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Mon May 25th 2015 7.00pm–8.00pm

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Gloria Attoun - our dear friend and musical inspiration “everything changes - Singer as much as the song is Earthworms #1”
from Magnificent Missouri - Volume 1 (Magnificent Missouri Music www.magnificentmissouri.org 2014) L —So true of Life On Earth, is the theme of this original tune. Sending Earthworms on into the Podcast universe - catch us at Earthworms.kdhXtra.org - Love you!


Carmen Twillie performs this hit song by Elton John “The Circle of Life - #2 on the Earthworms Hit List”
from The Lion King - Sound Track (Walt Disney Records 1994) —Popular Culture can ROCK messages, like those in this animated film, where the eco-logic of how all things, all creatures are related animated this hero's journey tale.


Eco Elvis! “Let's Go Organic - #3 in the Earthworms' Tune Pantheon”
from Burnin' Globe (Matt Riggs www.ecoelvis.com 2006) L —Eco E might be #3, but he's NUMBER ONE with me! Catch him Saturday June 20 - Green Homes Festival, Butterfly House in Faust Park - a great day, FREE!


U.S. Navy Band “Navy Hymn - Eternal Father, Strong To Save - #5B”
from God Bless America - Songs Of The Memorial Service for President Ronald Reagan (Unknown unk) —Sometimes on a most personal note, a radio show tribute has been a blessing to do. Like the night, about this time, in 2012 when Hubert Ponzi (my Dad) was this show's Tribute focus.


Pete Seeger “Song of the World's Last Whale”
from Pete Seeger at 89 (Appleseed I discovered this song when Pete Seeger passed last year. What a gift. 2008) —Earthworms Top Ten #5A - appreciating the opportunity to broadcast a tribute, when a great individual is suddenly, mortally, movingly in mind.


Jean Ponzi - Poem-and-Polka Interlude - #6 on the Earthworms Top Ten “The World Polka and Earthworm by Robert Francis”
from Polka! Polka! Polka! (Quebec Polkas, Hey?) —Even a Talk Show is a PERFORMANCE. Polkas have underpinned this show from Month One. And this poem makes a deep bow to a beloved Totem.


Stevie Wonder “A Seed's A Star - Tree Medley - #6 on the Earthworms Top Ten Radio Tunes”
from Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants (Motown Records 1960) —This whole album is musical magic - truly inspired by the PLANTS it celebrates!


The Raptor Project “All in The Watershed - #7 in the Earthworms Top Ten”
from All Along the Watershed (www.worldbirdsanctuary.org one of St. Louis most unique and impactful organizations - FUN to visit, great volunteer opportunities too. 2010) L —Musical friends contribute SO MUCH to Earthworms message delivery! Any of this bird-band's original tunes could make this Top Ten. Enjoy The Raptor Project Thursdays in August - Free Concerts - with flying birds!


St. Louis Symphony plays Leroy Anderson “The Typewriter #8B - from the album of all-time BEST novelty tunes, in symphonic form”
from The Typewriter - Leroy Anderson Favorites (RCA Victor Red Seal 1995) —My aesthetic is CARTOONEY, another way to say "Appreciative of The Absurd." This kind of music perfectly complements the energies of so many enviro-issues. Counterpoint! On it!


Tom Waits “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho - #8A Novelty Numbers Dept. in the Earthworms Musical Top Ten”
from Stay Awake - Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films (A & M Records 1988) —No voice like this can inspire so much in this classical fantastical "Gotta Get Working" song. Aaaarrrggghhhhh . . .


Harry Nilsson “Think About Your Troubles”
from The Point! (RCA From the Earthworms album archives - from our College Daze! 1971) —You got your "Goes Around-Comes Around" perfectly sung in this paen to (positive, pretty much) persistence


Paul Oviatt and the Augusta Bottoms Consort “Opus Dei - #10 in the Earthworms tune pantheon”
from The Green Room (Out Attoun Productions www.augustabottomsconsort.org 2003) L —Popularly known as "Pirates of Peace" this original anthem perfects the double entendre' of "R! R! R!"


Earthworms host Jean Ponzi PRESENTS “Earthworms Top Ten Enviro-Musical Messages (from 26 years of an hour a week on-air)”
from Special edition of this enviro-talk show, in it's last (for now) broadcast form (earthworms.kdhXtra.org Subscribe to Earthworms podcasts at iTunes or through earthworms.kdhXTRA.org - THANKS!) R L —What a blast, what a joy, what a privilege to come to KDHX each week and DO A SHOW. This talk show has been richly enhanced by music. Celebrating that music tonight

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