aristide Vassilaras “Touti Nihta”
from Kariofilis Doïtsidis - Thrakika Tragoudia vol. 1 (Pan Vox (LP)) —One of the most famous of the Thracian Greek bagpipe players along with almost the last of the traditional Floghera players, accompanying Kariofilis Doïtsidis and his daughters in a song in zonaradiko rhythm


V. Dimoudis “Arapoutha”
from Hliovasilema Ston Evro ((self))


Vangelis Papanastasiou “Mandilatos tou gamou”
from Thrace - Songs and rhythms of Thrace (Dodoni 2001)


Καρυοφύλλης Δοϊτσίδης “Άσπρη Περιστέρα”
from Θρακιώτικα 3 (Music Box 2009) —Syngathistos - in 9/8. This can be done as a free-form solo/couple dance or as a syrto-style line dance


Καρυοφυλλησ Δοιτσιδισ “Χοροσ Μαντιλατοσ”
from Θρακιωτικα (Music Box 2008) —another 7/8 mantilatos, with a nice kanonaki solo


Καρυοφυλλησ Δοιτσιδισ, Λαμπιανα & Θεοφοθλα “Ειμαστε δυο αδελφουλεσ”
from Θρακιωτικα (Music Box 2008) —one of the great zonaradiko songs - it has been excerpted in a lot of anthologies


Χρόνης Αηδονίδης “ΕΒΓΑ ΜΑΝΑ ΜΟΥ (come out, Mother)”
from ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΣΚΟΠΟΙ ΤΗΣ ΘΡΑΚΗΣ (Crete University Press 1994) —another table song


Χατζοπουλοσ Χρηστοσ “Αυτοσχεδιασμοσ Σε Κανονακι (Kanonaki solo)”
from Θρακησ Φωνη (Evrenos 2007) —a kanonaki solo - used as an intro to another dance


Χατζοπουλοσ Χρηστοσ “Θρακησ Φωνη (Thracian voice)”
from Θρακησ Φωνη (Evrenos 2007) —a sort of modern/"Asia Minor" take on the zonaradiko


Thimios Gogidis “Pos Pianete I Agapi - Tsestos”
from Mehri to Triantafillo (Polimesa 2001) —Gogidis/Gkogkidis is both an accordion and bagpipe player and singer. He brings a more "Bulgarian " Sound to his recordings and does many street fairs


Thymios Gkogkidis “Raiko (Organiko)”
from Megalo Glenti Sti Thermi Thessalonikis (General Music 2007) —here is the Gogidis band recorded at a street fair. The tune "Raikos" has been played many times on this show; this is certainly the most boistrous recording I know. It is usually thought of as a Macedonian tune, but, like the Macedonian recording of a


Thymios Gkogkidis “Karsilamas Kastorias (Organiko)”
from Megalo Glenti Sti Thermi Thessalonikis (General Music 2007)


Horeutikos Omilos Thessalonikes “Zonaradika-1 Kato Stin Aspri Petra”
from Horeftikos Omilos Thessalonikis Thrakiotiko Glenti 1 (alpha records 2007) —this begins what is really one long dance set, unfortunately "cut up" inot tracks, so I am playing it in its entirety. This was recorded live at a "glenti" (basically a dance party)


Horeutikos Omilos Thessalonikes “Zonaradika-2 Keitete Xenos Arostos”
from Horeftikos Omilos Thessalonikis Thrakiotiko Glenti 1 (alpha records 2007) —after the song finishes, they go into an extended instrumental, using a lot of traditional zonaradiko tunes.


Horeutikos Omilos Thessalonikes “Zonaradika-4 Stou Saloniki To Tsiarsi”
from Horeftikos Omilos Thessalonikis Thrakiotiko Glenti 1 (alpha records 2007)


Giota Véi “Alexis Antreiomenos”
from 18 Zonaradiki Songs …the Dance (Music Box International 2000)


Aristeidis Vasilaris “Zonaradikos”
from 18 Zonaradiki Songs …the Dance (Music Box International 2000) —the wind instrument here is an end-blown flute, the floghera

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