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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Apr 22nd 2012

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Apr 22nd 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Düvö Együttes “Balassagyarmati Muzsika”
from Düvö 5 ((self))


Magos Zenekar “Forduló És Cigánycsárdás (Magyarpéterlaka)”
from Táncház-Népzene 2009 (Hagyományok Háza 2009) —this band will be at St. Mary of Victories church, 744 south 3rd st. in St. Louis this tuesday (April 24, 7:30pm) . They are on their first north American tour. Call 314-275-8228 for info


Dűvő “Két Út Van Elõttem (Magyarbõd)”
from Dûvõ 4 ((self)) —note the singing at the end of the track - it is in Harmony, something the Hungarians don't do except in Slovakia, where this song comes from


Ľudová hudba Mateja Kováča “Po záhrade chodila”
from Ej, horička zelená (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 2007) —This is a Romani band from Slovakia. Much of the music from southern and Eastern Slovakia sounds "Hungarian" to outsiders because of a common use of the "Verbunkos" style. The next cut shows a distictly "Slovak" style of melody


Ľudová hudba Mateja Kováča “Rozkazovačky”
from Ej, horička zelená (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 2007) —the title means "ordering" and refers to the tradition of singers standing in front of a band and just singing what they wanted the band to play - the band was expected to pick up by the second phrase


Matúš Mitter “Takie ma, bože môj”
from Heligonkári (2) - z Hriňovej (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 1995) —Mitter plays a Heligonka, a type of button accordion played all over Slovakia and parts of southern Poland


Zlaté husle & Veronika Spodniaková “Kysuce songs”
from Po Sovensku I (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 2009) —she is accompanied at first on the Pist'alka, a flute played largely with overtones


Vladimir Homola & Zlatné Husle “Podpol'anie”
from Po Sovensku I (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 2009) —this cimbalom solo begins with a slow song and moves into dance tunes. Homola uses a Hungarian-made concert cimbalom with a damper pedal


Beata Begéniova & Harmonia “Hej, Janičku Za Vodov”
from Music of Eastern Europe (Traditional Crossroads 2003) —this singer now resides in the USA, and is married to the cimbalom player in this recording, Alexander Fedoriuk


Beata Begéniova & Šarišan ens. “Vichodzi Slunečko”
from Široko Koreňe (Ali 1994) —This was Begéniová's first professional ensemble


Šarišan “Široko Koreňe” (Ali 1994) —this group comes from Northeast Slovakia, on the southern slopes of the mountains that separate Slovakia from Poland


Ens. Matičiar z Podzámčoka “Mám muža dobreho/Zakukala kukulienka/Čo sa stalo včera večer”
from Cez Pozámčok tečie bystrá vodička (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 2005) —another way of "ordering" a song from a band is to just yell the first word, as you hear here.


Dušan Ceber, Martin Kubinec, Milan Katreniak, Ján Kroták, Pavel Bielčik “Ej, kot' me šikovali”
from Fujaristi z Kokavy (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 1999) —the featured instrument here is the fujara, a 6-foot long recorder-like instrument with 3 finger holes and played mostly with overtones


Hrončekovci Z Hriňovej “Kedz Tadeto Pojdem - Hájiček, Hájiček”
from Zlatý Výber 1 - Hrončekovci Z Hriňovej (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 2002)


Hrončekovci Z Hriňovej “Čechankárske”
from Zlatý Výber 1 - Hrončekovci Z Hriňovej (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 2002) —this is a couple dance, but it is insanely fast, and the men wild leaps during it, holding to the women


Olšiakovci “Hrajteže nám do rána/Ked som včera pri muzike tancoval/Sedím v kečme sám”
from Hrajteže nám do rána (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/ 2008) —except for the language, this is indistinguishable from the sort "Magyarnota" style songs any Roma group from Hungary would play in a cafe


Malokarpatská kapela “Piesne o víne”
from The best of Malokarpatská kapela (Opus 2006) —brass band music is popular around larger towns, where they play mostly Central European/German tunes - polkas, waltzes, and the like. This starts out with a Slovak tune, then moves into a march, after which I killed it...


Juraj Dufek “Mazurky Z Ponitria: Za Stodolenku, Za Našu / Tancujte, Myši / Na Vršku Stála (Mazurkas From Nitra River Basin: Behind Our Barn / Dance, Ye Mice / She Was Standing On A Hilltop)”
from Gajdy And Bock / Goat And Billygoat: Bagpipes From Central Europe (Pan 2010) —the Slovaks play bagpipes, too, called Gajdy


Šafran “Lúcka (The Little Meadow)”
from Gajdy And Bock / Goat And Billygoat: Bagpipes From Central Europe (Pan 2010) —a very modern take on old tunes


Skupina Poľana, Oľun “Neplačte mamičko”
from Spiša, Šariša a Zemplina - Rusínske piesne (Pyramida 2002) —This ensemble sings songs from the Carpatho-Rusin minority of East Slovakia


Rodina Kyjovska “Stojit' šuhaj”
from U susedy pod okienkom…/У сусіду під облачком... (Trifit plus) —this group is Carpatho-Rusin (Ukrainian)

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