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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Mar 10th 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Mar 10th 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Jean Blanchard & Eric Montbel “Branle Carré”
from Cornemuses (Hexagone 1980) —Cornemuse is the generic name for bagpipe in French - there are many kinds. In this show they are aften played with the Vielle à roux (hurdy-gurdy).


Maluzerne “Valse À Manu”
from Anthologie [Disc 2] (Cinq Planetes)


Ad Vielle Que Pourra “L'Agaçante/Valse Du Milieu/Valse Du Faucigny”
from Ad Vielle Que Pourra (Green Linnet 1989)


Ad Vielle Que Pourra “Bourrées Dans Le Jardin”
from Ad Vielle Que Pourra (Green Linnet 1989)


Malicorne “Marions Les Roses”
from Vox (Acousteack 1997) —singing in parts is tarditional in France, but this way of doing it was the invention of this group


Maluzerne “Rondeau Gascon”
from Anthologie [Disc 1] (Cinq Planetes) —Teh rondeau from Gascogne is one of the rare line dances that have survived the transition in Western Europe to couple dances . Gascgne is in south western France, adjacent to the Basque territories.


Maluzerne “Labouré”
from Anthologie [Disc 2] (Cinq Planetes)


Jean Blanchard & Eric Montbel “La Jassona/San Salvador”
from Cornemuses (Hexagone 1980)


Malicorne “La Mule”
from Vox (Acousteack 1997)


Mélusine “Branles De Village”
from France - Folk (Ethnic/Auvidis 1996) —the composer Ottorino Respighi used these tunes for one of his suites of "ancient airs and dances"


Mélusine “L'Amuseur De Filles”
from France - Folk (Ethnic/Auvidis 1996)


Alamont “Or Ni Argent”
from De Prime Abord (Silex/Auvidis 1994) —after this wonderful song, they end with a valse


Jean-François Dutertre “La Dame De Bordeaux”
from L'Epinette des Vosges (Ocora 1997) —the singer accompanies himself on the épinette des Vosges, the French equivalent of the Appalachian mountain lap dulcimer; also called Hummel in Germany and Sweden, Langeleik in Norway, Citera in Hungary...


Alamont “Le Petit Bonhomme”
from De Prime Abord (Silex/Auvidis 1994) —more bagpipes...


Christophe Toussaint “Polka Piquee De Gerardemer”
from L'Epinette des Vosges (Ocora 1997)


La Mal Coiffée “Lo vespre de la nòça”
from Òu! Los òmes! (Sirventes 2011) —This is sung in Languedoc/Occitaine, at one time the main language of southern France


Jean-François Dutertre “Brave Capitaine”
from Chansons Traditionnelles Normandes (Buda 2002)


Jean-François Dutertre “Le Passage Du Bois”
from Chansons Traditionnelles Normandes (Buda 2002) —another song from Normandy, accompanied by épinette des Vosges and Vielle à roux


Jan-Maria Carloti, Patrici Conte, Choà Dupont, & Danieu Vissiere “Tura lura lura”
from Mont Joia Conçons dei festas Provençalas (Le Chant du Monde) —sung in a form of Povençale that is very close to Catalan (such as they speak in Barcelona and areas north)


La Chainee Castelloise “Bourrée d'Aurore Sand - Rue des Halles”
from Coup De 4 - Musique Traditionnelle Du Berry (Buda 1999) —La Chaînée Castelloise is a group of bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy players specializing in music from Berry, in the center of France.


La Chainee Castelloise “Six Amants à Choisir”
from Coup De 4 - Musique Traditionnelle Du Berry (Buda 1999)


Rigodon Sauvage “Rigodons Du Trièves (Aï Cinq Sous, Véni Vé Lou Riou)”
from France - Alpes Du Sud-Dauphiné (Ocora 1995) —This style (and this group) comes from Dauphiné in Eastern France, right up against the Swiss border. Listen for the "chopped off" phrase endings.


Rigodon Sauvage “Rigodons Du Champsaur (Les Quatre Cordons, La Barco Viro, Débrayas De Laïa)”
from France - Alpes Du Sud-Dauphiné (Ocora 1995)


La Mal Coiffée “Catarina”
from Òu! Los òmes! (Sirventes 2011) —more from "the badly coiffed women"

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