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Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Aug 2nd 2015 4.00pm–6.00pm

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Orkestar Junaci “Plava Ciganka”
from Orkestar Junaci (private 2005) —"Blue Gypsy" is the title. "Orchestra of Heros" is the band - from Pittsburgh


Duvacki Orkestar Ekrema Sajdića “DO Ekrema Sajdica Zlatni Prsti - Skopsko oro”
from Čočeci (Jugodisk (cassette) 1986) —This incredibly slow dance is quite popular among the Roma - for the dancers, this has a lot of "soul"


Vladeta Kandić-Kanda “Najciganskije vašarsko kolo”
from (45 rpm disc, SBK 0493) (Beograd Disk) —Vladeta Kandić is a Roma fiddle player and singer who popularized his Roma identity when that was less popular.


Vasilja Radojčić i ork. D. Radetića “Veseli se Kućni Domaćine”
from Veseli se Kućni Damaćine (RTS/PCP 2003)


Vlada Panović “Čačak”
from Vlada Panović (RTB) —"the" classic čačak tune. The dance comes from the town of the same name in central Serbia, but everyone in Serbia knows it.


Vasilija Radojčić, Zarko Milanović “Pod Noć Pođoh Na Vodu”
from Zapisano U Vremenu (RTS/PCP 2004) —This Serbian classic shows that the men are not the only ones who can do the smooth urban style.


Triola “Na kraj sela čadava mechana - Malo ja, malo ti”
from Live album ((self) www.wearesharkdad.bandcamp.com 2007) —The band is from Beograd, Serbia, but the song is known to every Serbian Bar Band in America


Teodulija “Duni Mi Duni Lađane”
from Serbian Etno Sound (Hi-Fi Centar 2005) —after the very old-fashioned style of the preceding, I had to show what is being done with the old music these day. This style is sometimes called "Turbo-folk", but most turbo folk is quite different and new-composed.


Stanimir Petrović “Što Grad Smederevo”
from Narodne Pesme Iz Srbije (RTS/PGP)


Sava i Stanimir Jeremić “Borino Kolo (S. Jeremić i R. Živković)”
from Sava i Stanimir Jeremić (Jugoton 1974) —What Radojke and Tineta Živković did for the accordion, Sava Jeremić did for the frula (6-holed flute)


Radojke i Tineta Živković “Harmonikaško Kolo”
from (45 rpm disc) (RTB) —When Radojka Živković came along, the fiddle ruled. She was the one who showed the expressive and subtle qualities of the accordion. She and her husband had a long and very productive recording career.


Predrag Gojković-Cune I ork. Ž. Milanovića “Oj, Užice, Mali Carigrade”
from Zlatibore Pitaj Taru (RTS/PCP 2005) —One of the great voices of the past, "Cune" was a master of the smooth urban style of singing.


Perica Simonović “Dunavski Vihor”
from Perica i instrumentalna pratnja narodnog orkestra Novice Negovanovića (Beograd Disk) —a very good quick kolo with strong dance beats. From near the Danube river.


Niške Meraklije orkestar “Bulgarka from Leskovac”
from South Serbian And Romani Folk Dances 2014 ((self produced)) —"Bulgarka" because it is in Rûchenitsa 7/8


Narodni Orkestar Vlastimira Pavlovica Carevca (1957-1964) “Splet pesama i igara (Striži mome-Cigančica-Moj Borije-Carevčevo kolo)”
from Zapisano u vremenu [Disc 1] (RTS/PCP 1997) —This is a suite for Serbian radio orchestra - a slow song tune, followed by a dance in 7/8 alternating with a slow song, and ending in a kolo.


Moma Stanojević “Detlić (Woodpecker)”
from Kola Za Sva Vremena (T. Pics 2000) —yes, that really is the Woody Woodpecker theme. They love American TV and cartoons over there and will often incorporate their tunes into Kolo music


Miodrag Jašarević “Žikino Kolo”
from Veseli se Kućni Domaćine (RTS/PCP 2003) —Every Serbian Bar band in America knows this. Here it is with newer instrumentation. It usually played in "stretched 3/4", but here it is in unabashed 7/8. The rhythm probably derives from Banat Romanian Briul.


Ljubiša Pavković “Beograđanka kolo”
from Zapisano U Vremenu - Ljubiša Pavković / disk1 (RTS) —The lead musician is the accordion player, but there is a frula in there, too.


M. Krnjević “Poziv kolo ("invitation kolo")”
from 16 Yugoslavian Dances created by Ciga Despotović (RTB (LP)) —some lovely old style fiddle work in a Kolo of moderate speed. The fiddle has also undergone some revival in Serbia, but newer players are fast and more chromatic in their playing.


Ljubiša Pavković “Boćino Kolo”
from Nova Kola (RTB) —rather fast for an old Kolo, but still danceable.


Ljubomir Živkov and Serbian group “Tarapani”
from Ti plaviš, zoro bajna ((self produced) 2014) —an old sevdalinka song, this has been done by everyone, including Roma singers.


Ljubomir Živkov and Serbian group “Trgnala mi moma Ruma na voda studena”
from Ti plaviš, zoro bajna ((self produced) 2014) —After having been almost forgotten in Serbia, Tambura music is coming back (it had been kept going in the US since Serbian and Croatian immigrants arrived after 1900). here is one of the leading exponents of the revival in Serbia. This song is in 9/8.


Vlada Panović “Zaječarski Vez”
from Vlada Panović (RTB) —Zaječar is in East Serbia, and the favorite dance there is the line dance Vlainja. This is about as fast as they get, and is in old style. Most of the new ones I have heard are a lot slower soe the women can do them in heels...


Branislav Dušanović sa ansamblom Ace Dušanović “Acin Malvski vrtlog” (Jugoton (cassette) 1983) —Sandwiched in between 2 fast Vlainja tunes we get this nice, highly ornamented slow kolo


Branislav Dušanović sa ansamblom Ace Dušanović “Zdrelsko”
from Vlaška Kola (Jugodisk (cassette) 1983) —This show is in honor of Serb Fest at Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox church, just off Russell and McNair. We start with a suite of East Serbian/Vlach tunes. This area of Serbia has a lot of Romanian influence, reflecting their language.

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