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Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Feb 14th 2016 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Mustafa Kandirali & Ensemble “Mastika”
from Caz Roman (World Network 1992) —This is a set of variations and improvisations in 9/8 on the song "Mastika"


Mustafa Kandirali “Dol Kara Bakır”
from Oyun Havaları (Coşkun Plak)


Ramazan Güntek ve Arkadaşları (Keşan) “Trakya Karşılamaşı”
from Ver Coşkuyu -2- (Ulusum) —another Turkish Thracian piece in 9/8, as is the next...


M. Kemalpaşa 'li Ilhan Günç ve arkadaşları “Düğün Çiftetelli”
from Çiftetelli ve Düğün Oyun Havaları (RAKS) —another set of improvisations against a drone, but not in 9/8. The name means "wedding chiftetelli", being a solo dance. or group dance with friends, but not as a "couple dance"


Ahmet Kuşgöz “Tulum Roman Havasi”
from Turkish Gypsy Music (ARC www.arcmusic.co.uk 2001) —here is another Tulum


Selim Sesler & The Sounds Of Thrace Ensemble “Tulum”
from Roads To Kesan: Regional And Turkish Rom (Gypsy) Music Of Thrace (Traditional Crossroads 2000) —a Tulum is a bagpipe, but as a piece, these pieces are almost always in slow 9/8 and have extensive improvisation.


Hüsnü Şenlendirici “Gel Gel Kayikci”
from Both Sides of the Aegean (doublemoon records 2010) —some of the musicians in Greece and Turkey have started to develop a sort of "pan-eastern Mediterranean" style, with elements of music from Greece and Turkey, with some Lebanese thrown in.


Ferus Mustafov “Romska Riznica”
from Macedonian Wedding Soul Cooking (Globe Style 1995) —Here is Ferus Mustafov at the height of his powers. I understand his grandson even plays.


Ferus Mustafov “Demirovo oro”
from Ora i Čočeci (Jugoton 1987) —This track on an LP produced in Yugoslavia shows that Ferus Mustafov didn't just play čočeks, but also Bulgarian-style dance music as well. This recording was not a "folk ensemble", but was meant for local consumption


Udruženi orkestar Miodraga Đekića i Dragana Stamenkovića “Nova Vlasinka”
from Ora I Čočeci (RTS PGP 2005) —a Roma brass band, some clarinet solo work


Kurtiš J. Kadriev “Umetničko oro”
from Profesor Kurtiš J. Kadriev ((self produced cassette)) —This is a dance tune in an almost Bulgarian 11/8 (gankino rhythm =2+2+3+2+2)


Zorica Marković i Boban Voz sa orkestar “Gara”
from Boban Piromanac Voz (Jugodisk 1997) —This is in "traditional" Serbian "kolo" style, with some nice fiddle playing, but the over the top conversations going on the back ground and in-your-face vocalizations are very Rom


Ilija Ampevski “Blagoevo Oro”
from Macedonian Bellydance (ARC www.arcmusic.co.uk 2005) —This incredible piece is basically in 7/8 divided 3+2+2, but with the syncopations alternating very other measure.


Ilija Ampevski “Shpirova Balada”
from Makedonska Svadbarska Muzika (Mister 2000) —I promised a sequel to the "Balkan Clarinet" show - we had started with Bulgaria, and now we will go to Macedonian, Serbian , and Turkish Roma musicians. Ilija Ampevski is a Macedonian Roma player in the modern style. He played over her in the US for a


George Dalaras “Ta Matoklada Sou Laboun”
from Live & Unplugged (Minos 1998) —delightful piece in slow 9, done as a palio karsilamas


George Dalaras “Logia Klidomena”
from Live & Unplugged (Minos 1998) —This is the Serbian Roma song "Ramo, Ramo", a monster hit in former Yugoslavia, here done up with new Greek words, and played as a syrto rather than a čoček. The CD gives no credit to the original.


Litsa Giagkousi “Vrehei”
from Mia Zoí Hasapika (Sony 2001) —While this is a danceable "varys hassapiko", the style is "laïko" and more for listening (Greek)


Olcay Bayir “Jarnana”
from Neva / Harmony (Riverboat Recordings 2014)


Olcay Bayir “Mia Smyrnia Sto Parathiri”
from Neva / Harmony (Riverboat Recordings 2014) —This Singer was born in Turkey, but has assimilated a lot of styles from former Turkish lands for this CD. Here is a Greek song; the next is in Albanian


Chirgilchin “Dyngyldai”
from Aryskan's Wind (Pure Nature Music 1999)


Alash “Tractor Drivin Women”
from Buura ((private label) 2012)


Alash “Ondar Girls”
from Buura ((private label) 2012) —Concert this Monday 7:30pm $Free, Washington University Ballroom Theater, 560 Music Center 560 Trinity Ave St. Louis, MO 63130

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